Ultra Hair System - effective spray hair growth activator


Table of contents

  • What is the Ultra Hair System spray
  • Oils in the composition of the spray
  • Healing extracts in the composition of the product
  • Other components of the tool
  • Application of Ultra Hair System spray
  • Customer Reviews Spray

Hair spray Ultra hair spray is a real godsend for people who are desperate to regain the density of strands. The problem of baldness worries both women and men. The negative impact of the environment, stress, physical overload, illness and medication negatively affect the condition of the hairline. Strands become dull and brittle. Hairstyle loses volume as a result of thinning and hair loss. Although the ladies do not grow bald as active as men, thinning hair makes them panic. Lush, healthy hair is the main decoration of a woman.

What is the Ultra Hair System spray

The hair growth spray Ultra Hair System is an innovative tool that stimulates the growth of strands. It was created by specialists of the American company Dr. Lorel after years of studying the problem of baldness in men and women.

Clinical trials have confirmed the high efficacy of the drug:

  1. After 1 month of application of the Ultra Hair System spray, the curls become more dense and stronger.
  2. A unique composition prevents early hair loss. It helps to awaken sleeping hair follicles.
  3. The drug is effective even at the initial stages of alopecia.

Spray accelerates the growth of strands. It forms a very thin protective film on the hair shaft, which prevents it from becoming thinner and breaking. Therefore, with regular application, many girls can significantly increase the length of the hair. The liquid is evenly distributed throughout the length of the curls, giving them the appearance of a flowing silk.


The hair spray Ultra Hair System has helped many people restore the density of hair. As evidenced by their feedback, the effectiveness of the product is comparable to the effectiveness of salon procedures. Some note that the spray allows you to achieve a better result, compared to other means for treating hair. The high efficiency of the tool has made it incredibly popular among residents of the US and European countries. It is recommended by its clients to trichologists, masters of salons and consultants in pharmacies.

Spray can not only restore the density of hair, but also solve many other problems. Included in its composition components help to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and make the strands less greasy. They help to soothe dry irritated scalp and eliminate itching. Applying the Ultra Hair System spray, you can get rid of dry dandruff and prevent it from appearing.

Oils in the composition of the spray

The composition of the spray includes only natural components:

  1. The main active substance of the product is burdock oil. It is made from burdock roots. Burdock oil restores metabolism and capillary circulation in the scalp. It helps to strengthen the hair follicles, awaken dormant bulbs and accelerate the natural growth of hair. Burdock oil allows you to return the hair shafts strength and shine.
  2. High efficiency of Ultra Ultra spraying systems is due to the presence in its composition of a valuable cosmetic product, argan oil. It is obtained from the bones of the fruits of argan tree. For the amazing properties of the oil of this tree is called the Moroccan elixir of youth. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, promotes its regeneration. With it, you can speed up hair growth and prevent premature hair loss. Argan oil eliminates dry dandruff and restores damaged hair shaft structure. It also helps to keep the hairstyle in high humidity conditions.
  3. Coconut oil, which is also contained in the Ultra Hair System spray, is famous for its cosmetic properties since the reign of Queen Cleopatra. It helps to reduce the loss of protein during hair washing. This element is the main building material of the hair shaft. Its wash-out makes the strands weak, brittle and lifeless. Coconut oil has the ability to evenly distribute through the hair. It envelops every hair, preventing its swelling and damage during washing, combing and hot styling. Even drying with a hair dryer does not cause the curls to dry out. This is evidenced by the reviews of people who used the Ultra Hair System spray.
  4. Cinnamon oil in the Ultra Hair System enhances the blood flow in the scalp. Thanks to it, the nutrition of the hair follicles, on which the growth and strength of the strands depends, improves. The oil helps to smooth the rough structure of the hair shafts, destroyed by means for styling, environmental influences and shampoos. When the surface of the hair becomes smooth, they acquire a characteristic silky shine.

Healing extracts in the composition of the product

The hair growth activator Ultra Hair System contains extracts of medicinal plants. They were carefully selected in the process of many years of research.

The composition contains an extract of calamus. The medicinal plant contains phytoncides, which irritate skin receptors, stimulate hair growth and tissue regeneration. Due to the presence of iodine, the extract of aira has an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. It helps to get rid of dandruff and various forms of seborrhea. Air extract protects strands from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pollution, high and low temperatures.

The hops cone extract, part of the Ultra Hair System, helps to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. It activates the growth of hair due to the content of essential oils. Oils help to heal the initial forms of alopecia, restoring the hairline in the bald areas. The wax, which is present in the cones of hops, envelops the hairs, protecting them from the harmful effects of the environment, cosmetic and hygienic means.


Extract of chili pepper is a proven means for stimulating hair growth. It irritates the scalp, causing a rush of blood to its surface and speeding up metabolic processes in its tissues. The stimulating properties of chili peppers allow you to awaken even those bulbs that have not functioned for a long time. The extract allows not only to increase hair growth and make them thicker, it also strengthens the hair shafts, restoring to them natural shine and elasticity.

Chamomile extract soothes and moisturizes the scalp, has a disinfectant and healing effect. It helps cure various forms of seborrhea and get rid of dandruff. Reviews, which leave the buyers of the spray, allow us to conclude that the product is hypoallergenic. It does not cause irritation even on very sensitive scalp.

Stimulation of hair growth promotes the extract of nettle contained in the composition of the spray Ultra Hair System. It strengthens the hair shafts, making them more durable and flexible. Nettle helps to prevent cross-section, thinning and brittle hair. Biologically active substances of medicinal plants block the activity of enzymes that cause hair loss.

Other components of the tool

In the composition of the funds, developers included oil solutions of fat-soluble vitamins A and E. They are powerful antioxidants that restore the regeneration rate of scalp cells and hair follicles, and also slow the aging process. Vitamins A and E help prevent the appearance of gray hair and get rid of seborrhea.

As part of the product there are extracts of bark of oak, sage and burdock roots. They:

  • help fight head skin diseases;
  • reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • have antibacterial and antifungal effects.

Plant extracts stimulate the regeneration of the skin and accelerate the metabolism in its tissues. They provoke hair growth and do not allow the bulbs to prematurely fall asleep. The testimonies of people who successfully stopped baldness with the Ultra Hair System spray clearly demonstrate its effectiveness. The product helps stop even postpartum alopecia.

Application of Ultra Hair System spray

The method of applying the spray for hair growth is indicated on the back of the vial. The product is sprayed from a distance of 30 cm to pre-washed strands and parting. Due to the presence of a sprayer with a comfortable handle, the use of the product is very simple.

The composition is rubbed into the scalp with fingertips until a sensation of light tingling and burning occurs. This action of the agent is due to the presence in its composition of an extract of chili pepper, which contains an irritating alkaloid capsaicin.

To the liquid evenly distributed throughout the hair, after the treatment you need to comb the curls of the comb with rare teeth. People with dry scalp should not flush the remedy. It will remain on the hair and will continue to have a beneficial effect on them until the next washing of the head. As evidenced by the reviews, the product has a pleasant aroma and does not stick to your hands. Immediately after applying the composition, you can go to bed.

Those who have a scalp oily skin need to apply the drug differently. After treating the skin and hair, a shower cap is put on the head and a head is wrapped in a towel or a woolen scarf. You can wear a woolen hat. Under the influence of heat biologically active components of the drug will penetrate more actively into the tissues of the head and hair, providing the necessary action. After 1 hour, you need to wash your hair with a normal shampoo. To leave the oily composition on oily scalp for too long is not recommended. It can cause the opposite result.

To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to use a spray for at least 1 month after each washing of the head. The contents of the 200 ml bottle are enough for the entire course of treatment. The product can be used for preventive purposes 2 times a month. With its help, you can improve the condition of your head of hair before a solemn event in a few days.


The presence of natural components makes the product safe. Therefore, it has practically no contraindications. Use the spray is not only for those people who have an individual intolerance to its components.

To determine the sensitivity to the composition, you need to apply a small amount on the inside of the elbow. If after 10 minutes on the skin there are no signs of irritation, the remedy can be used.

Customer Reviews Spray

Lyubov Petrovna, 56 years old, St. Petersburg:

"Recently, I was horrified to discover the bald places. No shampoos and remedies helped to stop baldness. Already completely despaired. I bought Ultra Haira spray, although I did not expect anything to help. Strangely enough, the spray helped. After 3-4 weeks, hair began to appear on the bald areas. I hope that they will get stronger and become full ".

Tatiana, 37 years old, Tambov:

"I ordered the spray, because the hair began to drop very much. They became completely lifeless, dull and brittle. Began to use the spray very actively. Every day it was applied, then on dry, then on wet hair. They became softer, they began to fit better. Somewhere a month later, there was less hair on the comb. After 3 months of active use of the spray, the hair became longer by 7 cm. I do not remember that hair grew so fast earlier. I was very pleased with the result! "

Nikolay, 43 years old, Kursk:

"Bad hair we have a family problem. Both grandfather and father are bald. I decided to change the tradition and keep the hairstyle longer. I was looking for different means, I tried many, all to no avail. Hair sticks, bald head grows. Recently tried a haira spray. Hair became noticeably thicker, the strewing stopped. On the bald head a reassuring fluff appeared. Apply it for 2 months, I will continue to continue to use. I want to completely restore my hair. "



Elena Sterikhova, 28 years old, Yaroslavl:

"A good remedy. The hair after it is silky and shiny, combing only in joy. About the growth of hair, it is true, I myself ".