Belly and waist in men: the norm of 96 centimeters


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  • Men's waistline: what should it be and what is it for?
  • What should I do to lose weight in the waist?

Waist size in men: what should it be? Many can not immediately answer this question, but this indicator is extremely important for the stronger sex. After all, from the size of the waist almost all the characteristics of male health, including sexual, depend.

Men's waistline: what should it be and what is it for?

The size of the waist for a male is not at all important from an aesthetic point of view. This lady is chasing a slender waist because it looks beautiful, elegant and feminine. For the stronger sex, the dimensions of this waist region have a completely different meaning.


But to begin with it is necessary to understand, what is the norm of a waist at men.So, the size of this part of the male body should not exceed 96 centimeters.These parameters concern people of any constitution, growth and constitution. If the girth has long gone beyond these parameters, then it can threaten a person with many health problems. What kind?

Waist more than 96 centimeters is already the first step on the way to such disease as obesity. Most people underestimate all the damage to excess weight for their health. But the extra pounds have a negative impact on many vital characteristics.

For example, the cardiovascular system suffers very badly. The heart has to work several times more diligently, which only further wears it out. There is a problem with the blood vessels. After all, very often excess weight is accompanied by an elevated cholesterol level. And this is a terrible blow to the blood vessels, clots can form.


Because of excess weight, kidneys, liver, pancreas and other internal organs suffer. A lot of work is also on the skeleton of a man who has to carry so much excess on himself.

Thalia more than 96 centimeters entails that the man inevitably has problems with male sexual power.

And this is a colossal blow for every member of the stronger sex, with no exceptions. One can confidently say that no man will agree to voluntarily be impotent. So why does no one think about it, getting fat reserves in the waist?

But do not despair, because you can easily get out of this situation. There are some simple recommendations that will help remove all the excess from the waist area in men. With diligence and a competent approach, one can soon boast not only the norm of the waist, but also an excellent physical form.

What should I do to lose weight in the waist?

To obtain the waistline, you must follow only two rules. You need to eat right and exercise some exercises, play sports.

Proper nutrition is a balanced diet that is based on healthy foods that benefit the human body. But you need to get rid of all the food that clogs it and gives the body an excess of calories, not satisfying the feeling of hunger.

What can be attributed to harmful food? This is fast food, semi-finished products, fast food products, all fried, sweet, flour (it is especially harmful to men), excessively salty, jerky, smoked and, of course, alcohol. With such nutrition, problems will be much more serious than those described above.


Proper nutrition should include a lot of vegetables, fruits, a moderate amount of meat (preference should be given to low-fat poultry meat). Dairy products are very important and useful. But just do not buy on the popular opinion that you need to eat all fat. It is not less harmful than fatty. Suppose that this or that dairy product will contain a minimum of fat, for example, per cent.

And, of course, can not do without proper nutrition without cereals. This is an extremely valuable product that gives the body a lot of useful substances, a lot of energy. Moreover, the cereals are well saturated, making a person full for a long time. Yes, and digestion from cereals markedly improves. Yet, it's not for nothing that parents say about the benefits of porridge in their childhood! It turns out that these same rules are also necessary for adult peasants.

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An important basis for any balanced diet is a competent fluid intake. It is water that makes the body work smoothly, making metabolism more stable and effective. A good metabolism is the basis of a beautiful appearance and a guarantee of the absence of excess weight. Depending on weight and height, a person should drink 8 glasses of liquid a day. And it should be pure drinking water, not juices, carbonated drinks or something like that.

As for physical activities, then they can not do without them. A man needs to go in for sports or go to the gym. It's good, if there is willpower, to make morning jogs, because they are so useful. In addition, you will need to perform a number of local exercises for the abdomen and waist. In general, the whole way of life should be subordinated to sport and activity. All this is in small things. We must abandon the elevator in favor of the stairs. Less to travel by car, and more to walk, ride a bike. Over time, this behavior will already become a habit.

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Every man should measure his waist right now, determine its size. And if the waist of men exceeds the 96-centimeter limit, then this is the first signal to the fact that it's time to do something about it! Let all the above tips help in this! And let the time be on itself.