Prostate Cancer Treatment in Israel by Innovative Techniques


The high achievements of Israeli researchers and doctors made it possible that the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in Israel are recognized as the most successful in the world. Everything new in the treatment of prostate cancer in Israel comes into daily medical practice much faster than in other countries. The best Israeli clinics for the treatment of prostate cancer cure oncology at an early stage, the treatment of prostate cancer in Israel is effectively carried out in the late stages of the disease. Medical centers use the latest methods of combating malignant neoplasm, modern robotic systems for operations minimize the percentage of medical errors.

Oncopathology of the prostate can be defeated. It is in this that the patients from all over the world who have undergone prostate cancer treatment in Israel confirm the highest skill of oncologists and quality, which is sometimes not available to patients on country. Thanks to effective measures, thousands of patients continue to live a full life. According to statistics, about 90% of patients who were treated in Israel, was retained potency. Strong remission occurs even in cases when treatment of prostate cancer is required 3 degrees - in Israel, carefully selected therapy scheme for each patient individually.

When the patient chooses, in which clinic and in which country to undergo the therapy, it is important to remember that with similar indicators of success, prices can vary greatly. In Israel, the ratio of price and quality is considered the most optimal.

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Prostate Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment in Israel

Prostate cancer is the most common oncopathology in males. About 95% of tumors develop from the glandular tissues of the prostate and are called adenocarcinomas, although there are other types: sarcomas, small cell and transitional cell carcinomas. Malignant tumor of the prostate gland develops slowly, only rarely do aggressive types of neoplasms occur. Despite slow growth and metastasis, treatment is often difficult due to late diagnosis, when patients seek treatment too late, already at the stage of malignancy. Most often, metastases in prostate cancer develop in bone tissue, liver, kidneys, which makes the therapy more complex and expensive. However, even when the treatment of metastases of prostate cancer is required, Israel is not inclined to give up: Modern methods allow to slow down and stop oncoprocess, providing long-term remission.


Of course, to increase the effectiveness of treatment should contact the doctors as early as possible. Symptoms of prostate cancer can be:

  • Difficulties with urination, which progress with time.
  • Detection in the sperm and urine of blood.
  • Erectile disfunction.
  • An acute condition characterized by the inability to urinate (it requires immediate measures).
  • Syndrome of urinary incontinence.
  • Signs of kidney failure, urinary tract infection.
  • Pain in the perineum and pelvic region, bones, back.


Among countries in which modern methods of treating prostate cancer are used, Israel holds a leading position. Therefore, it is often successful here to restore patients who are recognized by medics of other countries as hopeless.

According to statistics, about 30% of diagnoses made in other countries are refuted by Israeli diagnosticians. The inaccuracy of conclusions about the presence of oncology, its type and degree is due to the imperfection of diagnostic equipment, which is sometimes used in various countries, particularly in the CIS countries.

All diagnostic measures in Israel are conducted on the latest equipment, using modern methods. This makes it possible to guarantee 100% accuracy of the diagnosis. International departments of medical institutions that host foreign citizens plan a survey schedule so that the client spends a minimum of time and receives the maximum amount of information.

When suspected of prostate cancer, such studies are assigned:

  • Visual and rectal examination of a urologist.
  • Blood test.
  • Ultrasound of the prostate.
  • Biopsy for histological analysis of pathological tissues.
  • CT. Thanks to the modern method of research, a layered image of the tissues is created.
  • MRI. The research is conducted digitally, in the most progressive way.
  • PET-CT. It allows to determine the oncological process presence in the early stages of the disease, including metastases.

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Methods of treatment of prostate cancer in Israel

The determining factor that provides successful treatment of prostate cancer in Israel is innovation, which is actively used in medical centers of the country. As a rule, therapy is based on a combination of different methods, which results in increased effectiveness.

  • Hormonotherapy.It is effective in some forms of prostate cancer, which are hormone-dependent. Due to a decline in testosterone production, the growth and development of the tumor is inhibited, even in the late stages.
  • Chemotherapy.The complex of chemotherapy is appointed individually. Systemic chemotherapy effectively reduces the size of the neoplasm even in later stages, it is also used in complex with surgical treatment to reduce the size of the neoplasm before the operation and to minimize the risks of recurrence after it. Israeli oncologists use the latest chemotherapy, which have a stronger effect, but with fewer side effects.
  • Laser therapy (Tookad).The method was developed by Israeli scientists and is characterized by a sparing effect on the patient's body without violating the function of urination. Its essence lies in the fact that the body is injected with a special substance (Tookad), which has the property of accumulating in oncocells. Then the pathological focus is affected by a laser beam, which causes the destruction of the neoplasm.
  • Ultrasonic destruction (HIFU).Another method that can be considered sparing, not depressing the potency. The tumor is guided with high accuracy by ultrasonic waves, causing the heating of its tissues and, as a consequence, their necrosis. The method is recognized as highly effective in the treatment of small tumors.
  • Radiation therapy.Progressive methods are used, recognized as the most successful and sparing for healthy tissues. For example, remote radiation therapyIMRTallows to simulate the intensity of radio emission depending on the tasks assigned and the effect of therapy. Precise focusing of radiation reduces the radiation load on tissues and organs. Another progressive way -brachytherapyin the treatment of prostate cancer; in Israel it is used in view of the fact that unlike traditional irradiation it gives fewer side effects. Radioactive particles are introduced directly into pathological tissues and there they are irradiated locally. Such a procedure is considered to be minimally invasive, it does not require the patient to go to hospital. The success of this procedure is registered in almost 90% of cases.
  • Surgery.Unique techniques allow for a complete removal of the cancerous focus, while retaining the nerve endings responsible for erection. Increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of surgical intervention is facilitated by the use of revolutionary equipment for operations - Da Vinci's robotic surgical device.
  • Transuretral resection.An operation in which access to the tumor is carried out without incisions through the urethra, which guarantees a reduction in blood loss and a short recovery period. Minimally invasive intervention is carried out under visual control, endoscopic equipment is placed near the cancerous focus.
  • Radical prostatectomy.Performed when other methods are ineffective. The use of a robotic surgeon is a guarantee that removal of the prostate will be carried out most sparingly and accurately.

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Treatment of prostate cancer in Israel: prices

The cost of treating prostate cancer in Israel is determined by the stage of development of the disease, the age of the patient, the extent of the cancer process in the body. Prostate cancer treatment in Germany and Israel is conducted according to similar protocols, but all patients note more moderate prices in Israeli clinics. According to statistics, the cost of therapy in them is 30-50% lower than in German clinics.