How you can easily and quickly gain weight

  • August 21, 2018
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Table of contents

  • Body mass index: characteristics
  • Causes of weight loss
  • A few words about nutrition
    • Rule No. 1
    • Rule No. 2
    • Rule No. 3
  • Brewer's yeast as a way to increase weight: practical recommendations

Quite often you can meet full men who are suffering, not knowing how to get rid of excess weight. And it is very easy to find a lot of information about how to lose weight. But there are completely opposite situations in which there is a problem of underweight. This is what will be discussed later, and if to be more precise, how quickly to gain weight, what to do for this, is it possible.

There is a category of men who, doing everything possible, starting from the absorption of food in large quantities and at any time days and ending with other exotic ways, can not bring your weight to the minimum standard values. On what it depends and how to deal with it, we find out further.

But let's start by getting acquainted with the information concerning the body mass index. This indicator will help you determine the degree of underweight.

Body mass index: characteristics

So, this indicator, as already mentioned above, will help to determine how much you lag behind in weight from the accepted standards. Calculate this value is quite simple, the main thing is to know your weight and height.


Next, the weight should be divided by the height in the square. For a simpler perception, let's give an example: say, the growth corresponds to 50 kg, and the height is 160 cm. So, 50 is divisible by, 0 2, as a result we get a value equal to 1, 3. This figure is the body mass index (BMI). Now you need to study the data given in the table, and find out what your mass deficit is.

BMI Degree of deficiency
Less than 16 Degree of severe weight deficit
16 to 18 Deficiency of weight
From 18 to 25 This is the norm
25 to 30 The degree of excess weight
From 30 to 35 Obesity of 1 degree
35 to 40 Obesity of the 2nd degree
From 40 and above Obesity of the 3rd degree

Causes of weight loss

Like any problem, lack of weight has its own reasons. And they can be quite different. Here are some of the most common.

  1. The very first thing that comes to mind is inadequate or improper nutrition.
  2. In second place are diseases associated with the functioning of the thyroid gland.
  3. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the problems associated with the pancreas.
  4. Another reason may be a poor adrenal function.
  5. Any problems with the gastrointestinal tract also affect weight.
  6. The state of stress or depression.
  7. The presence of parasites in the body.
  8. Genetics.
  9. Rachiocampsis.

A few words about nutrition

So, you have tried to gain weight more than once, but all your attempts did not lead to the desired result. And you have already despaired in your search for a solution, how fast to gain weight yourself. What to do?

It is necessary to understand that the problem is not how much you eat food, but how much food you eat. More precisely, how many calories do you consume in the process of eating.

Everyone knows that at a time when the young man is actively growing, no matter how much he eats, he always lacks calories. It would seem, to increase the number of calories - that's the way out. But it is not so. By doing so, you run the risk of not getting the expected result. For example, to gain such weight, which to throw off later will be a big problem.To gain weight, absorbing calories, it is necessary by certain rules, and following the advice of specialists in this field.


Simply put, there are three basic rules, respecting which, any man will cope with the problem of underweight at home, plus he will be able to tidy his muscles. In these rules there is nothing complicated, everything will depend, first of all, on your desire and goals set for yourself. How to gain weight correctly, we learn by studying the following rules.

Rule No. 1

This rule says that food at home should be balanced. What does it mean? Everything is very simple. In order to make new cells in your body (in the muscle tissue), it needs to be fed with proteins and carbohydrates in the right proportion and volume. Proteins will serve as a building material, while carbohydrates will be responsible for the timely delivery of energy to the cells. Hence, gaining weight you will be right and without harm to health.

Taking up the menu for yourself, note that it is best if the proteins are of animal origin. It can be meat, but low-fat, dairy products and, of course, eggs.

Proteins of vegetable origin, too, will not harm. They are in sufficient quantity to be contained in legumes. As for products containing carbohydrates, it is a different kind of cereals (such as rice, buckwheat, semolina) and pasta. And there are also carbohydrates in the production of bakery plants.

Now about what should be the meals. Take food, regardless of whether you are at home or not, you need to regularly. This is the main condition. The number of receptions during the day should correspond to 5 or 6 times.

Basic meals should be alternated with light snacks.

It is very important that breakfast is right. And for this, this menu should include products of fermented milk and eggs. Lunch and dinner can consist of meat (protein) in combination with any garnish rich in carbohydrates. How else can we influence weight gain, we learn further.

Not everyone knows what you can eat in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, in order to gain weight, you can use as a snack the following list of products. It:

  • fruit;
  • natural yogurt;
  • nuts;
  • cottage cheese.

Making up the menu, do not lose sight of products such as vegetable oil (preferably olive), milk (natural), pasta, and various types of nuts.

Rule No. 2

In this section we will talk about the need for physical exertion. Without them you can not do, if you plan not just to grow fat, but to build muscle. In this case, you will need to practice at least 2 times a week in the gym. Exercises lasting 1 hour will be quite enough, but do not forget that your muscles should be maximally loaded.

Very well, if you help in this matter, you will be a professional instructor who will determine the necessary complex of exercises for you. The greatest effect of these exercises you will get only in the case of proper exercise, this can also be followed by an instructor in the gym. As much as possible pay attention to loads, they should be as much as possible.

After a lapse of half an hour after loads in the gym, you need to eat something. Only in this case, you can easily restore the energy you have spent and at the same time stimulate muscle growth.


Rule No. 3

How to gain weight to a man at home? With the two rules you have already met, go to the third, but not less important. This rule says that in order for weight gain to be effective, you will need regular rest.

It is due to the fact that, perhaps, your insufficient weight has reasons related to stressful situations. It is in order to reduce them, you need to take care of the rest. What is included in this concept?

  1. You should try not to lose self-control and remain calm in any, even very unpleasant for you conditions.
  2. In addition, your night rest (sleep) should last at least 8 hours.

Brewer's yeast as a way to increase weight: practical recommendations

If you want to quickly gain weight, then pay attention to a drug such as brewer's yeast. Their effect is due to the fact that as a result of their use they favorably influence the metabolism in general, as well as the state of your body. Very many men think that with the use of beer yeast you can become the owner of a "beer" tummy. This is far from the case.

In beer yeast contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements, as well as amino acids. This composition effectively affects the increase in muscle mass, of course, if you adhere to the second rule and do not avoid employment in the gym.

In more detail, the composition of beer yeast includes almost 30 amino acids. Of these, eight human bodies are not capable of producing on their own, so their intake with food is simply necessary. And the vitamins of group B contained in yeast affect the more effective assimilation of the above-mentioned amino acids. The protein contained in the brewer's yeast, resembles a protein of animal origin, but contains more calories.

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For an illustrative example, we give the following values: 1 kg of brewer's yeast contains about 4500 calories. If you compare this value with 1 kg of meat, then it only 1700 calories. Agree, the difference is obvious.

The recommended dose of beer yeast intake is from 2 to 3 tablets. If their reception is during or immediately after the meal, you will notice how your appetite will improve. But do not forget that the immediate effect, most likely, will not follow. After consulting with specialists, you can increase the initial dose to 5 tablets.

You can buy brewer's yeast in almost any pharmacy. The cost is available.

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Now you know how to quickly gain weight to a man. The main thing is to take very seriously the advice and recommendations of specialists, it is their exact implementation that will help you cope with your problem at home.