What can be the harm of coffee for men?

  • August 20, 2018
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There are many non-alcoholic drinks, on the topic of the benefits of which there are constant disputes, but in the first place is coffee. The benefits and harms of coffee for men are described daily in all kinds of printed publications, radio and television programs.


There are many arguments for and against, which incline people to a certain side, but in order to make a choice, it is necessary to know everything from the very beginning to the smallest detail.

What is a drink?

Considered the real coffee, which is accepted to cook, and not to pour water. A custard drink can not be a priori drunk, as one can not use all kinds of instant food products, because of the huge amount of chemistry contained in it.


First you need to know that the caffeine content in it is 1500 mg / liter. This is a bit inferior to some types of tea, but here it is not neutralized. Caffeine has a direct effect on the nervous system, and with regular use can make a person nervous, irritable and reduce sleep time. The heart muscle contracts in an intensified rhythm, and along with it, the blood pressure rises sharply.

Very often, the tonicity of caffeine is used: working capacity increases, drowsiness goes away, the speed of thinking and physical activity increases. Regarding these indicators, there are several stages where everything first goes to increase, but after an extra 12 hours without sleep the organism chooses the necessary feature, and the rest begin to fade away: with physical activity, physical activity decreases, if necessary, sleep and self-control and awareness of the environment become dull and etc.

The positive effect continues depending on the addiction, i.e. Initially 300 ml can give a person strength to work all night, but in time this portion will suffice only for 1-2 hours. Next, you need to drink another cup or rest, because there is fatigue.

The above factors can not be called positive or negative; at their moderate use they bring benefit, but at increase in a portion the bad result turns out.

Negative Features

There are a number of features that have a dramatically negative impact on the body, because of which a considerable number of people refuse to drink. Harm to coffee for men and women is expressed in the following factors:

  1. Immediate damage to the heart. Only a few can limit their day 1 to a small cup, whereas most do not even try to ration the used liquid. The effect is due to the fact that caffeine increases heart wear, at the same time, exacerbating the strength of his work.
  2. The psyche suffers. With regular use, the nervous system can be afflicted, because of which a person begins to react nervously to all stimuli, decreases sleep and eventually becomes ineffective. The more a drink is used, the faster you can achieve bad results.
  3. Caffeine causes dependence. Unlike alcohol, tobacco and drugs, it is much easier to get rid of such dependence. The dependence has not been noticed for a long time, because a person does not have a period of breaking or diagnosing health problems, but there is a serious craving.
  4. Coffee is also harmful because it contributes to a deterioration in the absorption of some vitamins, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, as well as B1 and B6. This leads to spoilage of teeth, deterioration of bone and cartilaginous tissues, some disorders in the vestibular apparatus and pain in the cervical spine, blood supply to the brain worsens.
  5. Harmful coffee without caffeine doubly. There are several ways of cleaning: traditional (cleaning with chemistry), water (expensive, but safest) and with compressed gas (taste is deteriorating, but safe). This drink contains 5 times more caffeine, in contrast to its full-fledged fellow, but it does appear new cons: it promotes the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, which causes problems with cardiovascular system.
  6. Influence on hereditary function in men. In seminal fluid over time, the number of spermatozoa decreases severalfold.


The harm of coffee to man's health does not only affect the heart, but also in more serious directions. Of course, sometimes you need to charge the body and make it work at the limit of possibilities, but this need is not always present.

Usually a man is guided by incentives to earn more, which is why many are ready to leave their health, but before taking such a step, one should weigh the pros and cons. Currently, the genetic component is seriously affected, so it is better to drink an extra cup of green tea instead of coffee, because he also invigorates, but does it without harming the body.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = GgTvC80S9B0

To drink or not to drink - every man decides for himself, but you always need to know the measure.By itself, the drink will not do any harm to the body if you use it at breakfast for 1 cup for tonus for the upcoming day, on the contrary, it will have a beneficial effect.