Folk remedies for increasing potency


Table of contents

  • Drinks with nuts to increase male strength
  • What did the sexual giants drink to increase the potency
  • How alcohol helps increase potency

Many men face the problem of sexual impotence. The best option is a doctor's consultation, which will conduct the examination and will appoint the right treatment. But this problem is delicate, so some patients are embarrassed to go to a medical institution and are looking for recommendations that drink to increase potency, on the Internet.


Means of traditional medicine, time-tested, are quite effective, but the result will appear only after regular treatment. In the old days, herbalists claimed that in order to normalize the potency, it is required to drink infusion of St. John's wort. For this, the dried St. John's wort flowers were brewed in boiling water and insisted, after which they drank like ordinary tea.

Useful for male impotence and water infusion of the chernobylnik. As you know, herbal mixtures can have a stronger effect. Therefore, it is better to prepare such a useful decoction: 30 g of dried St. John's Wort, 20 g of dried flowers of immortelle, 10 g of calendula, 25 g of Valerian rhizomes. Collect the poured warm boiled water, insist and take.

You can brew tea from mint, melissa, nettle and St. John's wort. He will raise the mood, improve well-being and will give strength for coitus. Thinking about what to drink to increase potency, you can pay attention to freshly prepared carrot juice. To do this, you need a carrot slice, grated on a grater, pour milk and boil.


Drinks with nuts to increase male strength

Nuts have a good effect on the potency. Therefore, after discovering sexual impotence, one should go to the market for nuts (preferably, on the way to the doctor) and prepare such medicinal potion: pine nuts grind to a powdery state, gradually add water to them until a white emulsion. Take at least three times a day.

Use walnuts daily on a glass for a month, washed down with goat's milk. It is enough to pass one course, but you can repeat this treatment after a two-week break.

What did the sexual giants drink to increase the potency

Sheikh Nafzavi knew in the 16th century what to drink from impotence. He advised to melt pistachios and soak them with honey. Having drunk such a drink in the morning, you can enjoy an abundance of sperm all day. Dumas-father, the famous French writer, even in venerable age enjoyed success with young mistresses. As you know, he drank decoction of aronia, which rejuvenates the adrenal glands.

But do not rush blindly follow these tips, they can have side effects, so first you should consult a doctor.

How alcohol helps increase potency

The use of a small dose of alcohol helps to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, from constant outpourings a bad habit can develop, and soon such "cooperation" will stop.

Therefore, it is better not to get drunk on alcohol, and to raise the potency, make from it special tinctures that are effective in very small doses.

Tincture of cedar nuts not only cures impotence, but also helps to cope with atherosclerosis.


Take 200 g of nuts and root them. Put them in a bottle, l of dark glass, fill with medical alcohol, add sugar, mix and carefully block. Insist in a cool place for at least a month. Then strain and take one teaspoon.

Tincture from the roots of love, infused with alcohol, perfectly tones the body, helps stimulate the blood filling of the pelvic organs and prevents premature ejaculation. Drink it without haste, relishing that the impact was more beneficial. To insist is better fresh root, not dried. It is much more effective for increasing potency.

If you urgently need to stimulate an erection, you can not rush to the pharmacy for Viagra, and prepare a "magic" drug. In a liter bottle with white table wine add orange and lemon juice, a little liquor, honey, cloves or cinnamon, cardamom and a few mint leaves. Drink brought to a boil and insist in the refrigerator. Take as necessary before the sexual intercourse.

To improve potency with the help of plants, it is necessary to take infusions systematically. From an irregular reception of the effect, no one will appear.


And once again I want to emphasize that it is better not to panic with impotence and use questionable recipes, but hurry to the clinic. Most likely, the doctor will recommend in addition to the main treatment to drink herbal decoctions and tinctures. Such a comprehensive treatment will help to speed up the cure.