Docetaxel in cancer and metastases


"Docetaxel" is an antitumor agent belonging to the taxoid group. The drug acts by disrupting the functioning of microtubules in cells, which is important in the formation and spread of malignant process. As a result, cell mitosis inhibits (preventing the spread of cancer cells by dividing them).

"Docetaxel" is used for malignant diseases of the breast, forms of non-small cell lung cancer, prostate, gastrointestinal tract, ovaries. The agent can be used in combination therapy along with other chemotherapeutic agents.

Docetaxel: Instruction

In the form of a concentrate for injections, "Docetaxel" has a color range from pale yellow to brownish. The agent is usually administered once every three weeks. One bottle contains a dose of 20 mg / ml, 80 mg (4 ml) or 160 mg. The preparation does not require a separate dilution and is immediately ready for use.

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Recommendations for the use of "docetaxel" in cancer and metastases:

  1. The preparation should be stored in a temperature mode from 2 ° C to 25 ° C. Without proper storage rules, "Docetaxel"does not change its structure within 6 hours. If the product is in the refrigerator, it must be selected and held at room temperature for about 5 minutes before use.
  2. The product should be carefully mixed with gentle manual movements.
  3. The drug should be administered only with a 21 gauge needle.
  4. Docetaxel is an infusion solution. If the norms are not observed, it can crystallize. Therefore, in the detection of particulate matter or discoloration, the drug can not be used.

Docetaxel in breast cancer

The chemical is used in cancer patients with localized or distant atypical formation in the area of ​​the mammary glands, to strengthen or replace the unsuccessful use of another type of drug treatment or to strengthen the effect of post-surgical section. In conjunction with the means of another sphere of influence (Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide) is indicated for auxiliary therapy of patients with malignant process in the lymph nodes.


The desired amount of the drug ranges from 55 to 95 mg / m². It is administered intravenously for an hour after 21 days.

When using the drug as a type of auxiliary therapy for breast cancer, the most adequate amount is 75 mg / m² after 50 mg / m² "Doxorubicin" and 500 mg / m² "Cyclophosphamide" after three weeks for 6 courses.

With lung cancer

In the role of monotherapy, the chemical agent "taxotere" is used for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Doctors usually recommend a remedy with a calculation of 75 mg / m². The drug in the form of an injection solution is administered approximately one hour every three weeks.

In conjunction with "Cisplatinum the drug is indicated to affect the inoperable lung formation that has already received chemotherapy.

If any side effects occur during initial treatment, the drug is temporarily discontinued and resumed at a dose of 55 mg / m². In the presence of a pathological complication in the form of peripheral neuropathy, treatment with "Docetaxel" should be completely discontinued.

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With ovarian cancer

"Docetaxel" in ovarian cancer significantly expanded the arsenal of active medications that help to neutralize the disease after surgical excision. The drug is used in a dose of 100 mg / m² every 3 weeks. In 30% of cases with a treatment duration of 6 months, the drug caused a positive response of the body to treatment.

In patients with primary ovarian cancer on the first line of chemotherapy, the drug is successfully combined with "Cisplatinum". The positive effect of treatment is observed in 69% of cases. At the third stage of the disease, "ocetaxel is recommended to be used in combination with" Carboplatinum. " This combination has the lowest level of toxicity and high prognostic factors.

In prostate cancer

The most effective and safe dose is 75 mg, which is administered intravenously at intervals of 3 weeks. This course is often prescribed 5 mg "Prednisone" for oral administration. "Docetaxel" in conjunction with "Prednisone" is indicated for patients with androgen-independent metastatic prostate cancer. The course of treatment involves up to 10 cycles.

Docetaxel in prostate cancer with a hormone-sensitive factor and a large amount of metastatic process on average increases the median survival rate by 1, months.

A five-year prognosis of this drug indicates an increase in life expectancy of up to 73% in patients with metastatic formations, compared to the previous rates of 66%. It was also noted that in men with a risk of localized metastases, the survival rate increased from 88% to 93%.

If undesirable effects are detected, the dose is reduced to 60 mg. If the reactions remain, the drug is stopped.

Side effects of docetaxel

When taking the drug, these unwanted effects can occur:

  • hematological manifestations (neutropenia, thrombocytopenia);
  • hypersensitivity, which manifests itself in the form of dyspnea, chills, chest pressure, drug fever;
  • excessive retention of fluid in the body;
  • skin undesirable effects (rash, itching, etc.);
  • neurological problems;
  • gastric and cardiovascular reactions.

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When using the drug, care should be taken in patients with:

  • pathological processes in the work of the liver;
  • non-small cell lung cancer with a prescribed high dosage of the drug (from 100 mg / m²);
  • increased level of bilirubin. Such patients are at risk of severe forms of neutropenia, skin toxicity and even death.

Docetaxel: price

"Docetaxel in comparison with other drugs targeting group, is not very expensive:

  • A 20-milligram bottle costs on average $ 100-150. depending on the manufacturer;
  • the price of an 80-milligram package is 200-250 conventional units;
  • The cost of a 160-milligram bottle varies in the range of 400-600 USD.

"Docetaxel"with cancer and metastases in world practice has long been used and has positive results. However, you should always be on the lookout for side effects, so you should pay attention to your condition and in no case should not engage in self-medication.


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