Methods of enhancing erectile function


Table of contents

  • Erectile dysfunction: the essence of the problem and the causes
  • Methods for improving erectile function
    • Method of psychotherapy
    • Correct way of life
  • Methods of medicamental and physical effects in the treatment of a disorder
    • Methods of physical impact
    • Medication
  • Enhancement of erectile function using surgical methods
    • Surgical intervention
    • Prosthetics
  • Traditional medicine to improve erectile function

For an adult male who has an active sex life, it is very important that all the components of sexual intercourse are present: sexual attraction, foreplay, erection, coitus and ejaculation. If a single component fails, the entire process of normal intercourse is disrupted.

One of the most common sexual problems is an erection disorder.

This problem is poisoning the lives of many men.But if at the time of going to the doctor, restoring the erectile function in most cases is not difficult.

Erectile dysfunction: the essence of the problem and the causes

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the male penis to erect. This implies the partial or complete absence of an erection, as well as the inability to maintain an erection throughout the sexual intercourse. To properly assign a course of treatment and improve erectile function, you need to understand the causes that lead to its violation. The causes of the disorder can be divided into organic and psychological. The main organic causes of erectile dysfunction include the following:

  • brain trauma;
  • chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, etc.);
  • taking drugs that reduce libido and negatively affect erectile function, antipsychotics, beta-blockers, diuretics and agents that lower blood pressure;
  • hormonal problems, when the production of testosterone decreases;
  • vascular diseases in the pelvic region (atherosclerosis);
  • trauma and organic changes in the penis.

For psychological reasons usually include the following:

  • stress, nervous overstrain, neuroses;
  • problems in the relationship with the partner;
  • psychological trauma, usually associated with unsuccessful sexual experience.

As a rule, several causes are noted immediately, which led to frustration. In this case, they establish a mixed cause of erectile dysfunction. Very often, the root cause lies in the organic problem, but when a man has erectile dysfunction, a psychological component: a man begins to focus on the problem, worry, even fear another sexual intercourse and possible failure, thereby only aggravating the situation. If he does not get the understanding and support from the sexual partner, then the problem will be aggravated many times. However, every man should know that:

  • erectile dysfunction does not yet imply impotence;
  • erectile dysfunction - a temporary phenomenon;
  • the disorder is effectively treated, especially if a man seeks a doctor immediately after the first failure.

Therefore, at the first signs of a malfunction with an erection it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will identify the cause of the disorder and, based on this, will prescribe an effective course of treatment.

Methods for improving erectile function

First, only the doctor should prescribe the treatment after careful collection of anamnesis, examination, test results and tests. The doctor, based on these data, will designate the treatment that will be effective for the individual patient: drugs, procedures, a set of measures that will quickly lead to the desired result. Self-medication is not necessary, because uncontrolled intake of drugs at best will not help, and at worst it can harm the body. Erectile function can be increased by the following methods:

Method of psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for improving erectile function will be effective when a psychological cause (stresses, deep complexes, etc.) has led to the disorder. This method includes not only psychotherapeutic sessions with a psychologist, but also with a sex therapist. Psychotherapeutic effects will be much higher if both partners are present at the sessions. This method is especially effective for violations in men of young age.

Correct way of life

This is the step that every man who already has erectile dysfunction, and everyone who wants to avoid such problems, should do.


Very often the cause of the violation lies in the wrong way of life: bad habits (especially smoking), lack of physical activity, fast food, overwork at work - all these factors have the most negative impact on sexual health men.

Therefore it is extremely important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle: do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol, observe the regime of the day and do not eat dry on go, do not forget to take vitamins and exercise (or at least do a trivial exercise in the morning), do not forget that the body needs recreation.

If a man is young enough, he does not have any chronic serious illnesses, then even reconsidering his way of life can give a result.

Methods of medicamental and physical effects in the treatment of a disorder

If the erection disorder has passed to the middle stage, then it will require enhanced therapy. In this case, the doctor may prescribe a method of physical influence or treatment with medicinal products.

Methods of physical impact

These methods are usually used in conjunction with the main method chosen by the physician (drug or non-pharmacological). They are effective if a male erectile dysfunction is in the middle stage, that is, not pronounced.

In this case, a vacuum massage of the penis is used, medicinal preparations are punctured into the urethra and the cavernous body of the penis, or prostate massage is performed.

In addition, a certain effectiveness was shown by the method of treatment with local negative pressure. To do this, the doctor uses a special device, in the reservoir of which there is a negative pressure.

By the action of this pressure on the penis, an erection takes place, the strength of which is sufficient for the sexual intercourse. This method is safe, but has some drawbacks: for example, it causes pain in the penis.


The pharmaceutical market is replete with a wide variety of drugs, promising an early cure for the disease.

But it is fundamentally important that the drug is prescribed exclusively by a doctor. Especially it concerns such means, which are aimed at prolonging the erection, like "Viagra etc.

If you take them without the appointment of a doctor, then you can only worsen the erection, although at first it can really increase.

The most common drugs are Levitra, Dynamico, Cialis, Viagra, ginseng root, eleutherococcus, golden root. However, in addition to the fact that they can do a disservice, the drugs also have a number of contraindications that must be taken into account. Therefore, self-medication categorically not worth it!


In addition to these drugs, the doctor can prescribe intracavernous injections, that is, injections, which are made directly into the penis before sexual intercourse. The method guarantees a good erection, but has a number of disadvantages.

  • First, from a psychological point of view, this method is not suitable for everyone, since not every man can voluntarily inject a penis;
  • Secondly, drugs that are injected can cause complications, up to the sclerosis of the penile tissues.

In addition, such injections can be done no more than 1 time per week.

There is an analogue to injections, which is also effective (the effect lasts for 1 hour), is not harmful and is accessible psychologically. The method is that 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, a man injects an intraurethral suppository into the urethra. The disadvantage of this method is one - it is not very convenient.

Enhancement of erectile function using surgical methods

Operative methods include surgical intervention and prosthetics. These are extreme measures that are resorted to in cases where other measures have not helped. The effectiveness of operational methods is quite high.


Surgical intervention

If other methods do not help, the doctor can prescribe an operative solution to the problem. There are several options that differ only in the course of the operation, but the tasks are the same and are reduced to the fact that the surgeon changes the direction of blood flow in the penis of a man, thereby restoring it. The method of surgical intervention has very high results - from 50 to 80%. Usually, the operation is prescribed to young men and patients who have a severe disorder of erectile function.


This method gives patients a 100% guarantee that they will forever forget about any problems with erection. It is prescribed prosthetics only by a doctor, when none of the other methods yielded a result. It is better to consult several independent specialists. Modern dentures are made very qualitatively and look very plausible: not even every professional at first glance can notice that a man has a prosthesis.

Traditional medicine to improve erectile function

Traditional medicine offers a lot of effective recipes that can help solve the problem. So, folk medicine for solving the erection disorder offers the following tools:

  • regularly eat kiwi;
  • drink carrot juice 3 times a day for 50 ml. Course - 30 days;
  • celery juice freshly squeezed to drink for 1 - 2 hours. l. 3 times a day;
  • infusion medicament medicinal: 20 g of dry herbs chop, pour, l boiled water at normal temperature, soak the mixture in a water bath for 15 minutes, then insist for 30 minutes. Drink infusion on, art. 2 - 3 times a day. Course - 4 - 5 weeks;
  • infusion of levzeya safflower (sold in pharmacies) take 20-30 drops, diluted with water, 30 minutes before meals. Course - 3 - 4 weeks;
  • herbal drink: 3 parts: the root of leuzea, marigold, turn, dog rose, hawthorn, 2 parts of oregano. Pour 1 tbsp. l. mixture, l boiling water, pour into a thermos and insist for 2 - 3 hours, drain. Drink to, art. 30 minutes before meals 3 to 4 times a day;
  • honey balsam: 500 g of honey, 500 g of aloe leaves (grind them), 500 ml of red wine. All the mix, soak for 5 days in a dark cool place. Then strain and take for 1 hour. l. an hour before meals 3 times a day for 7 days, after which increase the dose to 1 tbsp. l. The course is 30 days, then you need to take a break in 1 week and repeat the course again.


If the patient wants to combine the methods of classical and traditional medicine, he should inform his / her own doctor about this.