Are raw diet and good potency compatible?


Table of contents

  • Raw Food: What it is and how it affects the human body
    • Raw food and beneficial changes in the body
    • Raw food: omissions, or how to prevent possible miscalculations
  • Raw food and potency: what determines the sex drive
    • Raw foods increasing the potency
    • Syedoedic products that reduce libido and testosterone

Raw food has become a fad. More and more people are using this method of nutrition in order to achieve health, natural flexibility, vitality and general rejuvenation. Does the use of raw vegetables and fruits really become healthy?

How raw food affects the potency - whether the sexual function is weakening, can a man eat only raw foods? Is raw food and potency compatible? Let's consider in detail the fundamentals of the theory of raw food and the peculiarities of the effect of such nutrition on the male body.

Raw Food: What it is and how it affects the human body

Raw food - a kind of food, in which people eat only raw food.The main food is raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and dried mushrooms, milk, honey. Some raw products of animal origin are excluded from the list of admissible to use, for example, raw eggs, lard, salted fish, salted meat. Thus, raw food is a kind of vegetarianism, excluding from use all animal proteins.

The influence of raw food on the human body is multifaceted. There are advantages that cause favorable changes in the human body. There are disadvantages and conditions for their manifestation in the body of a man when switching to raw diet.


A comprehensive analysis of the merits and omissions of the theory of raw products will help to understand the question of how raw food affects health (physical and spiritual) and male potency.

Raw food and beneficial changes in the body

Nutrition of raw, thermally unprocessed products ensures the assimilation by the body of all available in nuts, apples and carrots vitamins, microelements without additional expenditure of body resources on the splitting of sugar or the removal of other unpleasant products. This is a natural balanced diet, which must be applied according to taste preferences, since the internal needs of the body are expressed in the desire to eat one or another type of vegetable, fruit or vegetable protein.

When switching to raw food, the body receives a large amount of raw materials needed to digest food, the functioning of the glands. As a result, cleansing (withdrawal of accumulated harmful substances) begins, manifested in losing weight and strengthening immunity. The procedure of cleansing can last several months and is accompanied by weakness, headaches, local swelling. When the body cleansing ends, there is a vital activity and a sense of strength, many chronic diseases stop worrying, sleep and physical health improve.

Raw foods do not form pathological mucus when digested. This unhealthy mucus is a life-support for parasites inside the human body. Without mucus from the boiled products, the worms are deprived of the necessary habitat and leave the internal organs of the person (either weaken and are excreted with feces).

Raw food contributes to changes in the psyche: a person becomes more balanced, thinking improves, the rampant aggression disappears, controllability and propensity to bad habits weakens (smoking, alcohol).

To ensure the maximum effect of the transition to raw food, you need to know and take into account the weak points of the theory.


Raw food: omissions, or how to prevent possible miscalculations

Modern methods of management led to the saturation of various products with herbicides, fertilizers and other chemicals in the chemical industry. In addition, the method of land plowing leads to their depletion and loss of the nutrient stock necessary for grasses and trees. This phenomenon was called the depletion of soils and became the basis of the theory of the limited nature of the possibilities planets (the theory of the golden billion), that the planet can fully and eternally feed only 1 billion of the population.

On fruits and vegetables, this state of agriculture is expressed in the impoverishment of their vitamin and mineral composition. That set of trace elements, which should be in the apple, in the last decade has become poor. In addition, a fruit grown on a genetically modified tree species does not initially contain the set of substances that must be present in it. Therefore, the supply of raw fruits in the modern store system does not provide the body with the necessary composition of vitamins, minerals and other vital elements.

Emission of harmful substances into the blood during the transition to raw food is often in such a large quantity that the body can not cope with their subsequent elimination. Carcinogens, stored in the walls of blood vessels and fatty tissues, begin to actively circulate by blood. This explains the appearance of cancer in some of the raw-mammals. To prevent such an unpleasant effect of recovery is necessary to strengthen the intake of antioxidants.

Individual characteristics of the organism and the influence of climate are important. Raw food has the property of cooling the body. That's why in regions with a cool climate it's difficult to be a raw vegetarian. A striking example of non-vegetarian raw food in the cold climate are the nomadic peoples of the North (the Chukchi, Eskimos) who consume raw salted meat (corned beef) as their main food.

An interesting fact: among the shamans of the North, the opinion is widespread that the use of corned beef ensures their viability, and boiled meat does not supply them with a set of necessary nutrients.

Conclusions: raw food based on vegetarianism is a rather favorable way of life support for a person, especially in the summer. In this case, it is desirable to use fruits that are grown without chemical fertilizers on plants, not These changes are indicated on the seeds by the symbols F1 on packing). To accelerate the decontamination and removal of carcinogens, antioxidants should be used.

Raw food and potency: what determines the sex drive

The influence of raw food on potency is manifested in a certain effect of products on the body of a man. In the food of a raw food, substances that enhance or support the production of testosterone or supply inward stimulants of female sex hormones may be contained.

The presence in the body of a man a sufficient amount of testosterone (male sex hormone) determines the male potency: the presence of sexual desire (libido) and the ability of the penis to function at the right time (erection).

Raw foods increasing the potency

Eggs - contain cholesterol, which is the source of testosterone in the male body. However, the amount of cholesterol required to produce a male hormone is small. Therefore, you should not eat eggs in large quantities to avoid the deposition of cholesterol formations on the walls of blood vessels. Vitamins of group B, contained in chicken and quail eggs, support the hormonal balance.

Fruits, berries and dried fruits - contain vitamins that provide the synthesis (formation) of testosterone. Vitamin C (acidic fruit) increases stress resistance, while reducing susceptibility to stress (which reduces the production of testosterone).

Vegetables - also contain vitamins and minerals in easily digestible form, as well as fiber. It is worth noting celery (root and herbs) as a supplier of androsterone (phytohormone, which is a male plant hormone that enhances the formation of testosterone).

Herbs of grass (spinach, celery, parsley, ginger, golden root, ginseng) - contain androsterones (male phytohormone) and chlorophyll, healing wounds and increasing the number of red blood cells. With a full set of red blood cells, the normal oxygen supply of all tissues, including genital organs, is ensured. This affects the strengthening of muscles and increased activity.


Nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios) - contain a large complex of minerals and vitamins, spent on the formation of the male hormone and potentiation.

Honey and pollen are sources of antioxidants, they feed the immunostimulating bacteria of the intestines with oligosaccharides contained, maintain the energy level of the organism.

Raw seafood (in salt form) - contain zinc (which is the basis for building a molecule of testosterone) and omega fatty acids (provide hormonal synthesis).

Syedoedic products that reduce libido and testosterone

Milk - contains a female sex hormone (estrogen), the suppressive activity of the male hormone. The more fatty milk, the more estrogen it contains.

Soy - is a supplier of plant estrogens.

Sunflower oil in large quantities (more than 6 tablespoons per day) - reduces the production of testosterone. Especially soy, corn and linseed. Harmless to the male hormone is an olive oil.

Solonina is an animal protein product (meat), the use of which is surrounded by unreal myths. Modern breeding technologies of animals are based on the accelerated cultivation of cows, birds and pigs by stimulating them with hormone-containing drugs.

This fact is the reason for the acceleration that has appeared in the younger generation. With the constant use of meat containing growth stimulants, there is an acceleration in the growth and physical maturation of children.

How does hormonal meat affect potency?

The hormones contained in the feeds are female, and therefore, when eating laden with the female hormones of meat, testosterone levels in the male body decrease.

Conclusion: if you want to eat meat, you need to eat a pet protein, which you are sure to feed. At the same raw meat in the form of corned beef is better absorbed, since it contains substances that ensure its digestion in the stomach.


A qualitative substitute for animal protein in the body is fish, especially seafood, stimulating the formation of testosterone. For a convinced raw food source salted sea fish can become a source of necessary protein and zinc.