Effective folk remedies for baldness


Table of contents

  • Causes and treatment of hair loss
  • How to stop baldness with castor oil
  • Treatment of baldness with the help of herbs

Stop baldness in men - a task in which many members of the stronger sex feel their weakness. Hair loss leads to a loss of confidence in its own attractiveness and in itself.


Causes and treatment of hair loss

Often, men can not prevent the process of baldness, as often the causes of this process are hereditary. If all the male representatives in your family have fine hair, the most likely causes of baldness in men are stress, smoking or endocrine disorders.

To begin treatment of baldness it is necessary from search of the reasons and their elimination.

If you can not do anything with heredity, then you will be able to stop smoking, for example.

There are many ways to treat baldness in men, different clinics offer different methods. However, they are not all effective, but all are expensive. Stop baldness can be at home, using the methods of traditional medicine. Even if you do not believe in the strength of various herbs and other "improvised means then you should try all the same, since it will not be worse exactly.


How to stop baldness with castor oil

Treatment of alopecia with folk remedies is good because large financial investments are not needed, all procedures are conducted at home in the usual atmosphere at a convenient time, no side effects are not can.

The most effective treatment for baldness has long been recognized as castor oil. Many girls use this inexpensive means to stimulate hair growth, make the hair more thick, the hair is healthier. Why not take this tool for service and men?

Use castor oil is quite simple - you just need to warm it to a temperature of 35-40 degrees and rub it into the roots of the hair. Then it is necessary to cover the oil on the head with a cellophane bag (as an option you can use an ordinary disposable shower cap) and wrap it with a towel. After 5-6 hours the remedy can be washed off. It is not so easy to do this, so it is better to use shampoo. If you rub the castor oil for a couple of months at least once a week, the result will not be long in coming. Hair will fall out in much less quantity. In a month you can repeat the course. After a few courses you will feel a very noticeable difference between what was and what has become.

However, such treatment has a significant drawback: not every man can afford to spend 5 hours at home with a towel on his head. If for you it seems unreal, then in this case you can resort to another method - a mask of Castor oil with the addition of another simple inexpensive and well-known ingredient - mustard powder. To prepare the mask, you need to take two tablespoons (table) of both "products" and mix them well. Cover the resulting composition with a lid and leave to infuse for half an hour. When the mask is ready, massage it onto the roots of the hair and rub it into the scalp, if there is patience and time, it is useful to massage the head for 10-15 minutes. Then leave the medicinal composition on the head and after 20-30 minutes wash it, using shampoo. This mask needs to be done 3 times a week for a month. Then we take a break for a couple of weeks and again we put it in the same mode - 3 days a week for a whole month.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = aDdEcRocBQA


Treatment of baldness with the help of herbs

Some men, and women, too, do not like to use castor oil because it is fat enough. It is not very pleasant to apply on hair, it is hard enough to be washed off, even with the use of shampoo. If you also wish to lubricate your hair with oil, then you can use medicinal herbs. They are sold in any pharmacy.

The most effective plant for alopecia recognized as cones of hops. On their basis, you can prepare a very effective lotion. So, you need, in addition to 40 g of the main component, another 20 grams of nettle and sage leaves and 10 grams of licorice root and peppers peppers. All components must be mixed, pour a liter of alcohol (preferably use 70%). Tincture must be tightly closed and left in a dry dark place for 2 weeks. During this time, you must periodically shake it. But that is not all. After 2 weeks, you need to strain the obtained tincture and add to it 20 ml of turpentine (purified) and 50 ml of cheric water. Let the last component do not scare you - it can be purchased at any pharmacy. Mix well the resulting mixture. Now, the hair loss lotion is ready. Keep it better in a dark glass bottle. To use lotion is simple enough - you just have to rub it into your scalp every day for 4 months. If this lotion very well helped you, the hair stopped falling out, then after a couple of months it is recommended to repeat the treatment again.

If the lotion was not effective enough or this method seemed very difficult, then there are other folk remedies for treating baldness, for example, a mask of herbs and black bread. Black bread, by the way, is used in very many recipes for hair masks. So, you need to take one tablespoon of sage, nettle, oregano and psyllium, mix, crush and pour a glass of boiling water. Cover the future decoction with a lid and leave to stand for about an hour. In an hour, add half a slice of black bread (it's more convenient to crumble) and mix well until the bread dissolves completely. We put a mask on hair, we put on a shower cap or a plastic bag, on top - a towel and we walk so 2 hours. After this time, we wash out the mask from the hair with warm water, since there are no oils in the mask, the shampoo can not be used.



If this tool also seems difficult, you can just rinse your hair with a nettle decoction. Only waiting for a stunning result is not worth it. But if you do this in parallel with one of the ways of treatment, then the effect of treatment will be even better.

If you are not lazy, then within half a year you can not only stop baldness, but also make hair thicker at home using folk remedies.