Glivec: instruction, price, reviews, consequences


Glivec is a beta-crystalline form of Imatinib mesylate, aimed at stopping the growth and death of cells from the high-level content of the tyrosine kinase enzyme BCR-ABL. The drug blocks its oncogenic effect without damaging the healthy cells.

Gleevec: instruction

The drug "Glivec" is used to treat diseases such as:

  1. Chronic myeloid leukemia at different stages. Overall survival among cancer patients taking this drug increased by 31%.
  2. Stromal tumors of the stomach and digestive tract. The median survival at this time is 5 years, compared with 20 maximal months before the Glivec (a) era.
  3. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a positive Philadelphia chromosome in different phases, as well as with cancer recurrences.
  4. Cancerous skin diseases called "dermatofibrosarcoma".
  5. Myeloproliferative oncological diseases with the platelet-derived growth factor receptor.
  6. Hypereosinphilic syndrome.

Glivec: the right application

The drug is recommended to be taken directly before meals with a glass of fresh water to minimize the risk of gastrointestinal disorders.

General information on the application:

  • the recommended amount for people who are at a chronic stage of myeloid leukemia is 400 mg per day;
  • for patients who are in the accelerated or crisis period of the course of the disease, the daily norm is 600 mg;
  • if there are gastrointestinal stromal cancer with an inoperable and / or metastatic focus, the dosage is 400 mg. With the progression of the disease and the absence of serious unforeseen complications, the intake can be increased to 800 mg;
  • with dermatofibrosarcoma, the daily dose is 800 mg;
  • the desired daily requirement for the agent for patients with myeloproliferative cancer is 400 mg.

What should I avoid while taking Glivec?

When using the drug, you should follow these rules:

  1. Preparation GlivecIt is forbidden to apply together with the use of grapefruit, since this can lead to negative consequences.
  2. During treatment with this drug, the patient is advised to limit visits to crowded places in order to avoid entering the body of infectious and viral pathogens of respiratory diseases. This is due to the fact that the agent can reduce the level of blood cells that fight infection with the body.
  3. Avoid the risk of bleeding and injury.

Glivec: consequences and possible side effects

The drug can lead to undesirable effects that require immediate medical advice from your doctor.

These include:

  • fluid retention in cancer, edema, rapid weight gain (especially in the face);
  • accumulation of fluid in the lungs (felt like wheezing, cough with frothy mucus);
  • problems with the liver (pain in the upper part of the stomach, dark urine, yellowing of the skin, orange feces);
  • signs of bleeding stomach: bloody or tarry stool, blood in a cough or vomit;
  • signs of breakdown of tumor cells: back pain, numbness or tingling around the mouth, muscle weakness, heart rhythm problems, weak pulse, blood in the urine or absence of urination;
  • sensation of problems with the thyroid gland: extreme fatigue, dry skin, muscle weakness, hoarse voice, reaction to low temperatures;
  • severe skin reactions: fever, swelling, red or purple skin rash.

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Glivec and modern medicine analogues

Possible variants are preparations containing the main active ingredient imatinib. These include:

  1. "Dasatinib" is an analogue of the second generation. It is prescribed in cases of resistance to the classic Imatinib.
  2. "Nilotinib" is a drug that can be used as a primary or variable treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia.
  3. "Bosutinib" - one of the newest anti-cancer drugs, which can be used only after there is no response to treatment with other drugs of this group of drugs.
  4. "Ponatinib" is the first drug of the group whose spectrum of action extends to mutated cells. However, it has significant side effects, so it is recommended for chronic myeloid leukemia only when other drugs are not effective.

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Glivek: reviews

Patients leave a lot of feedback about Gleevec. Let's give some examples:

  • "The level of white blood cells from 20 thousand. decreased by 90% during only 3 weeks of Glivec's admission. Among the side effects is diarrhea. However, the benefit of the drug is much higher "(55 years, female sex);
  • "During the 3 years there is complete remission, which allows to work fully, despite some side effects (aching pain in the bones, diarrhea if taken without food)." The patient is a woman of 50 years;
  • "Glivekjust saved life: 6 years in remission, the consequences are too few to worry about them "(male, 53 years old);
  • "The state of molecular remission has been going on since 2002. Most side effects come and go, but very much reduces the hands convulsions "(woman 48 years old);
  • "After long-term use of the drug, bone marrow studies showed no cancer" (woman, 43 years old).

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Gleevec: price

The cost of the drug is quite high, especially given the fact that it needs to be taken for a long time. There are also Indian and Swiss options for the product, which is reflected in the price.

Glivek: the cost in Ukraine

The drug of Swiss origin (Novartis) is available in pharmacies in many major cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Lutsk). The price is:

  1. 100 mg of the drug in 60 tablets - from 35 thousand. UAH up to 52 thousand. UAH In some pharmacies in Kiev, the price is represented by the amount of 27 thousand. UAH;
  2. 100 mg Glivec in the amount of 120 tablets can cost about the same as 60 pieces (50 thousand. UAH);
  3. 400 mg dose of the drug is mainly sold in an amount of 30 pieces. But the prices fluctuate very much:
  • 35 thousand. UAH (Vinnitsa, Lviv, Lutsk);
  • 75 thousand UAH (Odessa);
  • 55-115 thousand. UAH (Kiev).

Glivek: the cost in Russia

The drug is not very easy to find and buy in pharmacies in Russia. On average, 2-3 pharmacies have a medicament from the manufacturer Novartis Pharma. The average cost is:

  • capsules 100 mg in the amount of 120 pieces in pharmacies cost 75-79 thousand. rubles;
  • the cost of 60 pieces in a dose of 100 mg is 24-26 thousand. rub.;
  • capsules 400 mg (30 pieces) are from 60 to 63 thousand. rub.

The drug "Glivec" can be bought in person or ordered on the Internet with home delivery.

Glivekis a powerful anti-cancer drug, which at this time does not yet have a quality and effective alternative.


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