Is it really harmful for a man to have mayonnaise and what is its danger?

  • August 16, 2018
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Table of contents

  • What do they buy under the guise of mayonnaise?
    • Properties of some ingredients
  • What is dangerous for mayonnaise for men's health?

Thanks to the rich taste and ability to correct even not particularly refined food, turning it into an acceptable dish, mayonnaise firmly established itself in the kitchens of a strong half of the inhabitants of our country. Is mayonnaise harmful to a man, and why?

Always worried about their figure, women avoid using this "French" sauce, knowing about its high calorie content and preferring mayonnaise yogurt or sour cream as a dressing for salads. Men, especially lonely, wanting a tasty and inexpensive dinner, invariably buy their favorite half-packs of food additives in the form of mayonnaise or sauces on its basis. Meanwhile, white sauces represent a rather big danger for the most important and vulnerable function of the male body.


What do they buy under the guise of mayonnaise?

Prepared according to the classic recipe, the sauce contains only olive oil, yolks, vinegar and salt. Mustard is the natural emulsifier, which allows mayonnaise to remain homogeneous. The name of the product, according to some versions, comes from the old French word "moyeu" ("yolk"), reflecting the presence in it of this main component.

Mayonnaise of industrial production is produced in accordance with various specifications that allow adding or removing from the composition of the product any of the components.

The replacement of the part of fats and natural egg powder that was prepared in accordance with GOST "provencal" of the Soviet era for starch, soy lecithin, flavoring agents is motivated by concern for the health of citizens. Let's try to consider in more detail what makes up most of the contents of bright packages with the inscription "mayonnaise".

The composition of modern "light" white sauces includes:

  1. Refined vegetable oil, trans fats (depending on the quality of the product).
  2. Water.
  3. Emulsifiers (soy lecithin).
  4. Flavorings (natural and artificial).
  5. Vinegar.
  6. Preservatives and antioxidants.

Strictly speaking, even sauces can not even be called mayonnaise, because they lack the main ingredient - yolk. The other components have their own specific features.


Properties of some ingredients

Vegetable oil, purified from impurities, is a biologically inferior product. The refining process implies the separation of the initial product into components, while from the oil particles of plant seeds that contain most of vitamins A and E, proteins and microelements. It remains practically pure vegetable fat, in which the content of trans-isomers of fatty acids increases 2-fold. This fat is not absorbed by the body due to the lack of enzymes in it, which would be able to split the "wrong" chemical compounds.

Instead of providing the body with energy, the molecules of unsplit fatty acids circulate through the body, contaminating the inside of the blood vessels.Over time, this leads to heart attacks, strokes and other severe vascular diseases.

In order to mix vegetable oil and water in a creamy substance, use a natural emulsifier - lecithin (E 322). In the traditional mayonnaise, lecithin is contained in the egg yolk. In "light" products use its substitute, made from soybean oil. Lecithin itself is not harmful, in the body it serves as a building material for the cell membrane and for the transmission of a nerve impulse, it reserves energy.

Harm to the body can be a substance isolated from beans genetically modified soy.

The flavor additives in mayonnaise can be different. If these are natural oils that have a pleasant smell (olive, mustard, etc.), natural olives and spices, then there is no harm from them. Their inclusion in the composition of the sauce leads only to a rise in the cost of production and is unprofitable, first of all, to the manufacturer. Therefore, the cost of the product is reduced by adding synthetic flavors to it, which are complex chemicals. With prolonged use of products containing them, there may be a violation of liver function.

Sweetener aspartame, which is used instead of sugar to make the sauce less acidic taste, decomposes on heating to phenylalanine and poisonous alcohol methanol. Therefore, it is not recommended to use mayonnaise for marinating shish kebab, baking meat or adding it to hot dishes.

Vinegar and other preservatives. Vinegar gives the mayonnaise an acuity and light sourness and serves as a natural preservative in traditional French sauce. To increase the shelf life of white sauces of industrial production, manufacturers add chemicals to them.


The most common additive for mayonnaise sauces is sodium benzoate (E 211). With constant use, it can cause cirrhosis of the liver, neurodegenerative diseases, and when interacting with vitamin C forms a carcinogen benzene.

What is dangerous for mayonnaise for men's health?

Diseases that can be caused by additives contained in white sauces are not limited to men. Lesions of the stomach and liver, the effect on the body of methanol and other harmful substances are common to both sexes. What is harmful for mayonnaise for men?

Everyone knows what an erection is. To achieve it, you need to fill 2 cavernous bodies and 1 spongy body of the penis. At the same time, blood circulation in the penis increases 26 times until the blood-filled bodies begin to squeeze the veins through which blood is drained. After that, the erection persists for a while. Narrowing and clogging of the thin vessels, through which blood enters, leads to a weak filling of the cavernous bodies and a similarly weak erection.

The signal for the beginning of this process is fed from the spinal cord and brain. When impaired conductive nerve signals impotence occurs.

Thus, in order to be a man and maintain the ability to erect for many years, a man first of all needs the ideal work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Let's see now, whether mayonnaise is harmful to male health:

  1. Traditional mayonnaise contains a large amount of fat and can contribute to the emergence of excess weight when immoderate and constant use. Obesity is recognized by doctors as one of the causes of atherosclerosis, that is, clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol deposits.
  2. Industrial "light" sauces contain less fat, but the fat can contain a large number of trans-isomers of acids, which clog the blood vessels, leading to the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques.
  3. Sodium benzoate has a negative effect on the nervous system, causing nerve diseases associated with a decrease in the conductivity of nerve fibers.
  4. Aspartame when heated forms methanol - a poison that affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems and possesses cumulative effect, that is, its toxic properties are able to manifest even with constant use minor doses.


All these substances are contained in beautiful packages of your favorite product. And most of all they suffer from the most male part of the body of the stronger sex. Take care of yourself and be well!