How long does it take for Viagra?


Table of contents

  • The time of exposure to Viagra on the body
  • How soon does Viagra come into play?
  • Contraindications to the drug

Among drugs that increase potency, the greatest popularity went to Viagra. The reasons for this lie in the unique characteristics of the drug relative to the time of exposure to the body. Other tablets that increase potency, for example, sealeks, do not have such properties.

The time of exposure to Viagra on the body

Every man who wants to try to strengthen potency with the help of Viagra, first of all, the question of how long it will work.The more time the drug has an effect on the body, the more valuable it is for a man who wants not only to enjoy the intimacy, but also to give maximum pleasure to a woman.


No one can answer this question accurately. In each specific case, the effect of the preparation has individual characteristics, on which the duration of the effect of the drug on the organism depends. The time of action of Viagra is determined by the physique of a man, the features of the digestive system, individual sensitivity to the components of the drug and other factors.

Some men claim that they felt the effect of taking Viagra for 4 hours or more, while in others it lasts until the next morning, in their own words. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how long Viagra will work, as it is very individual.

For greater effectiveness of the drug, it is recommended to observe certain conditions for its administration. It is necessary to drink Viagra on an empty stomach or before eating. If you comply with these conditions, the effect of it will be more pronounced and manifest faster than if you take the drug after eating. This effect is due to the fact that a less loaded stomach provides faster dissolution of the tablets and their absorption into the blood. If a man still takes the drug after a meal, then he should be ready for what will be required some time for dissolution and absorption of the drug, that is, the result will need a little wait.

The duration of exposure to Viagra is closely related to the mechanism of erection. Sexual arousal causes internal processes in the body:

  • widening of the blood vessels of the small pelvis;
  • increases the flow of blood to the penis;
  • the penis increases in volume and size and hardens.

When the sexual intercourse ends, sexual arousal subsides, and the penis returns to its normal size due to the outflow of blood from it.

If a man has an erection weak or not at all, then this may be a consequence of some chronic diseases or a side effect after taking some drugs. If the blood flow in the vessels of the small pelvis and penis is disturbed, then the man has problems with erection. In such situations, for a full sexual intercourse, it is necessary to take special medications, for example, Viagra or sealex.

Viagra is qualitatively different from similar medicines. It not only helps increase potency, but also affects the sensation of a man during intercourse. As a result, the quality of sexual life is significantly increased.

There are different degrees of erection. Each degree has its own characteristics:

  1. The penis has increased, but has not hardened enough.
  2. Penis hard, but not enough to penetrate.
  3. The penis is not absolutely firm, but penetration and continuation of the sexual act are possible.
  4. The penis is absolutely solid.

In 4 cases out of 5 after taking Viagra in men with erectile dysfunction, the degree of erection is 3 or 4.

How soon does Viagra come into play?

To a man with erectile dysfunction feel confident before intercourse, it is very important for him to know, through how much the drug that causes an erection.

Then he can plan his intimate life more accurately.

Clinical studies of Viagra do not allow an accurate answer to this question. Here everything is just as individual, as in the case with the time duration of the effect of the drug. On average, the tablets begin to act after 30-60 minutes. In some cases, the effect may occur after 15 minutes, and sometimes it should wait up to 2 hours (usually, if the drug was taken with food).


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The active substance of the drug is sildenafil. It is absorbed into the blood well enough. If a man drinks Viagra on an empty stomach, then the maximum concentration of sildenafil in the blood will be reached in 30-60 minutes. The time to reach the maximum concentration of the substance in the blood increases by another 30 minutes, if the intake of the drug is accompanied by the use of heavy food for assimilation.

Viagra is intended for oral administration, while it should be washed down with plenty of water. It is recommended to start taking from a dosage of 50 mg (half-tablet) approximately 45 minutes before the planned commencement of sexual intercourse (not earlier). In each case, only the attending physician can determine the optimal dosage. It can be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100 mg. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting to take the drug. You can not take Viagra more than once a day.

Contraindications to the drug

All without exception, drugs to increase potency have certain contraindications. If a man has an individual intolerance to sildenafil, the active ingredient of Viagra, then it is necessary consult with a doctor who can recommend drugs that increase potency but do not contain this substance, for example, sealeks.

Viagra is contraindicated in men who suffer from the following diseases:

  • an ulcer of the stomach or duodenum;
  • blood cancer;
  • venous fibrosis;
  • myeloma;
  • heart failure or angina pectoris;
  • a suffered heart attack or stroke;
  • violation of the stability of blood pressure.

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It is necessary to undergo a survey that will reveal the presence or absence of these diseases before the start of taking Viagra. Otherwise, the drug may cause complications and worsening of the overall health.

Thus, it is necessary to consult a specialist before starting Viagra, sealex or any other similar preparation. The time of action of drugs depends on the individual characteristics of the body of a man, as well as the number of sexual acts that he can commit during the period of action of Viagra.