What should I do at home when my hair falls out?


Table of contents

  • The causes of hair loss
  • Rules for daily hair care
  • Additional precautions
  • Fighting hair loss at home
  • Recipes for simple hair masks

Each person faces every day hair loss. Specialists-trichologists constantly hear from their patients: "Hair falls out, what to do?". Strangely enough, but most often this problem worries men.

If you find on your comb from 3 to 5 hairs, then this is quite a natural phenomenon, which does not lead to baldness. The dead hair follicles fall out, and new ones start to grow on their place. Another thing, if every morning on your pillow you find several dozen hair, and they fall out not only when combing, but also when washing your head. Although in this case, it is too early to sound an alarm. It is possible that this is not a sign of a projected bald spot, but an indicator of skin condition. In this case, you can cope with the problem, but be prepared for the fact that it takes a lot of time and energy.

In any case, if the condition of your hair is a concern, you should first consult a specialist, since different reasons can lead to hair loss.

The causes of hair loss

The main cause of hair loss doctors call hormonal changes in the patient's body. In this case, a man may have problems with the endocrine system or immunological pathologies. Often the culprits of hormonal failure are age changes. But even with the most banal runny nose, a person can begin to lose hair. Therefore, consultation with the therapist and endocrinologist is simply necessary.


In addition, external factors can lead to hair weakening. These include:

  • sudden changes in temperature (for example, if a person does not wear a head-dress in winter);
  • change of climate (for tourist trips);
  • changes in dietary styles or an unbalanced diet;
  • chronic stress.

All this must be taken into account and the impact of such negative impacts minimized.

As a rule, heredity plays an important role. If the patient's father had early baldness, then in 37% of cases the man will not escape this trouble.

Before taking decisive measures to combat hair loss, analyze your lifestyle. Remember when the problem started. It is possible that the cause of its occurrence was the change of habitual shampoo to a new one, the taking of medicines or dietary supplements, a new diet. All this can have a negative effect on the scalp, and as a result, hair begins to fall out.

Strangely enough, but now more and more often the cause of hair loss is the means against baldness! Being seduced by catchy advertising, people do not specify the composition of such "miracle ointments" and buy products of unknown producers, while causing irreparable harm to their body. Therefore, before you begin to act, consult an experienced trichologist - a specialist in hair problems. It is he who will tell you what to do in order to cope with the trouble.

Rules for daily hair care

Hair needs constant care. To ensure that the hair does not begin to thin before the time, you must strictly adhere to certain rules.


The frequency of washing your head depends on the type of your hair. If you have a dry scalp, then use shampoo not more often 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, the hair will become even more dry and brittle. With oily skin, washing is allowed every day. But in this case it is necessary to choose the right detergent.

Competently choose a means for hair care. When buying them, carefully examine the label on which the composition of the shampoo or balm is indicated. Prefer to those products that include extracts of mug, nettle, flax, mint. Shampoos containing menthol, simulate the blood circulation of the scalp, thus having a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. But do not count on the fact that hair care products will stop baldness. They only improve the appearance of the hairstyle. And poor-quality or incorrectly chosen shampoos are quite capable to aggravate a problem.

If you use balm, then choose the means of the same manufacturer that manufactured your shampoo. It is better to buy washing and caring gels, belonging to the same cosmetic line. In this way you will achieve a greater effect. Means must be carefully washed off the hair. In summer, use lotions that protect your hair from the effects of ultraviolet rays. Now there is a lot of similar cosmetics, designed for men. It takes into account all the needs of customers and does not affect the appearance of the hair in any way (for example, it does not add inappropriate shine).

Additional precautions

As little as possible use the hair dryer and try to avoid direct airflow from the air conditioner. Such effects dry the scalp, which contributes to hair loss. Regularly use a massage comb, even if you do not have too thick and long hair. It is best to use a brush made of natural wood or pig bristles. But remember that these combs need to be washed regularly and changed every 2-3 months. Daily, morning and evening, comb your hair for 5-7 minutes in different directions to increase the blood supply to the skin.

Avoid a sharp temperature drop. In winter, before you leave the house, put on a warm hat. Make sure that there is free space between the headdress and the hair (so do not wear knitted hats that fit tightly to the head).

Before starting a fasting or diet, start taking multivitamin complexes containing all the micronutrients needed to nourish the skin. Reception should be started at least one week before the planned change in the style of food. And to choose the necessary vitamin complex your doctor will help you.

Taking any food supplements should also be discussed with the doctor. Only he can correctly select the means you need.

Fighting hair loss at home

But what can I do to cope with the problem on my own? Many people doubt the means of traditional medicine. However, practice shows that some recipes are really effective in hair loss. At home, you can do a variety of masks, helping to cope with the problem of rapidly thinning hair.

It should be realized that their preparation takes a lot of time. And keep such funds on your head long enough.

Applying therapeutic masks at home, you must comply with a number of the following rules:

  1. It is necessary to conduct the procedures at least once a week.
  2. Keep the composition on the skin for at least 1 hour.
  3. After you remove the mass, the hair should be thoroughly washed, and then rinsed with infusion of medicinal herbs: chamomile, nettle or burdock. The appearance of the hair improves the water with the addition of lemon juice.

To ensure that hair does not fall out, most often use various natural oils, made on the basis of sesame, castor, burdock seeds. This mask should be used as follows:

  1. Preheat the container with oil in a water bath to a comfortable temperature. The oil should be warm, but not burning.
  2. Carefully rub the product into the scalp, trying to apply it only on the hair growth line.
  3. Wrap the head with a small terry towel or napkin, and on top put on a polyethylene shower cap.

For greater efficiency in the oil can add a solution of vitamins A or B group. But now in pharmacies you can buy already enriched with vitamins oil. This mask should be done at least 2-3 times a week.

Recipes for simple hair masks

In order for hair to stop falling out, many connoisseurs of folk recipes recommend using onion, garlic or mustard masks. The benefits of such recipes are questionable, because caustic mustard and garlic can burn the skin, and this will only exacerbate the problem. In addition, the smell of these vegetables is washed off very long and quickly returns, it is only slightly sweat or wet your hair. Therefore, trichologists are advised not to add even onion juice to other masks.

At home, do not use a mask with red pepper. Such drugs actually improve the blood supply to the skin, but can contribute to changes in blood pressure, the appearance of irritations, allergies and inflammation of the eyes. It is better to use cosmetic products containing pepper. Or to address to the expert.

To improve the blood supply to the skin, it is more reasonable to use another method. Before washing your head, massage the hair roots with a large (preferably marine) salt, and then rinse the hair thoroughly.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = rP3ZTWbej0w

Good help mask based on products that can be found in every home. In addition, they will not do any harm to health.

Eating gelatin is used to improve the appearance of hair and make the hair look magnificent. 1 tbsp. l. This product is bred 3 tbsp. l. water and allowed to swell for 5-7 minutes. Then add a little shampoo and apply to the hair. The mass is washed off after 1 hour.

As an effective remedy for hair loss, which can be used at home, the usual kefir has proved to be a good one.To prepare this mask, about ½ cup low-fat kefir is heated, mixed with 1 egg whites, add 1 tbsp. l. honey and a few drops of butter (burdock or hemp). Next, the agent is used in the same way as other masks.


http://www.youtube.com/watc? = YKgpNKe5gU0

So, to maintain the health of your hair, you must follow the precautionary measures (rules of daily grooming) and take care of your hair, using simple and effective masks.