Complex exercises for men


Table of contents

  • Home exercises aimed at the main muscle groups
  • Exercises for the respiratory system
  • Warm-up before training
  • Attention to pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles
    • Pushups
    • Exercise for the press
    • Squats - the best exercise for the legs
  • Microcosmic orbit

Women, overwhelmingly, like that a man possessed a well-built figure. This is an echo of the distant past, when men went hunting, gaining food, when they protected the house from enemies. By the way, the latter is actual to this day. The man should still be ready to protect his woman, his children and his house. Yes, and the health of a man who gives enough time to physical exercise, at altitude. What can not you say about the owners of beer tummies.

Not every person can visit the gym every day. But it is the daily workouts that are most productive. But if you want, you can organize classes at home. If you do not exercise professionally bodybuilding, but simply maintain your body in good sports, you can train at home without having any special equipment. There are the simplest exercises for men that you can perform at home.

Home exercises aimed at the main muscle groups

All physical exercises for men can be divided into:

  • those that support the respiratory system;
  • exercises for different muscle groups;
  • Exercise specifically for men that allow you to maintain the sexual sphere in order.

If the first two categories are purely physical exercises, the last point implies the impact on the energy of the human body.

Home workouts are inextricably linked to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, when a man reduces to a minimum or completely gets rid of alcohol and smoking.

It should be noted that there are many types of training for men. Here is the simplest program.


Regardless of when a person trains, in the morning or in the evening, which training program for men is chosen, enough time should pass after a meal. It's better if it's 3 hours. Before training, it is advisable to take a cold shower. This procedure is amazingly invigorating, not to mention the fact that when dousing with cold water, the organism becomes hardened.

Exercises for the respiratory system

Unfortunately, the respiratory system of modern man leaves much to be desired. Affects life in a megacities and a lack of traffic. But it is the breath that sustains life in the human body. Therefore, in your daily workouts, you need to give the respiratory system enough time.

The best means is running. It is best to run on the street or in the stadium early in the morning or late at night, when the air is at least a little cleared of automobile exhausts. You should run at least 15 minutes. The optimal time is 30 minutes.

If there is no possibility to run along the street or near there is no stadium, then you need to run at home. Run on the spot. At home, do it better barefoot. As you know, on the feet of human legs there are numerous biologically active points, the impact on which is beneficial to the body.

The impact is what happens when running without shoes. You can include vigorous music, which raises the mood and promotes physical activity. As already mentioned, you should run at least 15 minutes.


To jogging, you can add jumping rope. This exercise not only well trains the respiratory system, but also affects many muscle groups, especially the muscles of the legs.

After the race, a small rest follows, during which you can just walk around the room and breathe deeply. It must be said that running well tones up the body, preparing it for subsequent stresses.

Warm-up before training

As a warm-up, you can use joint exercises. It affects all the main joints of the body and prepares them for stresses. Doing such a warm-up is not only extremely useful for the body, but also protects joints from possible injuries during intensive training.

How is this gymnastics performed? It is necessary to stand up straight, spread your back and draw in your stomach. The legs are located on the width of the shoulders. Then you need to work through the rotation of all the joints, starting with the neck. It is recommended to massage the top of the head, the ears and the tip of the nose first. Massage is done with the palms and fingers of the hands for several seconds. Such actions have a tonic effect and are very useful for the body. It will not be superfluous to use a roller massager, passing them all over the body. Particular attention should be paid to the back, neck and feet.

Joint exercises are performed by rotating all the main joints of the body. First, a person makes rotational movements with his head, gradually increasing the amplitude. Then the joints of the hands, the hip and joints of the legs are worked out. All this is done standing up. When exposed to the knee joints, the legs should be slightly bent at the knees, put their palms on them and perform rotational movements first into one and then to the other side.

After warming up, you can start a set of gymnastic exercises. There are many such complexes, but they all boil down to various slopes of the body and movements of hands and feet. Such exercises force different muscle groups to work and relieve excess fatty deposits, from which men suffer no less than women. For example, numerous slopes sideways relieve fatty rolls on the sides. And numerous inclinations forward - remove the stomach.

Attention to pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles

The male figure is formed by all muscle groups, but especially the pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles. Of the exercises that you can perform at home, you can recommend push-ups from the floor and specific exercises to influence the press.


They perfectly train the pectoral muscles, without requiring any special equipment. The muscles of the hands also develop due to this exercise. You need to start small, gradually increasing the number of push-ups. Approaches should be at least three. After push-ups, resting on the palms, will be carried out easily, you need to move to push-ups on the fists. First you can do this on the carpet, but then you can go to the bare floor. In addition to training the pectoral muscles, the impact surfaces of the kulaks are also well trained. Although the push-ups are not aimed at increasing the volume of muscle mass, they still perfectly train the muscles. In this exercise, all the muscles of the arms and chest are used for men.


Exercise for the press

Such an exercise, as well as push-ups from the floor, does not require any equipment. You need to lie on the floor, on the carpet or the karemat. Legs are fixed under furniture, usually under a closet or a sofa. You can just put your knees bent on the floor.

The starting position is lying on the back with half-bent legs. Hands are located behind the head linked to the castle. On exhalation, one should make a slope to the legs, but not too deep. This is very important, because with a deep inclination, the back muscles start to work, and only the muscles of the abdomen need to be used to influence the press. You need to bend down to the limit of possibilities. The number of approaches is at least three.

With the help of these two exercises, it is quite possible to train muscles of the hands, chest and abdominals. But the complex must necessarily include exercises for the feet. After all, the most attractive male torso loses all its beauty, if a man has thin legs.



Squats - the best exercise for the legs

This is the best leg exercise you can do at home. For him, as for the previous two exercises, no special adaptations are needed. Crouching should be with a straight back, slowly, holding hands behind the head, locked in the lock. The purity of doing this exercise is important, only then it will bring a proper benefit. You do not have to crouch with jerks and help yourself with the movement of your hands.

Here is a complex for men's health, which consists of just a warm-up and three exercises that allow you to work out the muscles of the arms and chest, abdominal muscles and leg muscles. All exercises are used since ancient times and tested by many generations of men. For their implementation, simulators are not required, and one can practice at home. For training, only the weight of your own body is used.

Despite its apparent simplicity, all three exercises are extremely effective and allow you to maintain muscle tone and develop them without leaving home. By creating training programs, you can include exercises for all muscle groups using an expander.

As for other exercises that are good for men's health, you can recommend various energy and breathing practices, borrowed from the eastern improving systems.


Microcosmic orbit

This exercise became known thanks to ancient Chinese medicine and health practices that are associated with it. According to the ideas about energy channels in the human body, the main channels through which energy circulates are located along the spine, front and back. These channels pass through the perineum and the occiput. The rear channel ends in the upper sky, and the front channel ends at the bottom. They can be closed by pressing the tip of the tongue against the upper sky.

To perform an exercise called "Microcosmic Orbit you need to sit with a flat back, relax and close your eyes. The tip of the tongue should be pressed to the upper sky behind your teeth. Breathe through the nose. With the inspiration you need to mentally raise energy on the back surface of the body from the perineum to the crown, and with an exhalation, lower it along the front surface of the body into the perineum. Thus, the energy circulation is renewed by the whole organism. Over time, there is the ability to distinctly perceive this energy. In this exercise for men, the hidden strength of the body is involved.

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The daily execution of the "Microcosmic orbit" leads to the fact that the man begins to sense the energy that is in his crotch. And this directly affects the state of sexual health of men.

Everything is very simple. There is no complicated training program.But the execution of these simple exercises will allow any man to follow his figure and constantly feel the charge of energy and vigor.And this can not but affect his whole life in the most positive way.