Natural enhancement of potency without tablets


Table of contents

  • Frightening diagnosis
  • Correctly identify the cause of the disease
  • Having established the reason, it is possible to begin treatment
    • Harmony of life
    • Reduce the impact of negative factors
    • Moderation in food
    • Men's products
    • Walking and exercise
    • Reduce stress and stress

Frightening diagnosis

Many diseases are trapped by men in our time. But what can sound worse than diagnosing impotence? It's terrible when a man in full force dawn, begins to feel defective, abandoned, unloved. Only then the main and clear task in life is the strengthening of potency. Only then the man is ready to apply any methods of treatment, to run for help to the doctors. And only then he begins to deal with himself.

What strengthens potency? This question does not allow a normal existence of a man. During this period, the patient's psyche becomes very vulnerable, which aggravates the already deplorable situation.

But there are no desperate situations. It must be remembered that you are not the only one who has encountered this problem. It is necessary to search and, necessarily, find the right methods of treating impotence. It is necessary to understand that strengthening the potency of men is the work of the men themselves.


Correctly identify the cause of the disease

Deciding to make the first step in treatment is often very difficult. But you need to go to the doctor to help determine the cause of the violation of potency.

They are divided into 3 large groups:

  1. Physical causes that occur in parallel or due to cardiovascular, neurological or endocrine diseases.
  2. Psychological reasons associated with violations of the patient's mental self-esteem. Much depends on the relationship between partners.
  3. Engaging in the treatment of their chronic diseases with tablets, very few people pay attention to their effect on the genitourinary system of the body. When taken orally, some medicines can be detrimental to both the formation of the sperm and the male libido.

Dealing with the cause will help the attending physician, who knows all your genetic predispositions, acute and chronic diseases.

Having established the reason, it is possible to begin treatment

It is much easier to drink a pill than it is reasonable to approach the treatment of potency disorders. But! Tablets, as a dosage form, consist of chemical substances that are "foreign" to our body. They fall not only to the diseased organ, but are carried by blood to every cell of almost all organs. There they have their side effects.


Drug treatment is capable of causing psychological dependence, and by canceling the drug, we will get a non-cured disease "in the box". But the main principle in treatment is not to harm.

Begin the treatment of impotence with a change in lifestyle.

Harmony of life

Relations should be built on love, trust and mutual understanding. Not always quantity means quality. Avoid temporary, casual sex.

Strengthening potency in 80% of cases of patients is ensured by the correct way of life.

Reduce the impact of negative factors

Everyone knows about the destructive effect of alcohol on the liver. And the liver controls the normal activity of the sex glands. As a consequence of this fact - a decrease in the production of sex hormones. In the state of alcohol intoxication tactile sensitivity is very reduced, which leads to a violation of the ejaculation process.

Nicotine worsens microcirculation in the vessels of the pelvic organs, which often leads to thrombosis (blockage) of the vessels of the penis and persistent impotence.

The result of the use of narcotic substances is the development of irretrievable polyneuropathies. With this disease, the chains of nerve impulses are destroyed, the innervation of the penis is reduced to zero.

Moderation in food

The increase in male potency is greatly influenced by the diet of a man. Food should not only bring a taste of pleasure, but also be useful. It should contain:

  1. Vitamins A, E and C, which improve blood circulation, nerve conduction and stimulate the correct functioning of the gonads.
  2. A sufficient number of such trace elements as zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium.
  3. Digestible proteins and carbohydrates.

Men's products

Eat meat and fish, in which there is a lot of building material (proteins) for the cells and biologically active substances (provitamins, omega-3 fatty acids), which activate all metabolic processes of the body. Main dishes season with spices (black pepper, coriander), enrich the diet with natural aphrodisiacs. From sweets eat honey, dried fruits, nuts.


Garnish for a real man will be salads of spinach, parsley, celery and parsnip.

Use in everyday life and proven folk methods. Drink decoctions of medicinal herbs. They will help to tone all the systems of the body after a hard working day.

Walking and exercise

Correct gymnastics and regular walks in the fresh air are wonderful ways to enhance potency.

When walking, the body of a man is enriched with oxygen, the blood supply to the organs improves. Spend them along with your mate, and the harmony of the relationship will be strengthened.

A special set of exercises is developed, which is used to increase male strength.

  1. Exercise 1. We walk on the spot, lifting our knees as high as possible.
  2. Exercise 2.With hands on the belt. Slowly begin to bend the legs in the knee joints, in parallel strongly straining and relaxing the gluteal muscles.
  3. Exercise 3. We perform fast running on the spot, but we do not take off socks from the floor, only the heels are lifted.
  4. Exercise 4. From the prone position, hands along the trunk perform a "bridge".

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After performing the above described exercises, blood circulation in the genital organs considerably improves, the erection improves.

Reduce stress and stress

Fight fatigue. Provide your body with a full sleep and active rest. Do not allow both physical and mental overload.

Learn to just give your beloved a health, and you will not hear about the potions for a long time.