Purity in oncology. The preparation "Ukraina"


More than 3 and a half thousand years of humanity know the healing properties of celandine. Since ancient times, this plant has been used to treat skin diseases and allergic reactions. Some historians argue that Prince Vladimir Monomakh, with the help of the broth of the celandine, was healed of a new growth on the lip. Modern scientific research has proved -celandine in oncologypromotes the destruction of exclusively mutated cells.

What is the therapeutic effect of celandine in oncology?

The healing properties of this plant are based on a large number of alkaloids (over 22), which are nitrogen-containing substances with high biological activity. The composition of the herbs also includes vitamins (ascorbic acid, vitamin A), essential oils, as well as succinic, citric and malic acids. The antitumor effect of decoctions and tinctures based on celandine is determined by flavonoids, which also have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

How is celandine used in oncology?

In modern medical practice, this tool is used in the following areas:

  1. Accompanying therapy after surgical intervention.
  2. Complex use of cytotoxic drugs and ionizing radiation.
  3. Active treatment of hormone-dependent malignant neoplasms.

During the above standard anti-cancer measures, the patient inevitably has multiple complications. The development of side effects, as a rule, is associated with a sharp decrease in immunity. Purity in such cases contributes:

  1. Activating the defenses of the body.
  2. Isolation of plant toxins contained in this plant, neutralizes tumor cells.
  3. Normalization of the psychological mood of the oncological, which in turn, stimulates the recovery processes in the body.

Is it possible to constantly use celandine in oncology?

The effect of the same cytorrhagic substance in cancer disease is unacceptable. Doctors recommend alternating the use of various phytopreparations. The course of therapy, in most cases, should be 4 months. A longer period of exposure to herbal ingredients is addictive and the therapeutic effect is smoothed out.

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What are the contraindications to the use of celandine in the treatment of cancer?

Doctors-oncologists testify to the following limitations in the intake of plant cytostatics based on celandine:

  1. Obstruction of the respiratory tract, in particular to patients with bronchial asthma, is not recommended.
  2. Patients with neurological disorders.
  3. Chronic angina is a relative contraindication.

In addition, patients during this treatment should regularly monitor the liver system. For this purpose, doctors prescribe periodic liver tests.

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Juice of celandine with oncology

Among all the ways of using this herbal remedy the most effective is considered an extract. Slightly less anti-cancer activity in broth and tincture. It should be noted that the best results of such treatment are observed in the early stages malignant process, when the tumor is of limited size and there are no metastatic foci of lesion.

The order of preparation of juice:

  1. The plant must be selected from the ground entirely (together with the root).
  2. Thoroughly clean the leaves and root system from contamination with running water.
  3. The prepared grass is ground in a meat grinder or passed through a juicer.

Before receiving the celandine juice obtained in this way, it is necessary to consult with your doctor!

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How to drink cleanliness in oncology?

In its pure form, the juice is considered to be unacceptable. For internal reception it is diluted with water or alcohol. Thus, patients are advised to start taking phyto-drugs with 4-5 drops per day. Gradually, the daily dose increases to 20 drops. If there are side effects, the amount of juice consumed decreases by 5 drops. The duration of one course is about one month. Throughout the year, the treatment course can be performed up to three times.

In each clinical case, the dosage and duration of therapy are determined individually and depending on the physical condition of the patient, as well as the localization of malignant neoplasm.

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Tincture of celandine with oncology of skin

If the pathological growth is in the open parts of the body, then you can treat this area with tincture. For one procedure it is allowed to lubricate the oncological focus up to five times. After each application of the product, it is necessary to wait for complete absorption.

Innovative pharmaceutical anticancer agent based on celandine - "Ukraina"

This drug has a unique ability to accumulate in a cancerous tumor a few minutes after its oral administration. Ingredients of celandine cause aphotosis (destruction) of mutated cells. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, therapeutic doses "Ukraine" have a selective effect only on malignant neoplasm. In addition, this drug from cancer increases the level of immunity, which contributes to improving the health of the cancer patient and prolongs the life of the patient.

"Ukrainian" was synthesized by Dr. Novitsky in 1978. This discovery was presented to the general public in 1983. V.-J. Novitsky was the director of the anti-cancer institute in Vienna. In honor of its Ukrainian roots, this tool was called - "Ukraine".

Multiple scientific tests, which were conducted in the US and Europe, showed high efficacy of the drug. To date, Ukraine has been patented as an anti-cancer agent.Purity in oncologyin the form of a tablet form, blocks the flow of oxygen to the pathological focus, thereby provoking irreversible destruction of the malignant neoplasm. Also, the therapeutic effect of the plant is caused by a violation of the synthesis of DNA and RNA in atypical tissues of the tumor.


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