What should men do to avoid hair falling out?


Table of contents

  • Coping with stress
  • The Psychological Aspect of Hair Loss
  • Proper nutrition
  • Dandruff - the cause of hair loss
  • If the hair continues to fall out
  • Hormonal causes of hair loss

According to numerous polls, hair loss is traditionally one of the ten most topical topics for men. And in recent decades, the problem of male pattern baldness has significantly grown younger. If even in the middle of the last century hair was most often dropped in men over forty, now even very young people face this problem. There are many reasons for this. Among them, experts call a bad ecology, malnutrition, constant stress, hormonal changes in unknown etymology, which are increasingly observed in men.

What to do, so that hair does not fall out? First of all, you need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination. After all, most of the time this trouble is only a side effect or symptom of serious diseases. If a man has hair on his head, this can be a serious signal about failures in the endocrine system, the formation of a tumor, problems with the heart or digestive system.

As soon as the cause is identified and the correct treatment is started, hair loss will stop immediately.

In the event that the medicine did not name the reason for the loss of hair, which happens very often, and the health is in order, you will have to act so that the hair does not fall out. And as soon as this problem can be managed - to do their recovery.


Coping with stress

Oddly enough, in order not to drop hair, first of all it is necessary to do your nervous system. Unlike women, men are often not serious about stress and depression, do not consider it necessary to contact a specialist, take medication. And in fact, during stress, and even more so with depression in the body, the most real chemical processes occur, hormones are released, the normal functioning of many organs is disrupted. Defensive forces of the body, built in every person, for the time being cope with the devastating consequences of stress. But over time, their functions weaken and suffer from various organs. Including the blood supply to the head, which, in turn, leads to a deterioration in the nutrition of the hair follicle. Sometimes it's enough to make your hair fall out.

With depression it is better to cope with the help of a specialist. But you can increase your ability to resist stress by using the following tips.

  1. Compliance with the regime of the day. Mandatory sleep lasting not less than 7-8 hours.
  2. It is necessary to spend at least 2 hours a day in the fresh air.
  3. It is necessary to revise your diet by including as much as possible products containing vitamins of group B and P. At the same time, even with proper nutrition, it is necessary to drink the vitamin complex at least twice a year.
  4. Try to keep as far away from the source of stress. For example, if this work - to learn to leave all problems in the workplace, not allowing yourself to think about them at the end of working hours.
  5. By the method of individual selection, find yourself a calming herbal preparation. For someone, it may be enough tinctures of valerian or motherwort, and someone will be helped by complex herbal infusions.

All this will help to overcome stress and prevent hair loss.

The Psychological Aspect of Hair Loss

The paradox is that often the answer to the question of what to do to prevent hair from falling out is advice not to think about it.

Psychologists notice that men are much more suspicious than women. Noticing the fallen hair on the comb or pillow, they immediately decide that the process of balding has begun. But in 90 out of 100 cases it is just a temporary increase in the number of daily hair falling out. The fact is that the process of renewal is constantly taking place on the person's head. Hair should fall out. At the same time, the number of hair falling from the day from 50 to 120. Sometimes their number is larger, sometimes less. This may depend on various factors. The most frequent is seasonal. To really be wary is only if the loss of hair continues for a long time, increasing their number. At the same time, fear of alopecia and constant thoughts about it can also cause constant stress, which leads to their intense fallout.

Folk remedies for strengthening hair.


The fact that even hair that does not drop out must be strengthened and nourished, women know very well. And men often neglect hair care. How to make sure that hair does not fall out, our ancestors, who developed universal methods of hair care, knew very well.

Here are some simple tips that will not take a lot of time and are very suitable for men.

  1. It is very important not to neglect the felt hat in the steam room. In this case, the hat is an object of personal use. Never use a stranger to not get infected with a fungus.
  2. Since the scalp after the first visit to the steam room is steamed and the pores are open, it is an ideal place for a firming mask. Prepare it in advance. To do this, take the yolk of the egg, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of cognac and a half teaspoon of burdock oil. In a bath, in order for the mask to act, just 10-15 minutes is enough, after which it must be thoroughly washed off.
  3. The real elixir for the health of the hair is a decoction, which remains after the steam baths are steamed. It can be birch, oak, juniper broth. Brooms can be alternated. And to the process of preparing them to come up creatively. For example, having enclosed in each broom a couple of nettle branches or a leaf of burdock.
  4. To improve the blood circulation of the scalp and better nutrition of hair bulbs can be before going to bed while sitting before the TV, massage brush in different directions to comb your hair for at least 10-15 minutes. The scalp should light up slightly at the same time. Massage can be done and any massage device, and just pads of fingers.

Proper nutrition

Strengthening the hair is necessary not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

For this, it is necessary to include the following products in your weekly diet.

  1. Oily fish or (if it is not) preparations containing omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.
  2. Green vegetables and greens, such as parsley, dill, zucchini, broccoli, spinach. They will allow you to saturate your hair with iron.
  3. All kinds of nuts.
  4. Whole grain breads or sprouted natural grains.
  5. Carrots and beans.
  6. The source of protein for health and strength of the hair are eggs.
  7. Dairy products should be fresh and natural. It is worth remembering that dairy products of long-term storage will not bring any benefit to the hair.
  8. In the diet, if possible, it is very good to include at least occasionally fresh oysters. They contain much needed zinc for hair.

Dandruff - the cause of hair loss

Very often the cause of hair loss is dandruff. And although dandruff can appear from hard water, and in winter from wearing a headdress, and as a result of stress, most often its appearance is still related to nutrition. In this case, it is necessary to exclude from your diet fatty and sweet dishes. It is worth paying attention to the frequency of dandruff. If it becomes for weaker reasons, then weaker, then perhaps more, its cause in an allergic reaction to some kind of allergen, for example shampoo.

Frequent washing of the head is also not recommended for dandruff, since it stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands, leading to even more dandruff.

Preparations for the treatment of dandruff are selected taking into account the form of seborrhea. These can be shampoos with clotrimazole, ichthyol, cyclopyrox, zinc.

All drugs for the treatment of dandruff should be applied to the scalp and maintained for a certain time for exposure.



If the hair continues to fall out

What if the hair falls out and the process can not be stopped with the help of folk remedies? First of all, you need to calm down. Very often the cause of hair loss is genetics. Medicine and folk remedies are now powerless to completely stop the process of genetic alopecia. But modern preparations can fully prolong the life of the hair.

The treatment of hair is done by trichologists. There are different opinions about the successes of the methods of treatment they use. Someone they help, someone without any result spends time and money. But the lack of treatment results is often not the fault of the doctor. Just could not find the right drug and scheme. For best results, the doctor and the patient should work together.


It is necessary to pass all the tests, to which the doctor will give direction, to get acquainted with the results. And here it is necessary not to be shy, but to question the doctor in detail about what treatment method he is going to use, what drugs and procedures to use. This is necessary in order to get acquainted with the treatment even before it is started. It is worth reading reviews about the drug. Find out if there are cheaper analogues.

After the treatment is started, it is necessary to believe in its success. But if the results leave much to be desired, it is worth discussing this with your doctor. After all, each medicine acts individually.

It is also worth remembering that drugs that fight male allopecia are used for long courses. Sometimes they range from three months to a year. And such as, for example, minoxidil or phenesteride, are taken continuously. Otherwise, the result achieved after stopping the medication will again be reduced to zero.



Hormonal causes of hair loss

About them it is necessary to say separately. The loss of hair in this case causes an increased content in the blood of the male hormone dehydrosterone, which is a biologically active form of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Eliminating the hormonal cause of hair loss is not so difficult as it is dangerous. Artificial reduction in the level of male sex hormones can lead to serious violations of the entire hormonal background of the male body. This area of ​​medicine is not yet sufficiently developed. And there is no guarantee of safe intervention in hormones.

That's why in itself, baldness is not an endocrinologist's reason to start treatment if all other indicators are normal.



So, what to do to prevent hair falling out.

  1. To engage in strengthening the nervous system and mental health.
  2. Observe the regime of the day, lead an active lifestyle, "walk" your hair, trying to spend at least 2 hours outdoors.
  3. Correctly to eat, including in the diet necessary products.
  4. Strengthen and nourish healthy hair folk remedies.
  5. With increasing hair loss, consult a trichologist.



If baldness can not be avoided, then it is worth treating this fact calmly and remembering that the beauty of a real man is not at all in magnificent hair. A bald man can look much more brutal and courageous than the owner of thick hair.