To lose weight to the average man - how many calories do you need per day?


Table of contents

  • Food is the main reason for the appearance of extra pounds
  • How to understand how many calories are needed to lose weight to a man?
  • How to calculate how many calories a day to lose weight on a low-calorie diet?
  • Methods for controlling the calorie content of meals eaten per day
  • How to withstand a low-calorie diet?

Despite the fact that men are less likely to recruit excess weight than women, yet most of the stronger sexes observe a slow process of the appearance of excess fatty deposits. The main problem of the appearance of excess weight in men lies in the sedentary lifestyle, which is imposed by the modern rhythm of life, as well as the wrong a diet that assumes the intake of instant food, although it is convenient and tasty, but which nevertheless contains a significant amount calories.

Many men believe that in the future they can quickly get rid of excess weight, but reality is cruel. Excess weight slows down the process of metabolism, and this leads to the fact that every day extra pounds appear faster. In addition, in the process of gaining weight, a person acquires many dangerous diseases, including cardiovascular insufficiency and diabetes mellitus type 2, which makes the process of getting rid of kilograms virtually impossible task. The appearance of even a small amount of excess weight should alert a man, because in the future, getting rid of excess kilos can be very difficult.


Food is the main reason for the appearance of extra pounds

Food is the only source of calories coming from the outside into the body. Most full-grown men prefer to think that they do not eat much, but in fact it is not. A person can not correctly estimate the amount of food eaten per day in cases when there is no habit of eating at a certain time. Ideally, a man should eat 3 times a day at a clearly defined time, although if there is a desire to throw off the extra pounds, the number of meals should be increased to 5 times. However, as often happens, the modern rhythm of life and the laziness of a person dictate their realities.

Most men who have extra pounds prefer to skip breakfast, content with a cup of coffee or tea with sugar and a sandwich, but they are full of fillings, often overeating, for lunch and in the evening. In addition, small snacks are possible with sweets and tea with sugar during work. The person does not think that he ate a lot, but in fact the amount of calories consumed exceeds all the permissible norms. A separate problem lies in the fact that most fat men prefer to eat up at night, which not only contributes to the appearance of a significant fat layer, but also causes a slowdown in metabolism and a worsening of the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, there is a serious disruption of the nutrition culture, which can lead not only to the appearance of excess weight, but also a number of serious diseases.

Separately it is necessary to say that even during weight loss with the help of low-calorie diets, most men do not take into account "trifles". Such trifles include sauces. Most sauces have a high calorie content, so even a vegetable salad, seasoned with them, will have a high energy value. Among other things, it should be said about drinks, because carbonated sweet drinks not only contain a large quantity of calories, but also interfere with normal digestion, so washing them with food is the right way to obesity. It may seem that food is the enemy of a slender figure, but this is not entirely true, because without food a person can not live. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to correct first of all the violation in eating behavior and begin to give preference to low-calorie and useful products.

How to understand how many calories are needed to lose weight to a man?

For most men who want to throw off extra pounds, the difficulty is not only the process of refusing your favorite dishes fast cooking, but also determining the number of calories needed, because all people are individual, so you need to take into account many factors and parameters. In the body of any person there are natural mechanisms of energy accounting, which is why many people observe the opposite effect from low-calorie diets.

The thing is that from an abrupt transition to a low-calorie diet, the body can experience the greatest stress and go into austerity. In this case, losing weight will be extremely problematic, and even the lost kilograms will immediately return after increasing the number of calories consumed per day.


In fact, in order to achieve a positive dynamics of weight loss, do not immediately completely give up food, because it is enough to reduce your daily calorie gradually, leading it to normal. For men, the norm is 1800 - 2000 Kcall, but these indicators do not always have to be oriented, because there is and other points that should be taken into account when calculating the ideal amount of energy needed for day.

It is necessary to divide the process of weight loss into stages and reduce calorie content with each new stage.With this approach, it is possible to minimize the risk of the organism's transition to austerity. To develop your diet, you must first calculate the amount of calories consumed by a man. To do this is quite simple, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the energy value indicated on the package and to calculate the total energy value of all the products eaten. Most men who are overweight, eat more than , 00 calories a day, which, naturally, affects the figure. So, losing weight with the help of proper nutrition can be divided into 3 main stages.

  1. Stage 1. At this stage, a person needs to reduce the total amount of calories consumed by 500 kcal. Thus, if the usual norm for a particular male is , 00 kcal, then it should be reduced to , 00. This stage of insignificant decrease in caloric content should last at least 1 week, so that the organism has time to restructure. As a rule, the process of losing weight begins already at this stage.
  2. Stage 2 implies a decrease in the total calorie content of meals to the norm, that is, up to 1800-2000 kcal. The second stage should last at least 2 weeks. In this case, the weight loss process is gaining momentum and the first results of the weight loss process are noticeable. Despite the positive dynamics, do not rejoice in advance, as the existing dynamics will not be preserved for a long time, the body will soon get used to this level of incoming energy, so the process of losing weight can slow down. In this case, the correctness of the choice of food and the diet are almost decisive.
  3. Stage 3. During this period, it is necessary to reduce the total energy value of products consumed per day, to a level that will be below the norm, but the level of physical activity will be taken into account. This moment is very important, since the second factor in weight gain is the lack of motor activity and a sedentary lifestyle. The problem is that the male organism can not consume the accumulated and incoming energy, therefore it is necessary to reduce the amount of new energy coming from food.

How to calculate how many calories a day to lose weight on a low-calorie diet?

Weight loss is a very stressful period for the body, so at the third stage of this process you need to correctly calculate the number of calories per day to lose weight. There are formulas that allow calculating the calorie taking into account the physical activity, height and age of the man. In order to calculate the number of calories needed per day to lose weight, it is best to use the following formula: 10 × weight (kg) +, 5 × height (cm) - 5 × age +5. This formula is quite simple.

For an example of counting, you can take an average man who is overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle, with such parameters: age 30 years, height 180 cm, weight 120 kg. When calculating by the formula, you can get the following indicators: 10 × 120 +, 5 × 180 - 5 × 30 +5 ​​= 2170.

This formula shows how much the body needs calories to maintain life in a state of rest, but in order to calculate the number of calories per day to lose weight to a man, you need to divide the resulting indicator by a coefficient that reflects the degree of activity rights.

Coefficient for low-activity people .

The coefficient for people with little activity is, 75.

The coefficient for people with average activity is, 5.


Coefficient for people involved in sports 25.

Thus, in order to understand how many calories are needed per day to lose weight, that is, to force the body to take energy from fat reserves, so that he does not experience serious stress, it is necessary to divide the result of the total costs into the required coefficient. If you calculate the calories for a man taken for an example, you get the following: 2170 = 1808 kcal. In this case, it turns out that a man will receive less than 20% of the required number of calories, which is not at all critical in the presence of large fat reserves and will not spur the body to preserve the available energy.

Methods for controlling the calorie content of meals eaten per day

Low calorie diet is almost the only way to lose weight, which allows you to quickly acquire a beautiful figure.

However, the main problem of this method is the need to select the right diet, make a regimen of the day and control the amount of calories. First, in order to deceive the body and spur the metabolism, forcing the body to burn the accumulated fat faster, you need take food in small portions, but at least 5 times a day, and it is very important that each meal be in the same time. In this case, the body quickly gets used to, and the feeling of hunger will arise only at a certain time. In order to control the amount of calories consumed, it is necessary to acquire a balance for weighing ready meals and pre-schedule the ration for a day.

Secondly, the maintenance of a calorie diary can help. This method is especially good for punctual people who, as a rule, paint their daily plan and urgent matters. Keeping a diary of caloric content has another meaning. A person who records the calorie content of all foods that have been eaten per day can look at his eating behavior from outside and determine if he fits into the nutrition scheme he needs. In addition, this approach allows you to accurately determine which products and in what quantity led to exceeding the required daily calorie content.


How to withstand a low-calorie diet?

It may seem that a smooth transition from , 00 or more calories to 1808 can be quite difficult for the average person and will require almost a refusal of food. In fact, everything is somewhat different, and to lose weight with such a diet, you do not need to give up full nutrition.

Even with such a low-calorie diet, a person can fully eat, but you will have to change the list of foods. The thing is that one hamburger contains about the same number of calories as 3-4 cabbage cabbages. If desired, you can make the right diet based on light dishes from vegetables and low-fat meat. Food should contain the necessary balance of minerals and vitamins.


During the diet, you can eat fully, without experiencing obvious discomfort from the constant feeling of hunger. It is not necessary to eat only raw vegetables, since such a diet quickly bothers and does not give pleasure, so after a while diet can be disrupted. It is best to prepare different vegetable dishes with the addition of a small amount of low-fat meat or fish for a couple or in the oven. To ensure that the calorie content of such dishes is minimal, it is necessary to add as little vegetable oil as possible when cooking. If you calculate correctly how many calories you need per day to lose weight, and properly make a diet, you can get the result after only, a month.