How can you cure premature ejaculation with folk remedies?


Table of contents

  • Symptoms of early ejaculation
  • What methods of treatment are possible?
  • Home Treatment
  • Traditional methods of treatment

Premature ejaculation is one of the serious diseases in men. This problem reduces the possibility of conception to a minimum. Semenivelenie in men comes through several frictions, in some cases even before the sexual intercourse. The reasons for this disease are many, but to begin treatment, it is necessary to pass the examination first with a doctor, and only after that, take any measures.


You can treat premature ejaculation by various methods. Usually the doctor appoints not traditional medicines, but folk remedies. To eliminate a premature eruption, this method is optimal, since these remedies are safe. But before ejaculation is treated, you should make sure that the selected herbs and tinctures can be used, that there are no contraindications.

Symptoms of early ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is fairly easy to detect, the following symptoms are observed:

  1. The duration of the sexual act begins to change, it then lengthens, it becomes shorter.
  2. When using condoms, the duration of sexual intercourse becomes longer than usual. The same phenomenon is observed in alcoholic intoxication.
  3. The use of special means for prolonging sexual intercourse on the basis of anesthetics has an effective effect. It is on the basis of this sign that a doctor often performs a special lidocaine test, which allows to determine that there is such a problem as premature ejaculation.

In the risk zone are such patients:

  • if too short a bridle of the penis is observed;
  • after spinal injuries of various types;
  • the presence of such a disease as osteochondrosis;
  • the cause can also be covered in the presence of various diseases of the genitourinary system, prostatitis;
  • signs develop with too long sexual abstinence, with an irregular sexual life.

What methods of treatment are possible?

Rapid spermatism can be treated in many ways:

  1. Psychotherapy can save the patient from the fear of sexual relations before the lack of experience and other things.
  2. If the diseases of the genitourinary system are diagnosed, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment from them, only after that the rapid ejaculation, which was the result of diseases, will gradually recede. To fix the result, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, but only after the approval of the doctor.
  3. Too fast ejaculation can be cured and with the help of behavioral therapy, but both partners must be involved. The specialist assigns a series of exercises that are performed during sexual intercourse.
  4. Local treatment to prevent rapid eruptions. To reduce the sensitivity of the head used lubricants, creams, which must be applied before sexual intercourse.

Home Treatment

How to cure folk remedies premature ejaculation, what is better to choose?Experts advise not to grab at once for pills, but try home methods. They are all built on improving immunity, strengthening it, improving the whole body, changing the diet for the better. After all, it is the problems with the immune system, the wrong way of life that often lead to premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

Before taking any folk remedy, you need to consult a doctor. He will prescribe a survey, and he will make a conclusion on the results of whether there is any disease that caused premature ejaculation, what measures can be taken. Often the expert gives such advice on treatment by domestic folk methods:

  1. It is necessary to provide a balanced diet, special emphasis on proteins. All harmful products, fast food, fried and fatty must be excluded. Problems with immunity are observed precisely because of malnutrition.
  2. The regime of the day should also be normalized, sleep and rest should be full, one should not allow constant fatigue, stress. Usually, problems with erection, ejaculation are observed precisely for the reasons that the patient is not satisfied with work and personal life, he does not have enough time for rest and sleep. Solving such a problem is not so difficult. It is enough to set priorities, make at least an approximate order of the day, be sure to stick to it.
  3. Nervous system must be brought to full order, for which you can use numerous folk remedies in the form of infusions, decoctions of natural herbs and roots. Such fees can easily be bought at any pharmacy, they are usually drunk a couple of times a day, they are brewed with ordinary water. Instructions are on packages, for different fees the course of admission may be different, but in any case it is required to adhere to the doctor's recommendations.
  4. To treat premature ejaculation is possible with the help of special exercises, yoga, if there are no contraindications. Recommended gymnastics, massages, physical education. Good for hardening procedures, visiting a sauna or a bath.
  5. To solve problems with premature ejaculation, it is necessary to put in order and organs of the gastrointestinal tract. There are also used numerous recipes of folk medicine in the form of broths and settings that are easily made by themselves.
  6. The body, if necessary, must be cleaned of parasites, if to this there are indications after the examination.

Traditional methods of treatment

Among the folk remedies that are available to any man, it is necessary to single out the products of beekeeping in a separate list. They are extremely useful for men's health, for potency. This honey, pergah, pollen, royal jelly - all these products are easy to buy in any market or in a specialized store. They are taken alone or together with other drugs recommended by a doctor.


Based on honey and other means, you can easily make home recipes that help with prostatitis, problems with potency and premature ejaculation.

For the treatment of premature eruption folk methods use motherwort, calendula, valerian, yarrow, cones of hops, oregano and much more. But you can not just buy grass and start drinking it, before the course of treatment you should undergo a preliminary examination. For example, hops can be attributed to phytohormones of the female group, which means that men should not take it much. St. John's wort, despite all its excellent properties, has a very negative effect on the liver with frequent admission, so take it carefully.

Cure premature eruption of the seed will help the following recipes:

  1. 5 g of hop cones, 15 g of motherwort must be mixed, pour in 3-4 full cups of boiling water. The resulting mixture is infused for about 5 hours, after which the liquid is filtered, taken after a meal for a month for 150 ml.
  2. Periwinkle in the amount of 20 g should be poured a glass of boiling water, then in a water bath for 10 minutes. The broth is cooled, filtered, taken twice a day for 10 drops. The course is repeated after 3 days, the problem usually goes away quickly.

Premature ejaculation in men can not be treated as quickly as you want, so you should be patient. Usually when using folk methods and recipes, the first effect appears only after a couple of weeks, but treatment is entirely natural and safe, that chemical preparations and surgical intervention. But you need to take tinctures and flocks regularly, do not skip, do not interrupt the course.

Do not take alcohol, as it only provokes problems with erection. Do not self-medicate. If such a problem as premature ejaculation is, then it is necessary to solve it only together with the doctor. First, a survey is conducted, and already on the basis of its indicators, a course is assigned. If there are no special health problems, then the specialist can appoint and folk remedies, for example, beekeeping products and herbs. In the presence of chronic diseases, serious treatment and even surgical intervention may be required.


Premature ejaculation is a disease when too early ejaculation is observed. This gives a lot of inconvenience, for men turns into a real problem. It can be solved by various methods, including medications, even surgical intervention. But if there are no special health problems, then it is better not to use medicines, but folk safe remedies based on herbs and other ingredients.