What you need to know about hair loss in men?


Table of contents

  • The reasons why men lose their hair
  • Other causes for alopecia
  • How to treat alopecia?

Hair loss in men is a more pressing problem than a similar phenomenon in women. And, I must say, the strong sex is very worried about this. And who wants to be bald? Especially at an early age.

But few of the male representatives ever thought about what lies at the base of alopecia (the so-called hair loss from a scientific point of view). But the understanding of the causes of hair loss can significantly slow down the loss or even stop it. In addition, it makes sense to learn and how to treat hair loss.


The reasons why men lose their hair

There are about a dozen major problems, because of which the strong sex suffers from alopecia.

All these reasons can be conditionally divided into physiological and psychological. Physiological, in turn, are divided into internal and external. However, everything should be told in order.

The simplest and most common reason for the onset of alopecia is age. A rare person (as well as a man and a woman) manages to keep the same amount of hair at a respectable age, as it was in his youth. And that's why the baldness in the age becomes quite regular phenomenon. None of this is insured.

The next factor also does not depend on the person. And this is heredity. Genetics is both a treacherous and very useful thing. If in the family all the men were bald, then you can prepare for a similar fate. If all members of the family wear thick hair up to old age, then, in the absence of other factors, it is logical to expect the same level of vegetation on the head.

Another factor for baldness is a hormonal failure. This can happen to everyone, especially in their ages. Sometimes the thyroid gland does not work as it should be. In the human body, the hormonal background changes, which leads not only to baldness, but also to many other consequences. What, for example, should happen to hormones, so that a man began to suffer from alopecia? It is enough to increase the level of male sex hormones in his blood. Hair bulbs are destroyed due to excessive concentration of androgens.


Alopecia often occurs and because of the prolonged avitaminosis in the body of a man. Most often, this leads to improper nutrition, in which there are not enough nutrients. For example, alopecia can be those who eat harmful and monotonous food, when the diet has the wrong ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In particular, this is often the fault of vegetarians. But meat eaters can also have a rather ill-considered diet.

As for psychological reasons, they also occur with alopecia. Stress, chronic fatigue, neurosis, depression, psychological trauma - all this can deprive a man of hair.

But this is not all the reasons for hair loss in men. What else can they fall from the stronger sex?

Other causes for alopecia

Among the factors for hair loss a man has a point about bad habits.Yes, yes, do not be surprised! Many believe that hair is the last thing that will be affected when smoking and alcoholism.However, and on the head of habits are reflected addictions. For example, smoking tobacco kills most vitamins in the body. In addition, because of it, the blood circulation suffers, which is so necessary for hair follicles. A systematic use of alcohol is the impetus for the disruption of many metabolic processes in the human body.

The condition of the hair is also affected by the general state of the body. The important thing is how strong immunity is, if there are any serious illnesses. Nails, hair, skin and teeth - this is a kind of indicator of the health of this or that person. Are there any physical problems? You can wait for the deterioration of hair quality and other things.

Seborrhea (a violation in the work of the sebaceous glands) is the next reason for the sad parting with the hair. This disease prevents the bulbs from working normally, because it results in blockage of the pores. First weaken, and then the hair falls out in men.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = EBe3Qh26cHA

Finally, the last of the most common causes is exposure, radiation, or exposure to chemicals. Now there is no question of when a course of chemotherapy is conducted, because of which hair falls out from a man. We are talking about cases where a person underwent prolonged radiation exposure, which led to loss of hair. It can be harmful work, some kind of disaster, living in a polluted zone, etc. All this leads to a thinning of hair on the head in men.


This is how the main problems that make up the hair of a man look. What will be the treatment in each case?

How to treat alopecia?

The essence of the treatment will depend on what the disease was caused, what reason was its basis. So, with hormonal failure, the trichologist together with the endocrinologist will prescribe a therapy that will be aimed at correcting the patient's hormonal background. The sooner a treatment is prescribed, the more likely that everything will be successful.

Quite effectively passes the treatment, if the hair loss in a man contributed to psychological and emotional factors. It is worth turning to a good psychotherapist, who will put an end to the tortures with the hair. And life will get better, and hair will stop falling out.

With a shortage of vitamins, you can also hope for a successful outcome. It will be required to make the diet varied, rich, so that it is full of vitamins, minerals. But one meal is not enough, and therefore it is worth taking a course of any vitamin complex (biologically active additive). It is better if the vitamins are special, which contain everything you need for hair.

If baldness is caused by other diseases, then first of all it is necessary to fight with them. As soon as the disease goes away, the former quality and condition of the hair will return. Although, perhaps, at first they will need additional support in the form of pharmacy vitamins from hair loss in men.

In other cases, the hair will return somewhat problematic. A triologist can prescribe a specific treatment that may have an effect. However, in neglected cases, with genetic and age-related baldness, only surgery helps. This is a surgical procedure for hair transplantation. Bulbs, as a rule, are taken from the occipital part of the head, since there they practically do not fall out. At the present time, such operations are quite successful, with good results.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = oqLp4sk07T8

In conclusion, you can repeat the important advice: do not delay the treatment of alopecia in the long box. It is important to recognize the cause of the fallout in time and start fighting it! Health and strong hair!