Than natural sour cream is useful for men?

  • August 16, 2018
  • InFood

Table of contents

  • Sour cream - source of protein
  • The product must be natural
  • Sour cream is a source of healthy calories.
  • Sour cream - a storehouse of vitamins

Everyone knows that sour cream is a useful product, but men derive a special benefit from this product. It has long been the opinion that sour cream is useful for men's health and especially positively affects the potency. Such rumors are not groundless.


In sour cream contains a large number of proteins, and they directly participate in the maintenance of male health, and not only sexual.

Sour cream - source of protein

First of all, proteins take the most active part in the metabolism of the male body. Due to proteins in the body, amino acids are produced, which serve as an active component of the metabolism of muscle tissues. From dairy products special food is prepared for athletes to keep the muscles in a working condition.

Milk proteins and proteins are directly related to the formation of muscles. On the male muscles, more correctly, on their development, affects the hormone testosterone. This hormone should be maintained in the required amount in the body. If you correctly use sour cream and train muscles, the male hormonal background improves, which also has a positive effect on potency. The sperm itself consists of protein, for its formation you need the proper functioning of the body and the use of a sufficient amount of this building material.

Dairy products are able to remove harmful substances from the body. Since the ecology is not in the best condition, then every day it will be useful to use dairy products. Sour cream is not just a dairy product, it has live lactobacilli. In the production of sour cream, it is enriched with live cultures of bifido- and lactobacilli. These bacteria have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and increase the human immunity. Therefore, the benefits of sour cream are obvious.

The product must be natural

It is important that the sour cream is natural, the artificial product from the powder will not be of use. Recently, sour cream has been made even from coconut oil. No one can talk about the benefits of such a product, since such oil only clogs the blood vessels and is poorly excreted from the body.


Unfortunately, you can not control the process of making sour cream yourself. Even the most delicious product can actually be artificial, the benefit of which is absent. The process of production and labeling should be monitored by the state.

One of the alternatives will be the purchase of sour cream on the market, but it is advisable to buy it only from familiar sellers. Fresh sour cream is most useful in the first 3 days, because it contains more useful substances. The shelf life of natural sour cream is usually about a week. Therefore, when buying a product in a supermarket, it is worth paying attention to it.

Sour cream is a source of healthy calories.

Sour cream is a very high-calorie product, therefore it should be used moderately. For men who are overweight, its use is not recommended. In 100 g of sour cream can contain from 100 to 300 kilocalories, depending on its fat content.

But, in spite of the calorie content of the product, you can lose weight on sour cream. If you completely replace the butter with sour cream, it will reduce the amount of calories consumed per day. Sour cream can be used in many dietary salads.

A person who leads an active lifestyle, engaged in at least some sports, natural sour cream in the diet is simply necessary.

Natural aphrodisiac


Sour cream for men is a strong aphrodisiac and improves sexual attraction. Many dishes were invented by culinary experts based on sour cream. It will be appropriate to cook them more often, especially such dishes are suitable for a romantic dinner.

Aphrodisiac can be considered only natural products, which includes sour cream. It activates sexual activity, especially in men. The most famous natural remedy that helps increase potency is a cocktail of raw eggs and sour cream.

Sour cream - a storehouse of vitamins

Sour cream is very rich in vitamins, there are more in them than in milk or cream. A large amount of vitamin B group positively affects the male nervous system. Vitamins A and D strengthen the blood vessels. Vitamin C increases immunity and protects against colds.

Athletes and actively working men especially need such vitamins, as strong physical stress leads to their lack. Vitamins contained in sour cream are absorbed much better than those sold in capsules at the pharmacy.

Finally, sour cream for skin care is useful for both men and women. It nourishes the skin well after the age of 30. During summer holidays, sour cream will help get rid of burns after excessive exposure to the sun.


The use of sour cream for a man is obvious. The main thing is to use it in combination with physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.