As a man at home, remove the stomach and sides


Table of contents

  • Getting ready for the exercises
  • Effective exercises to clean the belly and sides
  • Exercises with projectiles
  • Exercises for abdominal muscles

Nothing so does not spoil the male figure, like a pendulous abdomen and fat deposits on the sides in the form of rollers. And they come from very young men who have to move a little and sit a lot during the working day.

Alas, these are the costs of living in big cities in the 21st century. But does the man want to put up with this? Of course not! After all, girls, like many centuries ago, pay attention to the beauty of the male body. And the fat on the sides of the men does not give beauty to their torso. Therefore, many men are in a hurry after working in gyms and stadiums to tackle their figure. Well, what about those who for some reason can not attend the stadium, how to clean the belly and sides of a man in this case? For them, there are numerous training programs, with which you can quite successfully train at home.


Getting ready for the exercises

When can I train? This question is often asked by beginners. How to clean the stomach and sides at home? How quickly to clean the stomach and sides? When and how to train? You can train at any convenient time. You can do this in the morning, before work, and it is possible in the evening, after a day's work. It is important to tune in and exercise at the same time. The body itself will tune in to the exercises and wait for them. If the exercises are performed in the morning, then special attention should be paid to the warm-up before training.

Warm up can begin with water procedures. Cool water will cheer up and help you to recover quickly after a night's sleep. Cold water is extremely useful, as it hardens the human body, increasing immunity and helping to avoid many colds that are associated with hypothermia organism. In addition, if the soul has a special massage nozzle, you can massage the problem areas of the body during water procedures. In this case - the sides and stomach.

After the shower, you can start running on the spot. Running is best on a thick carpet, so as not to disturb the neighbors living on the floor below. Legs can be barefoot. It is widely known that on the soles of the feet there are numerous biologically active points that are associated with various internal organs. If you look at the map of these points, you can see that on the foot there are projections of almost all vital organs. Therefore, when a person runs or walks barefoot, there is an effect on his entire body, which is very favorable. Running is better for quite a long time. For example, half an hour. It is necessary to give a sufficient load on the respiratory system.

In addition, if the run is intense enough, there is burning of excess fat in the body, and in fact it is the culprit of the big belly and saggy sides.

After water procedures and running on the spot, the body is already sufficiently prepared for special exercises aimed at removing the stomach and sides. If there is any massager at home, you can again work through these areas. Then you need to start to tilt and rotate, because they can return the waist to the previous harmony.


Effective exercises to clean the belly and sides

Slopes forward. Stand up, feet shoulder-width apart. Hands are freely lowered along the trunk. With an inspiration, raise straight arms across the sides above your head, and with an exhalation lean forward, trying to reach the floor with your hands. Do not bend your knees. The more repetitions of this exercise, the greater the load. And the faster the belly disappears without a trace. But you do not need to drive yourself to exhaustion.

Important addition. A person should have a healthy back and a lumbar region. If there are any diseases of the back, then different inclinations can not be performed. And best of all - get a consultation from a specialist. Otherwise, you can hurt yourself.

Deflections backwards. Stand up. Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. Hands freely hang along the body. With inhalation, raise arms over head and bend back as far as possible. In addition to affecting the abdomen, this exercise trains the lumbar and thoracic spine.

Tilts to the sides. Such slopes directly affect the fat deposits on the sides, removing them. There are several varieties of this exercise:

  1. Stand up straight. Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. Raise your arms above your head. Take a breath and slowly exhale the torso on one or the other side as you exhale.
  2. Stand up. Legs shoulder width apart. His hands are resting on his hips. On exhalation, bend one and the other.
  3. Stand up. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders. One hand is resting on its side, and the other is raised above its head. With an exhalation, make more energetic deep inclinations in the direction where the hand is restrained. Then change your hands and repeat the exercise.

Turns of the body. It's also a very good exercise to remove fat from the sides. This exercise is also performed in different ways:

  1. Stand up straight. The legs are shoulder width apart, the arms are apart. Lean forward. Turn the body, trying to reach with the right hand the foot of the left leg. Repeat the other way. Exercise vigorously.
  2. Stand up straight. Legs shoulder width apart. Hands on the belt. Twist the body in one direction, then in the other direction as much as possible.

Retraction of the abdomen. A wonderful exercise in order to reduce the stomach. It is rarely obtained the first time. But if you practice daily, success will come.

  1. Stand up straight. Legs shoulder width apart. With an exhalation, you must lean forward and rest your hands on your knees. Do not inhale, do a few retracting movements of the abdominal muscles, trying to draw it. Inhale and return to the starting position.

After training, you need to lie down on the floor and relax. Focus on the abdomen and waist and try to imagine that every day the fat becomes less and less. To complete the training you need water procedures. To perform such a very simple complex is best every day, six times a week. On Sunday you can relax. It is not difficult to clean the stomach and sides. Regularity is important here.


Exercises with projectiles

How to remove fat from the stomach and sides with gymnastic equipment? There were exercises for the performance of which no additional things were required. But using a gymnastic hoop can greatly approximate the desired result. A hoop can also be turned at home if there is space in the room. Naturally, you need to free space to not break anything. The usual hoop of aluminum can be improved, making it heavier. To do this, separate the hoop and pour the sand inside. Then the projectile rejoins.


Exercises to remove fat from the abdomen and sides will be more effective if you supplement the daily diet with a diet. Diet for the stomach and sides is very simple. It is necessary to exclude from the diet high-calorie foods with high carbohydrate content. You just need to lose weight. And how to lose weight fast? It is best to arrange one-off days once a week. On this day, food intake should be minimized. Or, to be limited to one water. But if you decide not to eat one day, you need to consult a doctor

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If you set a goal, you can make it in a short time so that the fat from the sides and stomach will go away. Disappear abdomen and rollers on the sides of men who have decided to regain a good figure. And then you can proceed to the formation of a muscular corset, which looks so wonderful on the male figure.

Exercises for abdominal muscles

The most effective and simple exercise for abdominal muscles that can be performed at home. It is executed as follows:

  1. Lie on the floor. The legs are bent at the knees. Hands in the lock behind the head.
  2. With an exhalation, tilt the body to the legs, trying to work only the abdominal muscles.
  3. Return to the starting position.

After this, you need to lie on your back, raise your legs to a 90 degree angle. The legs should be straight.

For the formation of muscles can be used when tilting to the side of dumbbells, taking them in hand. Weights give an additional load on the muscles.


If you show sufficient perseverance in the performance of this daily complex and slightly restrict yourself in eating, the fat on your stomach and sides will disappear pretty quickly.Quickly clean the belly and the side of the man is helped by will power. After all, he is a man to set a goal and strive for it. Additional exercises aimed at forming the abdominal press will give the figure a rather attractive look. Men's beauty will return again.