How and for what it is necessary to carry out self-examination of a mammary gland?

Diseases of the breast are the third most common among women in Russia. More than half of the cases at the time of detection the disease is already neglected and difficult to treat. In time to identify and start treating the disease will help self-examination of the breast.

How was the method developed?


Somehow at the beginning of this century, gynecologists, meeting at a regular consultation, discussed how the patient's illness was discovered. It turned out that the woman found the pathology on her own while washing in the bathroom. Having discussed this fact, each of the doctors recalled that he also had patients with diseases of the mammary glands, who found the pathology of the house, and only then turned to honey. institution. Then the idea was formed to compile a technique for self-examination of mammary glands and training women for it.

What is good about this technique?

This method of research has many advantages, as it is free, safe, accurate and delicate. A woman is well aware of the usual condition of her mammary glands, so she will feel abnormalities with a higher probability than a doctor following the same technique.

General provisions of the methodology

It is better to start self-examination from the age of 14-15. It is at this age that hormonal bursts can lead to numerous diseases of the breast. Age, when self-examination can be stopped, no. It should be carried out for life before the menopause in the first week after the end of menstruation, and with menopause - on any day of the month.


Before the technique is calmed down. You have no reason to worry. Self-examination is carried out to a greater extent to exclude pathology than to confirm it. Your chances of finding something suspicious are slim.

To conduct a survey is better in the room, in front of the mirror. Stock up with a body cream and make sure that no one will bother you. In addition to the mirror, you will need bright consecration, a bed or a sofa (preferably of medium stiffness).

What the technique consists of:

  • inspection of linen;
  • examination of the mammary glands;
  • palpation of the mammary glands standing;
  • palpation of the mammary glands lying on the bed.

Inspection of linen

Carefully inspect your bra for the presence of various secretions from the breast.

Breast examination

Carefully inspect the skin, mark everything, even the most minor changes in skin pigmentation or relief. Be sure to lift the mammary gland and examine the skin fold under it.

Palpation of mammary glands standing

Slowly, from the periphery to the center, in a spiral, begin superficial palpation. To spend it is better pads of four fingers. The thumb should not be involved in palpation. Check up in this way both glands, do not forget nipples and axillary hollows. At the examination, the hand on the side of the breast should be thrown back and wound behind the head.

Palpation of the mammary gland lying

Go to the deep palpation. To do this, lie on your back, and start moving along the old trajectory, but with a stronger pressure. At this stage, it is better to use body cream. Do not rush anywhere. Remember, you are doing the important and necessary thing first and foremost for you.

If you palpation something alerted, immediately consult a mammologist! You do not need to think what you think, and you have invented it for yourself. The consequences of procrastination can be extremely unpleasant.

Self-examination of the mammary glands is an old, but proven and very effective method of detecting the disease. Take in the habit of spending it every month, teach this method to your mom and girlfriends.

The faster the spread of this method in our country, the faster the sad statistics of mortality from breast cancer will decrease. All in your hands!