Ginseng for men: strength at the root


Table of contents

  • Therapeutic power of the plant
    • How does ginseng affect potency?
    • Some caveats for self-help lovers
  • So why ginseng?
  • Drugs from ginseng according to folk recipes
  • Underwater Gemstones of Drug Use with Ginseng

With each passing year, the level of male hormones in men begins to decline after 35 years. Although some researchers call the age of men, in which the level of testosterone begins to decline, at 30 years. No matter how many years the hormonal changes (decrease in the synthesis of testosterone) occur in the male body, one thing is clear - violations always cause a certain discomfort for any representative of the stronger sex, because the general state of health and mood deteriorates, the sexual desire decreases, there is erectile dysfunction.

That is, with the decline in testosterone, the quality of a man's life declines quite appreciably. What to do? Is it possible to somehow fight the age-related changes taking place in the male body. Can. Consultation with an endocrinologist will largely help determine the optimal treatment in such a situation, taking into account the individual characteristics of the man. But there is another way - the use of methods for treating hormonal imbalance based on traditional medicine and medicinal plants.

For example, ginseng for men can have a very positive effect on the course of this state.


Ginseng is a rare and already extinct species of bush, mostly grown by artificial way. Cut it in the 7th year. The concentration of medicinal properties is precisely the root of ginseng: valuable proteins, carbohydrates and fats are present in it in large quantities. Preservation of them provides drying of the root, in dry form without loss of its medicinal properties, it can be stored for a long time.

Therapeutic power of the plant

Ginseng is endowed with a wide range of action: it has anti-inflammatory effect, as well as stimulating, tonic and antitumor effect. The steroid-like substances present in the plant structure add to the organism of endurance and act as antidepressants. Ginseng has found wide application in the treatment of problems with potency, improving the quality of the functioning of the entire reproductive system and in many other areas of restoring human health. In addition to the beneficial effects on the male genital organs, the positive application of this plant to the activity of the nervous system was noted. Ginseng is effective in combating the symptoms of fatigue and stressful conditions (both mental and physiological). As the overall well-being improves, the mood rises, and this inevitably leads to restoration of potency. Ginseng is the best assistant against many diseases that accompany the course of erectile dysfunction. First of all, they include blood pressure jumps, diabetes mellitus, and many other chronic pathologies.

How does ginseng affect potency?

The greatest glory of ginseng was received as the strongest stimulant of libido. Its simultaneous action directly on several organs participating in metabolic processes, allows to awaken sexual desire in men and to make sensual sexual experiences more sensual. It is proved that he normalizes sexual function. Substances that are contained in the root of this plant have a vasodilating effect that allows you to improve blood circulation in the penis. And this is very important for the appearance of an erection and keeping it for a long time at a high level. The properties of the plant positively affect the quality of the seminal fluid, the motility of the spermatozoa. The beneficial stimulation of the sex glands affects favorably the condition of the male genitourinary system as a whole.

The complex effect of ginseng on men, coupled with a calming effect, can achieve a significant increase in the quality of potency. The use of ginseng allows you to get positive results in more than 50% of cases. And with compliance with the dose rate, no side effects are observed. Due to this feature, drugs designed to eliminate sexual dysfunction, have a ginseng root in the composition, and many are even made based on it.


Some caveats for self-help lovers

It is important to note that any substances with a curative effect with uncontrolled reception can be of great damage to the body. In addition to this, the use of preparations with ginseng has a number of limitations. Such contraindications include: hypertension of the 3rd degree, infectious diseases, admission of drugs by adolescents under 16 years of age. With great caution, you should take ginseng at the stage of treatment with other medications, because combining it with other drugs can create an unexpected reaction. In this situation, the best solution will be to consult a physician, but in no case to self-medicate.

So why ginseng?

The composition of the root of this plant contains a wide variety of nutrients, among which stand alone saponins. Each type of saponin has unique healing qualities. But only one of them - the saponin Rg 1 - is given the opportunity to positively influence the activity of the male genitourinary system and the sex life of the stronger sex. And only in view of the presence of this substance, physicians often prescribe to their patients the use of tincture of ginseng root.

What kind of means for increasing potency are not offered today in the windows of numerous pharmacies. But why do experts recommend giving preference to ginseng? In many ways, the answer lies in its many merits. And they are the following:

  1. Ginseng - a means of natural origin. If properly used, it has absolutely no harmful effect on the male body.
  2. Medicines from the root are very effective. And it is not without reason that the recipes of folk healers on its basis are passed down from generation to generation. And notice: many medical devices have absolutely no force, and serve only as a placebo.
  3. The root of ginseng is a universal medicine, so you can buy it in a pharmacy without being embarrassed. While to buy some other drug to increase potency, most men openly simply do not dare.
  4. You can prepare a medicine from ginseng yourself in the home.

Hence, the benefits of ginseng to others with a similar spectrum of action become obvious. However, do not forget about the toxicity of the root of the plant. Therefore, use it is very carefully, observing the dosage, without violating the requirements for storage of the finished medicine.

The medicine from ginseng can not only be bought, but also prepared at home. So, how to prepare a medicine to increase potency on your own? Let's talk about this further.

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Drugs from ginseng according to folk recipes

In the people very popular ways to restore men's strength are various teas with ginseng and infusions based on the root of the plant.


Tincture for potency from ginseng for men is a discussion topic, since the preparation is prepared with the use of alcohol. There are several options for how to make such a tincture.

  1. Take 20 g of the chopped root of the plant and pour it, l alcohol (70%) and leave to infuse for 1 week. A single dose of the drug is 20 drops, it is taken 2 times a day for half an hour before meals.
  2. A recipe is also common. Spine fill 4 liters of alcohol (40%) or the same amount of vodka. Then leave the mixture to stand in a cool place for 12 hours. It is advised to take 50 g of this infusion.
  3. Non-alcoholic recipe with ginseng a tablespoon of ground root mixed with 350 g of honey. The prepared mixture is aged for one and a half weeks. Treated her 3 times / day for 1 teaspoon for 25 -30 minutes before meals.


Underwater Gemstones of Drug Use with Ginseng

It is important to remember that alcohol has a negative effect on the state of the vascular system and other organs (liver, kidneys, etc.). Often it reduces the sexual force. This fact was the reason for disputes regarding the use of preparations from ginseng in the form of infusions.

It is quite understandable the symptoms of the body's rejuvenation and other favorable changes, but, on the other hand, long-term use of alcohol-containing medicines may develop into alcoholism.

Regular use of alcohol - for the body is a strong stress. Sooner or later, the sexual system undergoes a negative impact due to constant intoxication and negative influence on the vessels. Folk methods that involve the use of alcohol in more moderate amounts are less dangerous. But there are also grounds for doubting the expediency of using them. It is not difficult to explain the popularity of alcohol tinctures in the people because of the addiction of the overwhelming number of men to alcohol. Naturally, this fact does not detract from the merits of the plant itself, thanks to medicinal properties of which arguments in favor of drugs that have a positive effect on the body, remains more.

To have complete confidence in safety, you should use only certified drugs that have been clinically tested. Because their action was repeatedly proven in practice. You can study the reviews.

If there is a persistent violation in the genital area, it is better to seek help from a doctor, rather than use alcoholic infusions as self-medication, although they contain such a valuable root.


Only the doctor will be able to determine the extent of their involvement in curing the disease and the correct dosage.