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Liver cancer is one of the most common oncology in the world. Most often this malignant tumor is secondary in nature, that is, it is a consequence metastasis from primary tumor sites located in other organs, for example, intestines, stomach, lungs and others.

The exact causes of the development of this pathology have so far been poorly studied. At the same time, doctors identify the factors contributing to the development of liver cancer. These include, above all, cirrhosis and viral hepatitis B and C.

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The insidiousness of this pathology is that for a long time it develops asymptomatically. The first manifestations occur only in those cases when the tumor begins to actively progress. The patient experiences the following symptoms:

  1. Discomfort and heaviness in the right hypochondrium or in the upper abdomen. Sometimes worries and painful character, which increases after exercise or eating.
  2. Increased body temperature, which almost does not get off.
  3. Jaundice is a common symptom in hepatic pathologies. It is characterized by yellowing of the sclera of the eyes and skin of the body.
  4. Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites).
  5. Other symptoms.

Experts recommend that you seek medical care for the first suspicious symptoms. Early detection of pathology significantly increases the chances of complete recovery.

Diagnosis of liver cancer in Israel

As a rule, the diagnosis for liver cancer lasts 3-4 working days, and during this time the doctors manage to conduct the entire list of studies that are necessary for the establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Diagnosis begins with a consultation of an oncologist, who studies the history of the disease, conducts an examination, and directs the available diagnostic materials (for example, biopsy glasses when conducting a diagnosis earlier) on audit. After the initial examination, the diagnostic tests begin, which include the following procedures:

  • Blood tests - general, biochemistry, on oncomarkers.
  • CT and MRI using tomography devices of the latest generation.
  • PET-CT - a study for the presence of metastases, as well as diagnosis of tumors in the early stages of their development.
  • Biopsy with histopathological examination.
  • Other studies (determined by a team of doctors).

After carrying out the research, doctors diagnose and determine with a treatment regimen.

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Methods of therapy

Treatment of cancer pathologies in Israeli clinics is carried out, as a rule, by surgical and conservative methods. Conservative methods of treating liver cancer in Israel include the following procedures:

Radiation therapy. Currently, in Israeli clinics for liver cancer, modular radiation therapy (IMRT) is practiced using linear accelerators of the latest generation, which irradiate the tumor according to precisely specified coordinates, while not affecting the healthy tissues. In modulated radiation therapy, irradiation occurs in separate portions at intervals, which provides a higher safety profile for radiation treatment.

Chemoembolization with microspheres. This is an innovative method of treatment, which is most often used in malignant tumors of the liver. Combines chemotherapy (use of cytotoxic drugs) with methods of mechanical blockage of blood supply to the neoplasm. The essence is the use of microspheres made of biocompatible material. In the laboratory, the microspheres are "soaked" with chemotherapy, as a result of which the positively charged active components "stick" to the negatively charged spheres. Then the microspheres with radiopaque substance are injected directly into the vessel, which feeds the hepatic tumor. Microspheres are introduced into the artery, and they move along the vascular bed until they reach the vessels whose diameter is smaller than the microsphere. This is how the vessels that feed the swelling become blocked, as a result of which the nutrition of the neoplasm ceases. In this case, the release of an antitumor drug into a cancerous tumor also occurs, which ultimately leads to its death.

Radiofrequency ablation. This is a new method of non-surgical treatment of liver cancer, in which a cancer tumor is burned by means of electrodes fed to it, through which a current is supplied. The procedure of radiofrequency ablation lasts approximately 15-20 minutes, and it is used in both primary forms of cancer and metastases.

Cryoablation. In this case, instead of the high-frequency current that the tumor burns out, a cryogen is placed, which freezes the neoplasm, which ultimately leads to its death. In the case of liver cancer, miniature cryoprobes with liquid nitrogen are used.

Radioembolization. Another innovative technique for treating liver cancer, which is similar to chemoembolization, but in this case microspheres is not a chemotherapeutic drug, and the radioactive component is yttrium-90, which irradiates the tumor, leading to the death of its cells. Currently, the best Israeli clinics for the treatment of liver cancer, who are willing to host foreign citizens, can offer this therapy.

Chemotherapy. For a long time in this disease, she did not have a high degree of effectiveness. However, over the past few years, Israel's clinics have been using the latest generation of drugs that successfully cope with suppressing the growth and development of a malignant tumor. Often chemotherapy in Israel is combined with immunotherapy, which significantly increases the success of treatment.

With regard to surgical methods, liver cancer involves partial hepatectomy - removal of a part of the liver. If we talk about the surgical treatment of liver cancer in Israel, surgery is performed only if there is no functional liver damage in tumor pathology. The liver is a unique organ of the human body, which has huge resources for complete restoration. Even after removal of 75-80% of tissues, the liver is restored after a while.

Cost of liver cancer treatment in Israel

An important issue for an international patient who wants to undergo liver cancer treatment in Israel is the prices for diagnostic and therapeutic services. How much does liver cancer cost in Israel? An exact answer to this question is impossible, since the cost depends on such factors as the severity of the disease, method of treatment and duration of the course, the need for rehabilitation in an Israeli hospital and others.

The basic diagnostic package for liver cancer costs about 2000-3000 US dollars. Surgery to remove part of the liver costs about $ 1, 00; Non-surgical treatment - from 1000 US dollars.

It is worth considering the fact that the cost of treatment on the Promised Land is about 30-40% less than in Western Europe, not to mention the United States, where medicine is very expensive. In Israel, thanks to good state funding, a loyal pricing system is maintained, which makes the country very attractive for foreign patients.


  1. Highly qualified doctors. This is the main advantage of treatment in Israel. Here you will be helped by real professionals who know their business to the last detail. Local doctors have gained worldwide fame due to their unique authorial developments, including in the field of oncology and onco surgery.
  2. Modern equipment. The clinics of Israel (both private and public) are equipped with the latest technology. Here, modern diagnostic and treatment equipment is used, which makes it possible to achieve high results in the treatment of such serious diseases as liver cancer.
  3. Innovation in medicine. Israel is one of the few countries in the world where they can offer a number of innovative therapeutic techniques, such as ablative liver cancer treatment in Israel, cryotherapy, immunotherapy, chemoembolization and others.
  4. Russian-speaking staff. In all the clinics of Israel you will meet doctors who speak Russian. For Russian-speaking patients, this is very important, because in the absence of a language barrier, a closer contact with a specialist is established. If your doctor does not speak Russian, then in every clinic of the Promised Land there is a staff of translators who will help both in communication with the doctor and with the translation of medical documentation.

The vast majority of patients who underwent therapy in Israeli clinics were satisfied with the results. About liver cancer treatment in Israel you can read the reviews on our website. As a rule, these are words of gratitude to the Israeli doctors who saved the lives of thousands of people.

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