How useful is a tomato for men's health?

  • August 16, 2018
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Table of contents

  • Helps maintain the harmony of the figure
  • Normalizes the work of internal organs and prevents the development of cataracts
  • Replenishes the lack of vitamins in the body and is effective in treating wounds
  • Reduces the risk of cancer

Health and well-being of a man directly depends on his daily diet. Improve the quality of life and prevent the emergence of many diseases can eat foods rich in vitamins and other beneficial substances. One of such products is the tomato fruit. No wonder the Italians call it a "golden apple".


High nutritional value, excellent taste and dietary properties of this bright juicy fruit have a miraculous effect on the male body.

How useful is a tomato for men?

Helps maintain the harmony of the figure

It is known that there is nothing more difficult than becoming a little easier. Excessive kilograms negatively affect not only the external attractiveness and mood of men, but also lead to disruption of the vital activity of the body.

The use of a tomato favors weight loss. Potassium salts help to remove excess water from the body and reduce swelling. A choline, available in tomato fruits, regulates the concentration of insulin, helps to metabolize fats in the liver, reduces cholesterol.


A small energy value (only 19 kcal) and richness of vitamins and minerals allow using a useful tomato and meals from it on fasting days, if there are no contraindications (for example, allergies). The inclusion of tomato in a regular diet will allow you to lose weight, but at the same time to maintain an attractive appearance and a good skin condition.

Normalizes the work of internal organs and prevents the development of cataracts

The tomato and juice from it are very useful for men with diseases of the stomach and intestines. They are able to activate the work of the muscles of these organs and are a valuable natural remedy for constipation. Hippocrates also said that the new food should be taken when the old one already leaves the stomach. Constipation is harmful to the body and indicates a malnutrition of the male. Acids and fiber, contained in tomatoes, greatly facilitate the condition with constipation, and also prevent their occurrence.

Tomato juice is indicated for use in case of peptic ulcer. Its use without salt after eating in combination with a diet can reduce nausea and pain in the stomach.

Tomatoes in raw form, and especially in processed (ketchup, pasta) have a healing effect on the body of a man with atherosclerosis. A positive effect is observed at all stages of the course of the disease and during prevention. Tomatoes are also useful for pains in the heart, shortness of breath and heart rhythm disturbances. In this case, it is better to drink freshly prepared juice from them.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of tomato and for the prevention of eye diseases. Substances contained in tomatoes can slow down peroxide processes in the lens and thus significantly reduce the risk of cataracts.

Replenishes the lack of vitamins in the body and is effective in treating wounds

Contained in raw ripe tomatoes, vitamins, potassium, iron and phosphorus salts have a therapeutic effect on the well-being of men suffering from avitaminosis. Deterioration of health is observed, as a rule, in the early spring, and also after the transferred illnesses or the impact of stress. To fill the lack of vitamins, the benefits of tomatoes will be greater if their use is combined with some berries (for example, cranberries, blackberries, red currants) and with lemon, cooking different mixture. Recipes for mixtures can be borrowed from folk medicine.

Of course, to treat a wound or abscess with a tomato, when there is a large number of special ointments and antiseptic agents, will come to a head in the last place. However, there may be situations where a trauma occurred in the country or the beach and there are no drugs at hand. In this case, a cut tomato can be applied to the wound. It has an amazing bactericidal action and the ability to quickly heal cuts, abscesses and abrasions.


Tomato juice will also benefit from burns. If it is applied to the burned place, then it is possible to relieve the pain and speed up the restoration of the skin.

Reduces the risk of cancer

The greatest benefit of tomatoes for men is their anti-cancer effect on the body.This is due to the pigment contained in the tomatoes, lycopene, which slows down the oxidation. Lycopene is also found in other foods (for example, grapefruit, watermelon), but its concentration in tomatoes is the highest. An interesting fact is that the heat treatment (steeping, evaporation) leads to its increase. So, in tomato sauce and lycopene paste contains 10-12 times more than in raw fruits.

The constant use of tomatoes and their derivatives leads to a decrease in the disease of prostate, stomach and lung cancer in men.

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In addition, tomatoes are useful for male sex glands. They stimulate their work and give the man confidence in the intimate sphere.

The benefits of a tomato for men are obvious. Incorporating it into a weekly diet will not only allow you to eat delicious and varied dishes based on it, but also prevent the emergence and development of many male diseases.