What is the use of tomato juice for men?

  • August 19, 2018
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Table of contents

  • Vitamin Dampers of Stress
  • What was not lucky smokers and lucky to everyone else?
  • "Male power" - in tomato juice
  • He's healthy without any doctors.

When it comes to wholesome and vitamin-rich foods, the most commonly recalled is some citrus fruit. Meanwhile, the benefits of "native" tomato juice are no less. This well-known product since childhood is a real storehouse of vitamins, minerals and other irreplaceable elements.

The Benefits of Tomato Juice:

  1. It prevents strokes, thromboses, development of atherosclerosis.
  2. Strengthens the capillaries.
  3. Adjusts the work and patency of the intestine.
  4. Has urine and choleretic properties.
  5. It is useful for liver diseases.
  6. Strengthens immunity.
  7. Increases stress resistance.
  8. Regulates metabolism.

It is also believed that it is able to prevent tumor formation. This drink is especially useful for men's health.

Vitamin Dampers of Stress

What is so vital in tomato juice that men need so much?


First of all, they are vitamins of group B (in particular, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, В12), many of which are responsible for the qualitative work of the nervous system. In a patriarchal society, men are much more stressed than representatives of the opposite sex. A man must be a priori strong, an advocate, a breadwinner. Often women shift the solution of complex problems to men's shoulders. Life, too, throws up "surprises" in the form of numerous stressful situations. According to the statistics of the diseases of the nervous system, strokes and heart attacks in men are much more common than in women. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to pay special attention to the nervous and vascular systems. In this he is able to help tomato, at times reducing the risk of earning a heart attack, stroke or nervous breakdown.

Vitamin B1 helps to saturate blood with oxygen, actively participates in the synthesis of protein and the processing of fats and carbohydrates, which contributes to the buildup of muscle mass. It is clear that from the tomatoes and juice Arnold will not, but with proper nutrition, tomatoes are able to promote rapid muscle growth. Therefore, if you go to a rocking chair, do not forget to "back up" with tomato juice, and your results will improve.

Vitamin B1 is also useful for mental workers. It supplies the brain with glucose and improves memory.

Vitamin B2 is also responsible for the metabolism and processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and also participates in the formation of erythrocytes and the synthesis of hemoglobin.


Vitamin B6 depends on the functioning of the prostate, testes and testosterone production, and vitamin B12 strengthens the male libido.

What was not lucky smokers and lucky to everyone else?

Tomato juice is saturated with vitamin C, which, in addition to immunity, strengthens the cardiovascular system. As an added bonus, it protects the body from aging. It is enough to drink a glass of tomato juice a day, and you will be young for a long time.

However, the smokers are waiting for the bad news. The aforementioned vitamins are very quickly washed out of the body, poisoned with nicotine, and all the useful properties are virtually eliminated. Therefore, if you do not have enough strength to give up the bad habit, drink the juice in an increased volume. For smoking people, tomato juice is also recommended because it reduces the risk of getting lung emphysema.

People who work in harmful production, along with milk, should be given a glass of tomato juice, as he has a tremendous ability to remove from the body heavy metals and other trace elements, adversely affecting the health.

The use of tomato juice for men is covered in vitamins A and E contained in it, since it is these vitamins are most involved in the production of testosterone, responsible for sexual and reproductive function. With a deficiency of these vitamins, men significantly decrease their sexual activity and may develop diseases in the intimate sphere.

In addition to these qualities, vitamin E has the ability to lower cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, preventing their fragility. Vitamin A, in addition to maintaining "male power prevents the development of "night blindness" and protects against infections.

Vitamin K, responsible for blood coagulability, and vitamin PP, regulating hormonal balance and hematopoiesis, are also present in tomato juice.

"Male power" - in tomato juice

As for the minerals, 100 g of tomatoes contains calcium - 10 mg, phosphorus - 24 mg, magnesium - 11 mg, sodium - 5 mg, potassium - 237 mg, iron mg, zinc mg, copper mg and small doses of selenium and fluorine.

Of the listed components for men, calcium is especially important, which is responsible not only for the growth of bones and muscles, but also protects the prostate and testicles from inflammation and neoplasms. The use of zinc to produce quality sperm is not heard only lazy. Phosphorus increases male sexual stamina and sensitivity. Selenium makes spermatozoa more mobile and positively affects potency.


Magnesium serves as a material for bones and regulates the work of nerve cells. Thanks to him, the heart muscle is supplied with blood, so people of the age are especially needed. A huge role this element plays in bodybuilding, as it takes part in the formation of energy and synthesizes the protein.

Another valuable component of tomato products is lycopene. It is this substance that prevents the development of plaques in the vessels. This is an excellent prophylaxis against atherosclerosis and thrombosis.Along with this, lycopene raises the level of serotonin ("the hormone of joy") in the body.

Tomatoes are among the leaders among vegetables containing this element. In 100 g of tomatoes contains 4 mg of lycopene. In tomato juice, its concentration increases to 10 mg. That is, to prevent vascular disease, juice is more valuable.

He's healthy without any doctors.

How useful is tomato juice yet? This drink stimulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, preventing in it the processes of decay. This is an excellent natural remedy for constipation.

Often tomato juice is a part of medical diets. For example, in diabetes mellitus, as it lowers blood sugar levels. Recommended juice for hypertension, anemia, angina, after a heart attack, with glaucoma and weakened memory.

The use of tomato juice for the skin is undeniable. Melatonin prevents its aging, B vitamins give the skin firmness, and hair and nails have a healthy appearance and strength. The acids contained in the juice improve overall health.



However, like any product, tomato juice has its contraindications. Its use is not recommended for gastritis and gastric ulcer, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, gout. It is forbidden to drink tomato juice on an empty stomach. Drinking juice more than two liters a week should not be.

Regularly eating tomatoes and tomato juice, you can significantly improve your health and prevent serious diseases without resorting to medications.