Acute myeloblastic leukemia. Elagina Natalia Sergeevna, 30years old

Kind time of the day, friends!

I never thought that I would have to ask for help that way.
I, Elagina Natalia Sergeevna, I'm 30 years old, just the age when you are confident in yourself, full of energy and ready turn mountains, build grandiose plans for the future, dream of a happy family and a long healthy a life…. You have a favorite job. And I work as a pharmacist and have never regretted the choice of profession!
For me, the main thing is to release the drug correctly according to the prescription or advise over-the-counter medicine, which will really help, and then the person will come and tell you thanks for the advice. It's very nice when you can help, and you are grateful for it when your work is appreciated!
And the health of my family is always under control. Knowing the diagnosis, you can recommend or pick up a medicine. But it so happened that now I can not help myself ...
All crumble in an instant, as life decided to make its own adjustments ...

In August, I was periodically tormented by fever and malaise, turning to doctors, I was treated for pyelonephritis (wrongly), but I was only worse. Treatment of the results did not give and the temperature and weakness only increased, and even there were severe pains and it became clear that not with the enemy we are fighting. The establishment of the correct diagnosis took weeks and wasted valuable time.

And... the diagnosis was a sharp leukemia (blood cancer), which put me and my family on their knees with pleas for help. Treatment is very expensive, one course of chemotherapy costs about 100tys. UAH, and there are many of them (with God's help and the help of sympathetic people, I passed two courses for a long time), and a $ 12, 00 bone marrow transplant is required. The funds are denied assistance because they are engaged in children. And what do we do for adults, because we also want to live, rejoice, benefit society, create families... !!! Therefore, I knock on all doors with the hope that someone will open!

To reconcile with a terrible diagnosis in my plans is not included. My cherished dream is to raise money for treatment and for bone marrow transplantation, without which I can not do without. In Ukraine, such an operation is not done, I need treatment abroad, which costs a lot of money. My family is not able to collect even 10th part, but I sincerely believe in kind and sympathetic hearts, in people who are ready to help someone else's trouble. In eating now my life depends only on charity!

I really want to live, rejoice, dream, return to my favorite work and catch every moment that will give us life, enjoy it, eat it to the full! And to hear the cherished words "You are healthy!"

To transfer money for treatment, accounts are opened:
Privat Bank's card: 5168757315678153 Elagina Alexandra
Yandex money - Wallet number 410013616044170
Western Union Translation System, Manigram, Alexsandra Elagina.+380971026825

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