Effective diet for weight gain for men

  • August 17, 2018
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Table of contents

  • Effective technique for weight gain
  • Separate dietary recommendations
  • Sample menu
    • Diet №1
    • Diet №2
    • Diet №3
  • Dietitian's advice

A small body weight greatly affects a person's mental state. This is the first significant signal that warns about the presence of hidden dangerous diseases of the body. In the case of a sharp loss of body weight, it is urgent to take action, as these changes can lead to a catastrophic or fatal outcome.You can gain weight by means of a special diet, which allows you not only to increase weight, but also to control the state of the whole organism as a whole.That there were no problems with the weight, the diet should be constant or periodic, depending on the characteristics of the body.

Diet for weight gain for men is a special diet that helps maintain the body. With this diet, foods with high caloric intake are consumed. Preliminary it is necessary to undergo a medical examination to discover the causes of weight loss. Only in this case it is possible to start a suitable treatment. The correct approach to the neglected disease will give a significant weight gain and improve the overall dynamics. This increase can reach up to 2 kg in 1 month.

Effective technique for weight gain

When the body began to develop pathological changes, there were problems with weight, it is necessary to apply the right decisions and try to avoid further mistakes. Gaining weight for men is not always easy. The first mistake is to try to do it with the help of a sharp increase in the norm of the product used.


Such a decision is not right enough, because it threatens with a violation of the digestive function. Such a method will not help gain body weight, but lead to significant disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, up to the aversion of some products.

To gain the missing body weight, it is necessary to increase the caloric content of the product, and not the volume of its use. The gradual addition of 200 calories per day will result in a tremendous change in weight gain. Caloric foods, introduced into the diet gradually, will help gain weight. Small caloric portions of fractional nutrition are better perceived by a depleted human body.

Separate dietary recommendations

Eating for weight gain implies the habit of starting the morning with taking a glass of water about 30 minutes before eating. Water can be replaced with fresh juice or candied fruit compote from dried fruits. It is not recommended to eat foods with a glass of juice. Initially, the body must receive fluid. For proper weight gain, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of a nutritionist, as the male body requires special attention. A woman is easier and faster to gain weight.

Do not exercise after eating. Food should be useful and necessary, enriched with proteins and carbohydrates. The diet should include different cereals, cooked in milk, flour or pasta, beans, honey or sugar essences, fruit juices.


The diet for weight gain for men requires more vitamins, which must come along with the use of your favorite dishes.

For example, to a mashed potatoes with a chop can add a salad, well seasoned with fatty sour cream. There are practically no differences in the male and female diets. Macaroni can be sprinkled with useful cheese, adding diet pork sausage.

Sample menu

Consider the menu for weight gain.

Diet №1

In the morning - oatmeal on boiled milk. This is the most useful and dietary product. In the mess you can add honey instead of sugar and fill it with a handful of raisins or nuts. For the weight of a man you need white bread, smeared with butter. From above it is necessary to put a slice of cheese. Wash down a glass of hot milk or coffee with milk. This is quite enough for a gradual increase in weight.

Weight gain is possible with a rich and high-calorie dinner. It's fresh soup on a meat broth, mashed potatoes, dressed with butter. Salad from vegetables with fatty sour cream. Freshly squeezed fruit juice.
Weight gain a man help snack. It is recommended to drink a glass of milk with waffles or biscuits.
Dinner - buckwheat with boiled milk and candied fruit, hot sweet tea with white bread, buttered butter.

Diet №2

The first breakfast - millet millet porridge, vegetable caviar, white bread smeared with butter, and cocoa, cooked on milk.

The second breakfast - a sandwich, white bread, smeared with butter, with boiled sausage. In addition to the second breakfast, fresh juice is used.

For lunch, to gain weight, you can eat borscht cooked on a meat broth. On the second - bits or cutlets with pasta, dressed with cheese. After reception of the basic food the sweet compote from dried fruits is recommended.

On a mid-morning snack for weight gain, you can make a vegetable salad with grated cheese and season with olive oil.

Increase the weight will help a high-calorie dinner. Here you can prepare an omelette sprinkled with cheese, put on top a slice of ham with tomatoes and drink milk with honey.

Diet №3

Guided by this diet, gain weight to the man is easiest. This requires a tight, balanced breakfast. Stuffed potatoes with meat are perfect. A roll of bread, smeared with butter, and boiled milk with cocoa.


With a second breakfast gain weight gradually. For the second breakfast, oatmeal or cereal with milk is good.

For weight gain a man needs at least a dense dinner. You can make pea soup with smoked meat. Salad well pour fresh sour cream.

In this diet, you can arrange small snacks to gain weight gradually. For this purpose, a fruit salad dressed with fatty sour cream is suitable.

Goulash and rice porridge are prepared for dinner. You can eat white bread, smeared with butter, and cheer up sweetened tea with a waffle.



Dietitian's advice

Correctly to type weight of a body the consultation of the skilled dietician will help. You can gain weight not only from fatty meat or dairy products with high fat content. If you increase the amount of food you eat gradually, you can see a positive dynamics of weight gain.

But for such a diet it is necessary to undergo a checkup to exclude the diseases of the pancreas, esophagus and liver. Some men gain weight by using drugs that stimulate appetite.



This can be used only with the appropriate permission of the doctor and under his supervision. It is necessary to gain weight slowly, following the necessary recommendations.