Malnutrition: what foods make men fat

  • August 20, 2018
  • InFood

Table of contents

  • The food that makes men fat
  • What else is harmful for men?
  • The right food for a man

Excess weight is a problem of not limited number of people. From excessive body weight around the world, many people, both men and women, suffer. And if the latter constantly sit on diets, then when a man decided to lose weight, then he really despaired.

What is the most important element when it comes to weight loss? What should I take as a basis for my eating behavior if I want to lose weight? Many people think that you just need to eat less. But this is not so. The food culture itself is important, when a person knows all the characteristics of products: from caloric content to compatibility with other products. For example, from which products do the representatives of the stronger sex get fat? What kind of food is better to refuse, if there is a desire to always be in great physical shape? Every man must know this.

The food that makes men fat

Immediately it is worth mentioning that there is no such food from which only men or only women would recover.

Both men and women recover from the same. But the only difference is that sometimes a strong sex simply does not know how many calories are contained in a particular product or dish. Most often, the most nutritious foods are most nutritious. In all it is necessary to understand thoroughly. So what products make men fat?


First of all, it's fast food. Why? For a stronger sex, speed is often important. They want to move quickly, quickly cope with the tasks and, of course, quickly have. This is exactly what they can do with fast food. If to speak easier, for them it is similar to fast fueling of the car with fuel. It is necessary to refuel quickly and go further.

But men rarely think about the nutritional value of fast food. In general, they have little thought about this characteristic. Meanwhile, fast food is a very good tool for weight gain, if I may say so. In a hamburger alone, a third or even half the daily caloric intake may be contained. Therefore, you need to safely abandon fast food, and if you really want it, that is, as rarely as possible. For example, once a month.

The men get fat from their favorite meat. Who of them will refuse a juicy piece of a shish kebab, a ruddy steak or from appetizing ribs? Meanwhile, meat is very caloric. When it is consumed, a person should have a sufficiently high level of energy activity so that all the eaten energy is consumed. And in the modern world, things are somewhat different. People began to drive more cars, walk a little, use elevators rather than ladders, often work sitting, and the gym is not visited as often as necessary, or even not visited at all.

What else is harmful for men?

Alcoholic beverages are another stumbling block.A man gets fat from alcohol because he does not know about the high content of calories in booze.It seems that this is just a liquid. But in fact it is a product with quite a great nutritional value. In this case, the word "value" does not carry in itself anything good, because alcohol is also harmful to humans. In addition, there is another danger in the drink.


The thing is that alcohol has the property of provoking an appetite, it ignites hunger. Consequently, the man wants to eat tightly. And thanks to alcohol, he eats much more than he would eat without it.

Also, men recover from baking, sweets and confectionery. Among the stronger sex there are many sweeties, although it is commonly believed that this prerogative is exclusively feminine.

List of harmful foods can be supplemented with all fatty, salty, smoked, sun-dried, fried. From all this, weight comes immediately.

Another taboo is sweet fizzy drinks, because they contain a lot of sugar. So, in one glass of sweet fizzy drink can contain from 6 to 8 spoonfuls of sugar.

What then to eat a man? All listed products must leave the men's menu, if it is important to his health and weight. It is necessary to review your diet, making a choice in favor of other food.

The right food for a man

It is important to know not only what makes men fat, but also what foods will help to avoid weight gain. It will be fair to talk about the right food, since most of the men's favorite foods have been criticized.

The first step is to deal with the meat. So, red meat is worth eating less often, but you do not need to completely abandon it. Let the fowl come to its place. It is tasty, healthy and completely non-nutritious. The meat of turkey is especially useful.


Each man's diet should contain a large number of fruits and vegetables daily, as they are not only sources of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are fiber. And it helps to improve digestion, metabolism is accelerating, which contributes to the normalization of weight. Also, thanks to fiber, the intestines are cleared. From it are derived all the slag, toxins and other harmful substances that only clog it. Especially in large quantities it is worth eating vegetables. There are no natural sugars in them, as in fruits.

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Important for full nutrition and cereals. There is nothing better for the body of any person than porridge for breakfast. This gives a lot of energy, but it is easily burned, not deposited on the sides and other places. In addition, thanks to the groats you can lose weight, because they clean the intestines, like a broom. But well-being will be just fine.

Dairy products are another part of proper nutrition. Only they should be low-fat. Cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream, milk, yogurt without filler - all these and many others should be full of a male diet.

In addition, you should diversify your menu with seafood, nuts, greens, honey, fish and some other products.

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As for drinks, it is necessary to drink daily, -2 liters of clean drinking water. This will speed up digestion, make it more active and effective. Also, beverages such as green tea, white tea should be present. A little less often you can drink black tea, and very rarely coffee. It can be drunk no more than twice a day.

That's what a man's diet should look like that looks after himself. It will be reasonable to abandon the harmful products, from which the man certainly gets fat. It will not only help to keep a beautiful body, but also make a man healthy, strong and energetic.