Artificial menopause, how to cause menopause with drugs

Climax is the gradual extinction of the reproductive function against the background of a decrease in the production of hormones. During this period, a woman experiences many different unpleasant symptoms, from bad mood to heart pain. This occurs at the age of about 40-45 years, so every woman with caution expects the onset of the menopause, and tries in various ways to delay this moment.

But in some cases, there is a need for artificial suppression of the function of the ovaries, in this case there is a similar condition - an artificial menopause. Artificial menopause is a process of suppressing the production of female sex hormones - estrogens by medical intervention.

Ways to achieve this state:

  • surgical - resection of the ovaries,
  • radiological - irradiation of the ovaries,
  • drug - with drugs that suppress the function of the ovaries.

Removal of the ovaries is performed in benign and malignant tumors, trauma of the ovary. Radiation therapy is used in oncology, in the case of impossibility of surgical intervention, as well as in combination with drug treatment. If both ovaries are removed or irradiated, the natural mother cycle is disrupted, menopause occurs. These changes are irreversible, further replacement therapy is necessary.

Indications for changing the hormonal background


Endometriosis is the appearance of foci of tissue, like the endometrium, in atypical sites, outside the uterine cavity. This tissue undergoes the same cyclic changes that occur in the uterus. The location of the focus distinguishes between genital and extragenital endometriosis. In the latter case, besides the internal and external genital organs, other organs and systems of the body are affected.


It is believed that intrauterine surgical manipulation (abortion, curettage, cesarean section) contribute to germination endometrium in the thickness of the uterine wall, and spread to other organs of the reproductive system, and with blood and lymph flow, cells enter other tissues. This hormone-dependent disease, occurs at the age of 20-45 years, that is, in the reproductive period. As in the typical endometrium, in the foci of endometriosis there are estrogen receptors, and under the influence of estrogens, its growth occurs. To suppress the production of estrogens, artificial menopause is caused.

MyomaIs a benign hormone-dependent tumor of the muscular tissue of the uterus. The growth of the myometrium provokes excess estrogen and progesterone. The growth of the muscle tissue is similar to their hypertrophy during pregnancy. There are simple fibroids and proliferating (with the possibility of growth of myomatous nodes). Myoma of the uterus is also an indication for causing an artificial menopause.

Infertility- the inability to conceive and give birth to a child in the reproductive age for 12 months. May occur due to lack of ovulation with a lack of progesterone. In addition, preparations for artificial menopause may also be used, since they suppress estrogen production, progesterone concentration increases and ovulation occurs.

Drugs used to inhibit estrogen production

The drug menopause helps to change the normal menstrual cycle. Experts recommend the use of three groups of drugs. Analogues of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH), gestagens and antigonadotropic drugs:

  1. Buserelin, Zoladex, Diferelin - drugs that cause a decrease in the concentration of estradiol in the blood serum. With constant use, amenorrhea occurs - the absence of menstruation and the condition of artificial menopause.
  2. Preparation 17 OPK, Dyufaston - synthetic analogues of progesterone. Under their influence, the risk of endometrial hyperplasia is reduced.
  3. Danazol - reduces the production of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones of the pituitary gland, suppresses ovulation.

For the duration of exposure, these drugs are divided into the following forms:

  • Depo-form - is applied injectively once in a large dose, its action is sufficient for an average of two months.
  • Daily form - a gradual exposure to small doses, in the form of daily use of the drug containing the active substance.

Duration of treatment is of a personal nature, this is a period of 3 to 6 months, which are set individually by a specialist. Everything depends on the severity of the disease and the final result that the attending physician wants to achieve. The use of such drugs for more than 6 months is not practiced. In order to alleviate the condition and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of an artificial climacteric, parallel therapy is conducted with add-back therapy (cover therapy).

The use of these drugs can reduce proliferation (cell proliferation), thereby reducing the manifestations of endometriosis, and contributes to the regress of hormone-dependent tumors. It is believed that GnRH agonists affect not only the pituitary gland, reducing the secretion of gonadotropic hormones that regulate the ovaries, but also directly on the tumor at the intercellular level.

Symptoms of menopause

In the state of artificial climax, the organism undergoes the same changes as in the natural, but given that the drug-induced menopause occurs much faster, the symptoms may be more sensitive. The woman is troubled by hot flashes, increased sweating, dizziness, tachycardia, irritability, dryness in the vagina.

In the process of natural extinction of the sexual function, which is accompanied first by irregularity, and then by the complete cessation of menstruation, the organism also undergoes changes in other organs and systems:

  • There is an osteoporosis, characterized by fragility of bone tissue.
  • The cardiovascular system suffers, it can be shown by an arterial hypertensia, a tachycardia, attacks of a stenocardia.
  • The disorder of the neuropsychic sphere is also clearly manifested in the majority of women who entered the menopause period.

Medication menopause will not cause such serious changes in the body, it is temporary. The normal menstrual cycle is restored after the end of treatment, and all changes that have occurred during menopause disappear gradually.

Relieving Symptoms

In the period of natural menopause, hormone replacement therapy is used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. In the case of an artificially induced condition, cover therapy is provided. Improvement of the condition can also be achieved by indirect methods aimed at relieving each individual symptom.

To ease the sensation of heat and hot flushes, you do not need to take a hot bath, visit a bath or sauna, it is better to wash under a cool shower.

Avoiding excessive irritability is helped by walking in the fresh air, playing sports, talking with friends and loved ones. You can get rid of stress by creating comfortable conditions around yourself. Well, if the room where the woman lives and works, there is an air conditioner or humidifier.

Correcting your diet, you must exclude fatty, fried, spicy, coffee and alcohol, because these products can cause a sensation of fever. It is advisable to quit smoking.

It will be useful to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, drink cool drinks, better clean water.

During sexual intercourse, special lubricants can be used, which are absolutely safe, but very well moisturize the mucous membrane of the vagina, which contributes to the enjoyment, in contrast to the sensations of sexual intercourse during dryness. The increased foreplay, calm atmosphere and pleasant relaxation will make you feel the joy of life, despite the illness and serious treatment.

The choice of clothing and linen should be aimed at products made from natural materials of comfortable cut, synthetic lace underwear, tight models, cutting straps are excluded.

What's next?

The way out of the artificial menopause should be gradual. After the abolition of prescribed medications, the normal functioning of the ovaries is restored after only 1-3 months, depending on the form of the drug used. The uterine cycle again enters its usual time, the woman may well become pregnant and give birth to a healthy long-awaited baby. Some people can get it by the first-third ovulation, others later.

After an artificial climax, a woman's life returns to the usual course, the disease is defeated or suspended. Therefore, do not be afraid to use this method of treatment against serious diseases.

The assertion that the climacteric period will never end will not restore libido and reproductive function, deep and irreversible pathological processes will begin in the body, have long been refuted and transferred to the category of myths.

At observance of appointments and recommendations of the doctor, at absence of stresses and pavor, at a positive view of life, treatment will pass imperceptibly and calmly, and at the same time, a serious illness will recede and allow you to perform many planned or unfinished business.