What is the use of raisins for men

  • August 20, 2018
  • InFood

Table of contents

  • What is raisin and how to use it?
  • Useful properties of the product
  • Summarizing

Raisins are inherently considered to be ordinary dried grape, although in practice its properties are significantly distinguished in comparison with all other analogues. The reason for the surprise of many people is that in the process of conversion from grapes to raisins, vitamins do not disappear, but are added, and quite noticeably.


But, like any other product, the benefits of raisins for men are sometimes leveled by its negative effects.


Throughout the history of mankind, raisins have been used in different countries exclusively as a product of the higher world - in temples, expensive tables and included in awards to the winners of the competitions.

What is raisin and how to use it?

There are only 4 kinds of raisins in nature:

  1. Shigani (bidana, basket). This kind of raisins is made from a large amount of dark sweet grapes, and depending From the selection of the variety, the color changes slightly, but the taste range can vary in very large limits.
  2. Kishmish (sabza). Small raisins without pits from light grape varieties (green or white). It is characterized by increased sweetness.
  3. A large sweet raisins with bones (not less than 1). It is usually made from the hussain variety (better known as "finger fingers" or "bokalny").
  4. Normal. The color scheme is rather poor - light olive color, the size is always medium and the bone is one.

Raisins are considered a high-calorie product (300 kcal), containing a huge amount of sugar (8 times more than that of grapes). With diabetes and diet for weight loss, this product should be absorbed with extreme caution, so as not to get a bad reaction.

It is usually used in all sorts of cottage cheese dishes, baked goods, salads, sometimes added to exotic dishes or used separately with great pleasure. It is also useful for affecting certain areas of the body.

Useful properties of the product

What is useful for raisins in general and for men, everyone should know. It has a number of common useful features, but there are also unique ones. General properties include:

  • better than any pharmacy drug allows you to fight with acidosis (blood toxicity and cleaning of the respiratory system). The overall effect in this direction is to prevent a number of skin diseases, general support for internal organs, fights against arthritis, gout, kidney stones, and at the same time serves as a good barrier against many species cancer;
  • from Indian folk medicine it became known (after which it is confirmed) that the raisins have a healing property for the eyes and bones. The help that it brings to the eyes of a modern person is simply necessary. Constant sitting at the monitor became a tragedy for the eyes, and raisins favorably influence their timely cleaning. The formation of bones is important in childhood and adolescence, but even in adulthood, they need to be maintained at a sufficiently high level, so as not to break when falling;
  • protection of teeth from caries. In our time, only 1 person out of 10 can boast with healthy teeth, and 9 have their own familiar dentists. To reduce the number of forced visits to the doctor, you need to eat right, while it is raisins should enter the diet of a person at least 2-3 times a week in small quantities;
  • a large amount of energy contained in the product, serves as a negative factor in losing weight, but as much as possible positively affects the collection of muscle mass by athletes. Every bodybuilder knows the price of raisins, tk. it is he who is present in the diet after each training (cottage cheese with sour cream and raisins is not only delicious, but also extremely effective);
  • improves the quality of digestion, which normalizes the work of the digestive tract.

As a directional male benefit raisins affect the reproductive system, due to which, in large measure, prolongs a happy family life. After forty, this product is especially necessary, because health begins to weaken, and it must already be supported by high-quality nutrition (here we should also recall the energy component, which is summed up into the total mass, giving not only opportunities, but also force).


In the suit contains a number of necessary vitamins, acids and trace elements, but the product exposes the organism and risks, due to the fact that these very necessary particles are contained in astronomical quantities.



Regular use of raisins, even with average body values ​​(ie in 9 cases out of 10) will prevent a whole a number of diseases, strengthen immunity and extend the happy years of the family for at least another 10 years with a healthy image life.Of course, raisins can not be called a panacea, but it is he who plays a big role in the lives of people of all peoples for at least 4 millennia.