How to treat prostate cancer without surgery?


At this time, there is no evidence that the operation is more effective than other, less invasive, methods of treating oncology of the prostate. Joint use of different types of treatment causes serious side effects and, unfortunately, does not always increase the chances of recovery.

Therefore, patients in the early stages or elderly patients often recommend active surveillance and waiting. Depends on the conditions,treatment of prostate cancer without surgerycomprises:

  1. Traditional therapy, which prevents the further development of oncological diseases. However, it should be borne in mind that it affects the sexual function of men, the emotional and hormonal state of the body.
  2. Alternative therapy: focuses on improving overall health, eliminating malignant cells without harm to the healthy.

Types of treatment of prostate cancer without surgery

There are such ways of management of oncological disease:

Radiation high-energy radiation

It consists of a certain number of procedures within a specified period of time. Possible types are:

  • external X-rays focus a beam of light on the tumor from the position of the machine outside the body. In modern centers, the exact location is helped to install computers;
  • computed tomography using remote intensity of radiation therapy: based on 3D image, which will allow to determine all the data on the size and form of the neoplasm of the prostate glands. The method destroys the tumor, falling precisely on the target and not harming the nearby healthy tissues and organs;
  • brachytherapy - internal radiation, which foresees the supply of radioactive rays directly to oncogenesis. These sources emit radiation only in the formation region. They are given for several hours with a high intensity of doses and for several weeks at a lower rate.


It is based on the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells or stop the ability to divide them. Systemic chemotherapeutic measures are carried out intravenously. Typically, such standard drugs are used:

  • "Docetaxel" in combination with the steroid substance "Prednisolone
  • "Mitoxantrone" ("Novatron") prolongs life to patients in comparison with other means;
  • "Cabazitaxel" was approved by the Cancer Control Organization as a modern, effective medical medicine, which attested to the improvement of prognostic facts.


It is represented by the preparation "Sipuleucel-T which increases the immunity. Special immune cells are introduced into the blood, increasing the body's natural protective functions.

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Systemic therapy for treatment of prostate cancer without surgery

Oncologists use new methods to influence the disease. These include androgen therapy. It is based on controlling the growth of male hormones, in particular testosterone. His level can be lowered not only by removing the testicles, but also by medication.

The oncoprotein management method is especially recommended for patients with recurrent metastatic prostate cancer, as well as with intermediate and high risk of spread of the disease. Depending on the degree of advancement and the specific situation, it can be taken before surgery, together with radiation therapy or after it. Clinical trials confirm the effectiveness of this method in prolonging the patient's life.

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Specific types include preparations:

  1. Antagonists of a specific hormone, designated as LHRH. They prevent the testicles from getting testosterone signals. Thus, surgical resection of the genitalia is replaced. After the cessation of treatment, hormone production begins again.
  2. A class of antagonist drugs called gonadoliberin ("Degarelix") acts more gently than its predecessors.
  3. Antiandrogens resist the receptors of male hormones and affect their ability to enter cells. The funds of this group are: "Bicalutamide" ("Casodex"), "Flutamide" and "Nilutamide". But usually they are not used by themselves, but are additional medicinal substances.
  4. The new medicine "Enzalutamide" blocks signals from the androgen receptor and is used in the progression of cancer.
  5. Inhibitors of the enzyme CYP17: although the testes are the main producers of testosterone, other cells in body are also able to produce a small amount of it and provoke the development of malignant tumor. To prevent this process, scientists offer a number of medicines. For example, Zitiga (Abiraterone acetate) blocks this enzyme and increases the survival of patients. Men take 4 tablets together with Prednisolone.

Folk treatment

Nutritional support for patients is established by a licensed oncologist-naturopath. The main methods of natural treatment are:

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  • curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory properties. As an anti-cancer substance, it is taken at a dose of 400 mg 3 times a day;
  • modified citrus pectin affects the ability of the oncocells to attach to normal: 6 g. 2 p / d;
  • Green tea in an amount of at least 4 cups a day inhibits the growth of malignant cells and induces apoptosis;
  • selenium - a powerful antioxidant: 400-800 micrograms per day;
  • vitamin D 5 μg;
  • vitamin E succinate: 1200-1600 IU;
  • lycopene is found in tomatoes: 10 mg;
  • melatonin increases the effect of traditional treatment - a dose of 20 mg;
  • zinc supports the immune function - 1550 mg.

Treatment of prostate cancer without surgeryin many cases it brings good results. However, such intentions must be discussed with the attending physician, who knows all the circumstances of the disease and the possible consequences of non-surgical treatment.


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