Plant St. John's wort: medicinal properties for men and their health


Table of contents

  • The use and properties of St. John's wort for general health
  • St. John's wort: healing properties for male strength

Every man wants to keep his health for a long time. And for this, a strong sex must use all available means. Sport, proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits - all this very well affects the quality of life, the state of health. But do not forget about what nature itself has prepared for all men. And this is medicinal herbs.


So why not use such a valuable gift of nature, especially when you consider that different vitamin complexes and biologically active additives will cost much more? Yet there is nothing more useful and accessible than herbs and plants. And one of them is St. John's wort. He will help a man to strengthen his health. What are the properties of St. John's Wort?

The use and properties of St. John's wort for general health

It should be noted right away that this amazing plant contains a huge amount of useful substances. Flavonoids, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, carotene, saponins, essential oils, resinous substances - all this and much more is contained in such simple and at first sight unremarkable St. John's wort.

From the point of view of properties, this plant is very multifaceted.

It is endowed with antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, analgesic, healing, diuretic, anthelmintic, regenerative and antirheumatic action.


As for the method of application, most often from St. John's wort make a decoction, infusion, alcohol tincture and even oil. It all depends on what purpose this plant is used for.

For example, infusion of St. John's wort is used for the treatment of gastritis, normalization of digestion processes, as well as for colitis, cholelithiasis, cystitis. The infusion of St. John's wort is suitable for improving venous circulation, for increasing blood pressure in hypotension. Even a headache can be eliminated with the help of this infusion. And allergic people can add St. John's Wort to the bath to reduce itching and inflammation on the skin. Preparing the infusion is very simple. It is necessary to take 30 g of fresh or 15 g of dry St. John's wort on 200 ml of water. The infusion is prepared 3-4 hours. All this time it should be in a dark place, after which it can be used. It is important to know that the infusion does not take in an amount of more than 15 ml at a time.

The broth of St. John's wort is much easier to prepare, and its properties are the same as those of the present. The grass is simply poured with the right amount of water, and then placed on a water bath for 20-30 minutes. By the way, the broth can be consumed in large quantities, because it is not so concentrated. It's about taking St. John's wort inside.

Alcohol tincture of St. John's wort is used to make compresses for muscle pain, for rinsing the mouth with stomatitis or for inhalations for colds. The tincture is prepared as follows. The plant insists on alcohol in proportions of 1 to 10, then placed in a dark place for three days.

Finally, St. John's wort oil is used for compresses for burns, wounds or ulcers on the skin. You can make butter like this: the grass is infused for three weeks in olive, peach or almond oil.

But on these beneficial properties the effect of St. John's wort for male organisms does not end. Much more interesting than many men will learn about how this plant affects the male potency.

St. John's wort: healing properties for male strength

This plant has long been famous for its excellent effect on the potency of men.This is one of those medicinal herbs that every representative should pay attention to strong sex, who would like to remain active from a sexual point of view, still very much for a long time.


For example, St. John's wort is a magnificent aphrodisiac. It increases libido, increases the excitement that prepares a man and his woman for a passionate night of love. It can be no doubt that with the decoction of St. John's wort, it will last for a long time and for a lot.

Also this plant has the property to strengthen blood circulation. The blood flow becomes more active, thanks to which the erection will not take long. This fact should be taken note of all those who suffer from a somewhat belated erection. What else can be said about the medicinal properties of this plant?

St. John's wort can regulate and more serious problems, which are associated with a violation of potency. The peculiar end of the plant is the elimination of potency disorders, which were caused by some psychological reasons. But with men this happens often! A decoction or infusion will perfectly relieve fatigue, stress, reduce irritation and even cope with depression, apathy or moping. If a person feels a strong fatigue, then it makes sense to turn his attention to St. John's wort.

Grass can be used alone or in combination with other natural potentia enhancers. So, a good pair of St. John's wort will be mint, nettle. With the constant use of decoctions and infusions, you can very soon notice a significant improvement not only in the duration of sexual acts, but also in their quality. And the word "impotence" will not be familiar to a man for many years to come.


The medicinal properties of St. John's Wort should be paid attention to each of the men! After all, natural remedies are useful, inexpensive and natural. And this is very valuable in the modern world.