An alarm signal - men have a belly, why?


Table of contents

  • Two variants of the development of events
  • Two aspects of the problem of abdominal growth
  • The first reason - insufficient physical activity
  • The second reason is the wrong food
  • The third reason is bad habits
  • Medical aspect of abdominal growth
  • Three whales of male health

Why does the abdomen grow in men? This question is far from comic. In time, the answer found to him carries the possibility of getting rid of serious health problems.

It is necessary to realize that the growth of the large abdomen is an alarming signal about violations in the work of the body.

Two variants of the development of events

The owner of a large waist size can, of course, giggle over the "labor corn" or proudly joke that this "tank" is intended "for beer". But even positive humor will not save him from the future (or already existing) negative consequences of that state of the organism, the reflection of which is this largest size.

A man with a big belly has only two options.

The first is that sooner or later he will start "working for a pharmacy amazed at the abundance of sores that have come from.


The second - he begins to seriously and systematically deal with himself, leading the body into a state of natural balance. As a consequence - gets health and gets rid of the "stomach".

Two aspects of the problem of abdominal growth

A person who decided to build life according to the first variant, does not need recommendations. Everyone has the right to choose.

Having chosen the option of restoring health, it is necessary to begin with a serious study of the causes of imbalance of the body. The first step is the question: why does the abdomen grow in men?

The problem of abdominal growth in men has two aspects. The first is purely medical.

The second aspect, which tends to flow into the first, is a wrong, unhealthy lifestyle. It includes three key causes leading to violations of the functional characteristics of the body of a man, a reflection of which includes a large belly.

The first reason - insufficient physical activity

The human body is an ideally arranged, balanced system intended for existence in the regime of considerable physical exertion.

A man at all times was an earner, a builder, a defender. All systems of his body are designed to perform these functions. In the modern world, the role of physical activity is significantly reduced, but the body of the man remains the same.


The male digestive system is best suited to extract the maximum energy from the minimum of food. Significant in terms of the gastrointestinal tract of men from all sides is protected and supported by the powerful muscles of the abdominal and back.

The developed musculature reliably protects the intestines from external influences and, in turn, does not allow its walls to stretch. But, as a result of insufficient physical activity, the muscles of the abdominal press weaken, thin. The walls of the intestine, under the influence of not diminishing, and sometimes even increasing amounts of food - are stretched. There is a growth of the abdomen.

Insufficient physical activity leads to disruption in the work of all the basic systems of the body. The heart suffers, forced to bear the additional load on pumping blood, which previously took on the muscles. Gradually, the system of breathing degrades, the hormonal background changes.

All deviations in the body of a man accumulate and once there is a transition of quantity to quality. Male body begins to work in the hypodynamia. That's why men have a belly.

The second reason is the wrong food

In youth, the body of a man is like a new car. Everything is fine, everything is cleaned up, everything is clean. Fuel is burned almost completely, all wastes are almost completely disposed of, and if they are, they are so few.

But over time, waste from poor-quality fuel accumulates more and more, systems become clogged, engine efficiency decreases, power falls, and design details wear out. The car breaks down.

A man is not a car, but the tendency to wear out is the same. First, the male organism easily "recycles" any food, all the "extracted" energy is spent on active physical movements and growth.

Over time, the body's growth slows and stops. Physical activity decreases, energy from food is extracted with excess. Excess energy is deposited in the form of fat.

Initially, the fat accumulation of the body "invests" in a special compartment - an omentum located inside the abdomen, from below. Gradually, the intestine starts to overgrow, then the internal organs. Then the fat begins to accumulate under the skin, in the abdomen and waist.

After some time, the harmless "investment" of fat is transferred to a new quality - obesity.

The consequences of obesity can be for the male body not just unpleasant, but deadly.

The metabolism decreases. The work of the liver, heart, lungs is disrupted. The endocrine system suffers. The hormonal background is changing. And yet, the most offensive for men, very often the consequence of obesity is the decrease or termination of sexual activity.

Incorrect nutrition is expressed not only in the excessive amount of food consumed, but also in its quality. Of great importance is the combination of products, time for eating and, strangely enough, an emotional background with meals.

The presence of a huge amount of chemical "garbage" in modern food products leads to unforeseen deposits in the intestine.


Consumption in large volumes of various mixed foods (protein-carbohydrates) causes in the intestine processes of fermentation and decay, leading to the release of gases inflating the intestinal loops. This, in turn, leads to the stretching of its walls and the accumulation of poorly digested food residues on these walls.

Negative state during meals also contributes to inadequate digestion and assimilation of food.

Thus, improper nutrition leads to both obesity and slagging of the intestine. Appears belly. Big.

The third reason is bad habits

Large belly in men subsequently grows so-called bad habits.

Smoking of tobacco, excessive use of alcohol in any of its manifestations, all sorts of gambling addictions that promote a sedentary lifestyle and lead to stress, excessive love for sweet, fatty and other unhelpful "goodies a predilection for overnight meals - these are all the habits that contribute to an early imbalance organism. Why does a big belly appear in men?

It is believed that smoking promotes weight loss and a decrease in the abdomen. Such a statement is a myth, and reality does not correspond. At everyone in different degree, but at all men without an exception as a result of smoking influence on an organism of a nicotine and tobacco pitches leads to decrease in level of testosterone - a man's hormone. And this provokes obesity in the medical aspect.

Similar hormonal changes in the male body produces alcohol. Particularly "different" in this regard is hopelessly loved by men beer. In the composition of beer there are hormones similar to those of women. Getting into the male body in large numbers, they break the hormonal background. Subsequently, the muscles are loosened, the fatty layer increases, the abdomen grows.

Gambling, computer games, all sorts of "sedentary" hobbies like dominoes or cards lead, above all, to hypodynamia. But these habits have one more component, which leads to a metabolic disturbance - stress.

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Constant stresses after wins or losses, strong emotions against a background of small physical mobility provoke men to smoke, abundant "seizures" and "drinking". Wash down the stress of the same beer or alcohol, plus - "nahimichennaya" "snack". Then they wonder why there is a big belly and undermined health.

Medical aspect of abdominal growth

If a man leads a normal life, does not overeat, uses "healthy" foods and is not stressed, and the stomach grows and fat accumulates, then the person is uniquely sick. It is necessary to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe an examination and treatment, if necessary.

Three whales of male health

What if you grow a big belly? One out of two. Or continue to die or fight for yourself. In the second case, you need to adjust to a long work on yourself. Men's health is based on three pillars: physical activity, proper nutrition and fighting bad habits.

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A man who "straddles" these three whales, a big belly does not threaten, as well as old age.