What are the reviews about the use of the drug Fokusin


Table of contents

  • What is the cause of prostatic adenoma?
  • What does the patient feel about hyperplasia of the prostate gland?
  • Focussin as a medicine
  • Feedback and treatment focus

Among the diseases in which benign tumors are observed, there are also masculine. One of them is prostatic hyperplasia, or benign prostatic hyperplasia. Another name for this pathology, which can be very often heard among specialists and in advertising medical products, is prostate adenoma. This disease is characterized by the formation of nodules in the periurethral region of the prostate, which begin to expand after its appearance. This process leads to the fact that obstruction of the urinary tract begins to appear and progress. If you take all the pathologies typical for men, then prostate adenoma will be the leader in prevalence if you take the age limit for 50 years. Experts note that at this age, hyperplasia of the prostate gland is observed in every second man, and after 80 years this pathology affects 9 men out of 10.


For a long time to fight with prostate adenoma was possible only with the help of surgical intervention, which imposed certain limitations. At such a serious age, health is greatly weakened, and there is a serious risk of complications in operations. Therefore, there was a very strong demand for drug treatment, which in any case is more acceptable than surgical methods of treatment. Pharmacists were offered treatment with drugs, among which there is such as a focus, reviews about which are very diverse and give hope for a speedy recovery without a surgical scalpel.

What is the cause of prostatic adenoma?

It should be noted that the causes of prostate adenoma are not fully understood by physicians. There is absolutely no exact information that would point to the factors that contribute to the emergence and development of this pathology in each specific case. Therefore, there is a stable opinion, which is based on statistical data, that this disease directly depends on age and on heredity. If there were similar cases of illness in the relatives, the possibility of adenoma appearance is great. As for the dependence of the pathology on age, the doctors found a logical explanation for this case. The fact is that the older a man becomes, the brighter in his body are changes at the hormonal level. Male sex hormone, known as testosterone, with age demonstrates a strong destructive deviations, which leads to its replacement in the blood of the female sex hormone, which called estrogen. This leads to a change in the activity of these substances in the prostate gland.

Experts use instead of the concept "appears" such a concept as it develops. It proceeds from the fact that it is possible to diagnose and observe the long-term process of accumulation of small nodules, which for many years have increased significantly. When you reach a certain size, a man begins to experience discomfort, he has symptoms that signal the hyperplasia of the prostate. If as a preventive measure to try to identify it at an early stage, then for this it is necessary to conduct ultrasound of this gland. Doing this is recommended in order to reveal the pathology as early as possible, thereby facilitating the process of treatment itself, making it more effective and less dangerous for a man.


What does the patient feel about hyperplasia of the prostate gland?

As for the symptoms, the pain does not occur directly in the enlarged gland itself, but in those organs and systems that suffer from such an increase. The fact is that every organ in the body has its place, in certain sizes. As soon as the size of the body begins to change, it takes away part of the place of other organs. In the case of an enlarged prostate, part of the site is taken from the urethra. It just squeezes this channel. As a result, the normal process of outflow from the bladder of excrement, excreted by the kidneys (or urine) is disturbed, it stagnates. Because of this, the body develops and progresses such diseases as cystitis, pyelonephritis - a pathological process in the kidneys, urolithiasis.

How are these processes manifested, and what needs to be paid attention to men in order to reveal this pathology as early as possible? At the earliest stages, the disease can be detected only if you undergo ultrasound for preventive purposes. Especially if there are cases of such illness in relatives, such an examination should be done regularly, once every few years. The frequency of examination should be agreed with the doctor. If the disease has entered the middle phase, then it will make itself felt by certain symptoms.

For example, to go to the toilet to "empty" the bladder, you need to strain the abdominal muscles. The process of its emptying is delayed by time, and urination occurs a small and sluggish trickle. Before the end of the urination process, the jet itself becomes intermittent, the interruption time increases with time. Here it is worth noting that there is no need to watch how the need to cope is getting longer and longer. At the first suspicions it is necessary to go to the doctor and to pass inspection. If this is not done, the disease progresses and passes into the next stage, in which other symptoms are observed to complement the previous ones. The fact is that in this bubble, due to incomplete emptying, the amount of residual urine increases. This causes pathological processes that manifest themselves in a new way.

The patient feels the urgent need to visit the toilet several times at night. The amount of urge increases and it becomes very difficult, and often impossible, to hold urine. The very process of urination turns into torture - urine ceases to leave a trickle, and expires in droplets, exposing a man to pain. During sex, ejaculation occurs painfully. If you continue to delay with treatment, then in the urine appears blood, and in the urogenital system, infections progress that accompanied by a chill, a sharp ache in the lower back, urination is characterized by an acute delay, and in the urine appears pus.

Focussin as a medicine

This drug is dispensed in pharmacies according to the prescription of the doctor in case of an establishment of violations of the urinary process due to progressive prostate adenoma.The drug has an effect on postsynaptic adrenoreceptors. They are located in the smooth muscles of the urogenital system, namely the prostate, the prostatic part of the urethra and the neck of the bladder. The focussin blocks the receptor data, acting selectively. Under its influence, the tonus of this musculature decreases, and the detrusor functionality returns to normal. This leads to a decrease in symptoms that indicate prostate adenoma. This effect can be observed after 12-14 days of taking the drug. There are many cases when a similar effect was observed in patients in the first days.


Each drug capsule contains a substance such as tamsulosin, which is indicated by the fact that it significantly affects adrenoceptors than it interacts with them. This selectivity is not focused on reducing blood pressure in either those who suffer from arterial hypertension or those who have normal blood pressure. After the capsule with tamsulosin enters the gastrointestinal tract, it is absorbed very quickly and in full, which is facilitated by a 100% bioavailability of the focusin. This substance is noted to lack the effect of the first passage, because of what it confidently transforms in the liver. This transformation facilitates the release of active metabolites with a high degree of selectivity to adrenoreceptors. A significant amount of tamsulosin is in the blood without changes. The drug is used in the amount of 1 capsule per day, which provides the intake of 400 mg of an active substance, such as tamsulosin. The capsule is taken as a focus after breakfast. Capsule washed down with water, not chewing it. Doing this is not recommended.

Feedback and treatment focus

It should be noted that there are no reviews of overdose with this drug. As noted above, the expected reduction in painful symptoms occurs 12-14 days after the initiation of focussin.

However, cases where a beneficial effect occurs in a few days are not uncommon.

In some cases, the drug begins to act after the first administration of the capsule. But there are a lot of cases in which the application of the focus did not give the expected effect. Arose immediately the question of counterfeiting and how to distinguish them from real medical devices. But the problem lies in some special features. The fact is that this remedy weakly interacts with the body, in which the process of arteriosclerosis of blood vessels is observed. Therefore, if a man abused high-calorie food, led a sedentary lifestyle, abused alcohol and tobacco, it is possible that his blood vessels are not in the best condition. And this makes the treatment process more difficult.

In addition, among the complaints there are complaints about the side manifestation of the focus. It can cause a headache. In some cases, there is a short-term decrease in sexual desire. Patients complained that they were sick, they experienced vomiting, the body experienced allergic reactions in the form of rashes, swelling and itching. There could be constipation or diarrhea.



Men in some cases experienced dizziness, someone had a dream, and others, on the contrary, experienced drowsiness. In some cases, tachycardia was observed, heart rate increased, and chest pains appeared.