Features and benefits of Slavic gymnastics for men


Table of contents

  • General information about Slavic gymnastics for men
  • Benefits of Slavic gymnastics
  • Who will use the Slavic gymnastics?
  • Where can I study Slavic gymnastics?

Slavic gymnastics is a complex of psycho-physical exercises, which contributes to the rapid and comprehensive restoration of the male organism. This complex is simultaneously preventive, curative and rehabilitation. It was developed by the ancient ancestors of modern Slavs and is best suited for European men.

General information about Slavic gymnastics for men

With the help of Slavic gymnastics, you can solve a number of problems related to the psychoemotional state and physical health. The complex includes a number of physical exercises for men, psychotherapeutic techniques, breathing techniques. All this together contributes to the development and strengthening of the male body and psyche.


The object of practice is the human body. When performing exercises, a person focuses on his own state of health and, through self-regulation of his mental and physical activity, works to correct the existing violations. Complexes, similar to men's Slavic gymnastics, exist in most of the world's peoples. The most popular of these are Indian Hatha Yoga and Chinese Qigong. These health systems are known all over the world and are considered very effective. And at this stage unprepared men have a natural question: is there any point in studying Slavic gymnastics, about which, most likely, you did not even have to hear anything if the Hatha Yoga classes and the like are conducted everywhere? There's a meaning. Men's Slavic gymnastics has a number of differences and advantages over other similar practices.

At the heart of traditional therapeutic methods is mainly a mechanical approach to the implementation of various exercises. And the Slavic gymnastics is a harmonious combination of movement, relaxation, breathing and work of consciousness in the performance of each exercise.

Such a combination and concentration make it possible to have a positive effect on the nervous system and achieve maximum effect. Thus, this practice is much more preferable and effective than well-known techniques. It allows you to have a health-improving effect on the entire body as a whole, not only physically, but also psychologically.

But Slavic gymnastics has quite a lot of common properties with known oriental techniques. However, it is important to consider that the way of thinking and anthropometric indicators for Asians and Europeans differ significantly. Therefore, many European men simply can not normally master, for example, the Chinese Qigong system. Slavic gymnastics was developed by the ancient ancestors of modern Slavs. Therefore, it is best suited for the representatives of the European race, which makes it more preferable, compared with Qigong and other eastern health systems.


Benefits of Slavic gymnastics

You do not need to spend more than 15-20 minutes a day on the exercises. This makes the program particularly preferable, because modern men often have absolutely no free time. The most important thing is that the trainings themselves are not a burden. Therefore, they need to choose the most appropriate time to enjoy and positive emotions, because the main the goal of the exercises of Slavic gymnastics is a deep knowledge of their own beauty, the achievement of maximum harmony with the self by yourself.

At the heart of the complex are very simple and accessible exercises. Most of them are smooth swaying movements in different positions. That is, a man does not have to master complex asanas and achieve incredible stretch marks, as, for example, in the case of yoga.

However, it is important to understand that Slavic gymnastics is not a simple charge before the start of a work day. Each exercise in such a complex has a very serious philosophical significance. The main complex is focused on the Slavic symbolism, which helps a man to awaken in his mind the memory of his ancestors.

Exercises from the complex of the Slavic gymnast stimulate the work of the spine and allow you to restore the locomotor system. Regular classes lead to a gradual normalization of the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, respiratory and other vital body systems. Special attention should be paid to the Slavic gymnastics for men who have problems with reproductive function. Currently, the pelvic area is the most problematic for most men. This is due, first of all, to an inadequately active way of life and sedentary work. Special exercises from the complex of Slavic gymnastics contribute to the improvement of elasticity and increase muscle tone, thereby improving mobility of the hip joints and blood circulation in the tissues.

Who will use the Slavic gymnastics?

All exercises Slavic gymnastics are simple and access to development. To start the classes, you do not even need to have an initial physical training. Men can be trained at any age, in any state of health. Slavic gymnastics has absolutely no contraindications, because when performing exercises on the body there is no significant load as such. However, if you have any health problems, it is advisable to discuss the possibility using the methods of Slavic gymnastics with his attending physician, to exclude the likelihood of appearance complications.

Although the exercises of Slavic gymnastics are very simple, this does not make them less effective. Regular training restores and normalizes the work of the basic systems of the male body.

To begin the studies, you do not need to have a special material base. Slavic gymnastics does not tie to sports halls, shells, simulators, etc. Even, moreover, to train better in the open air, under the open sky, preferably in the morning. Slavic gymnastics will allow a man to gently start his day and get the right energy boost.

The most effective exercises will be in case they are used in conjunction with traditional modern medical techniques and Ayurvedic practices. Such a complex is well suited for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases, rehabilitation and overall maintenance of health at a good level. Thus, Slavic gymnastics is the key to a healthy and full-fledged way of life.


Where can I study Slavic gymnastics?

There are no hard restrictions in this respect. Slavic gymnastics, among other things, is also good because exercises can be done almost anywhere and anytime. However, there are the most preferred options. If possible, it is better to use them.

So, the most suitable place for performing exercises from the complex of Slavic gymnastics is nature.Choose what you like best. It is better if it is a hill with a wide expanse around. Excellent water spaces. If possible, do not engage near high-voltage transmission lines, railways.

The effectiveness of exercise is influenced by different trees. For example, birch and aspen cleanse the body of negative energy. It's enough just to lean against a tree or hug him to feel clean and light in mind and body. Consider the special property of coniferous trees: in summer they give energy, and in winter they take it. Very powerful sources of good energy are poplar and blooming lilac. But it is important to consider the individual tolerability of these plants.



The most preferable time for doing exercises is the morning. Dawn and nature are the best combination. The problem of the modern city lies in the fact that a person constantly has to deal with other people, and there is no possibility to absorb the necessary energy of nature. In the early morning people are less active, and therefore this time is best suited to refresh energy.

If there is no possibility to study in nature, almost any other place will suit: apartments, vehicles, workplaces, gyms, etc.

The main thing is to believe in success and firmly go to your goal. For people without serious health problems there are absolutely no contraindications to performing exercises from the Slavic gymnastics complex. There are some recommendations about age. So, young people can do more stress on physical activity, and men of age should focus on the respiratory and ideomotor aspects of Slavic gymnastics.



Thus, the Slavic gymnastics is the most suitable for the Slavic complex of exercises, allowing simultaneously to treat both body and spirit. Be sure to read this technique on personal experience and be healthy!