How at home to pump cubes on the stomach?


Table of contents

  • A set of exercises for inflating the press for men
    • "Frog" - for oblique abdominal muscles
    • "Inverted Ax" - for the press
    • "Corner" - another exercise for the press
    • Additional exercises for the press
  • A set of exercises for inflating the press for girls
  • A set of exercises for inflating the press at home
  • Press for the week - a myth?

Men and women dream to become owners of cubes on the stomach. Sporty and smart people we see on the covers of popular magazines and on the screens of our TVs. Learn how to pump up cubes on the stomach, every beginner wants to learn. Achieve this will allow some sets of exercises.

A set of exercises for inflating the press for men

"Frog" - for oblique abdominal muscles

This exercise will help beginners to work out the lower and oblique abdominal muscles. You will need a horizontal bar or crossbar. You need to start the action from the desk. Then you need to raise your legs, bent at the knees. Pull the legs upward until the knee cups touch the breast. To complicate the exercise, it is necessary to lift straight legs to a position parallel to the floor or ground.


"Inverted Ax" - for the press

For this exercise on the crossbar you need to take the initial position - to keep on the crossbar with your legs bent at the knees. Keep your hands closed in the lock. Lift the body until the moment when the chest touches the knees. Then we must return to the starting position. Several repetitions are done.

"Corner" - another exercise for the press

The starting position is on the crossbar, the legs are straight. Perform the exercise as follows: straight legs raise until the moment they do not occupy a position parallel to the floor or ground. After this, the legs should not be lowered, but the achieved position should be fixed for 2-3 seconds.

Then you can relax and return to the starting position. The body during the exercise should be straight and resemble a stretched string.

An important observation about the implementation of the above exercises, which are neglected by all beginners tourniquets - there is no need for any hurry, exercises should be performed without jerks, as smoothly as possible. This will save the beginning athletes from getting injuries during training and will make the latter several times more effective.


Additional exercises for the press

These simple exercises will help keep the abdominal muscles toned, and there will be no heavy loads on the press.

The starting position is lying on the back, the legs are fixed, the arms behind the head and are crossed into the lock. Lifting the body from the prone position, the legs should be even and not rise.

Another example. The initial position - the legs are located on the width of the shoulders, the back is straight. Then you need to bend the body forward. From this position it is necessary to turn your body one or the other.

When doing the workout, you need to pay attention to the case was located parallel to the floor.

A set of exercises for inflating the press for girls

Many girls dream of a flat stomach. Female athletes try to pump cubes on their stomachs. Below is a set of exercises that will help achieve what you want. You will need a desire to acquire an ideal and beautiful body.

To begin sports activities, first you need to lose a few pounds with diet and the rejection of semi-finished products, sausages and other harmful foods with a high fat content.

Classes jogging and swimming, as well as aerobics contribute to the discharge of excess kilograms. The pledge of a beautiful figure consists in proper and healthy nutrition, sports and rejection of bad habits.

  1. Rise of legs. Lying on the rug, inhale, raise both legs at 45 °, and on exhalation - lower to the floor in the starting position. Repeat the exercise, make several approaches. Exercise correctly and smoothly, without making sharp jerks.
  2. The initial position - lying on the back on the rug, legs bent at the knees, hands behind the head. This exercise works on the muscles of the abdomen and its upper part. We start moving to the wheels with our body. At the entrance we press the body to the knees, at the exit we take the initial position. For an effective load, it will be sufficient to repeat 15-20 times in several approaches.
  3. The starting position is the same as in the previous one. Here, oblique abdominal muscles are studied. This exercise will help pump the cubes on your stomach. Bending the body, in turn, touch the left elbow of the right knee, the right elbow of the left knee. When doing the exercise, try not to make sudden movements. It should be repeated on 20-25 times 2-3 approaches.
  4. Everyone knows the exercise called "bicycle". This activity develops coordination and helps to pump up the abdominal muscles. The starting position is lying on the back. Lifting your feet by 45 °, start twisting improvised pedals. It is enough 5 minutes. One of the varieties of this exercise is a simple drawing in the air with the feet of large circles. The legs should be straight.

These few exercises will help you get a flat and attractive press. With a long session on this set of exercises it is quite real for any girl to pump cubes on her stomach.

A set of exercises for inflating the press at home

To pump the cubes on your stomach, you do not have to visit gyms, this can be achieved without leaving home. All the most popular exercises on the press have in their composition the bend of the trunk. They allow you to train the straight muscles of the press. Some athletes use burdens when doing such exercises, safely restraining it on the chest, which allows to reduce the amplitude of motion. The loin does not undergo an excessive load when performing this exercise.


Below, we will describe a set of 6 exercises that will help beginners at home to pump cubes on their stomachs. These are simple and effective exercises. No simulators and sporting equipment will be needed for the execution.

  1. You need to sit on the edge of the couch. Pull your legs forward, straining the muscles of the press, and, bending your knees, pull them to yourself.
  2. The starting position - lying on the rug, hands holding onto the sofa. Straining the muscles of the press, then raise your legs up, then gently lower them down.
  3. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. A simple exercise called a "bicycle".
  4. Conventional reverse torsion.
  5. Straight twists, performed in a sitting position on the couch with knees bent at the knees.
  6. Raising legs from a prone position. While doing this, try to tear off the pelvis from the floor, without making sharp movements.


Pumping cubes on the abdomen at home is not a myth, but a fully achievable result. There are no restrictions on the number of repetitions. The main thing here is that you are your own trainer. If you perform training quite easily, then it's time to add the load. Take care not to overtrain or injure yourself when doing the exercises. Pay special attention to your lower back, when performing a set of exercises you should not feel any discomfort and pain. Increase the load on the muscles smoothly.

Press for the week - a myth?

Everyone has different ideas about the phrase "press for a week" or "pump cubes on the stomach for a week."Professional athletes swing the muscles of the press for many months, doing exercises with exercises on the press.

These trainings are divided into two types, depending on the goal that should be achieved. One type for increasing the mass, and the second type - for highlighting the abdominal muscles of the press. There is a situation when the press is pumped up, but it is not visible because of a layer of fat. To begin with, you need to lose weight - these are the first steps in the formation of a flat stomach. You can enter the press classes only when your waist is noticeably smaller.

It is impossible to pump the press for a week. For such a short period of time, you can slightly pull up and slightly lose weight in the abdominal area. Fat accumulated for several years and drive it in a week is simply unrealistic. Press pumping is carried out for several months with the help of training and complex exercises.


A beautiful flat stomach or cubes on the abdomen is easy enough, at least 2-3 months of training on the abdominal muscles will be required. Good help will be running, cycling, swimming, skiing, aerobics.