Can men drink lemon balm and mint?


Table of contents

  • Legend of the plant
  • Useful properties of the clearing
  • Harmful properties of the clearing

There are a lot of mint species, but not all are currently used. Everyone has advantages, disadvantages and their own area of ​​application. The most popular is pepper, which was obtained by crossing the garden and water mint. It can be bought in almost any store, found in an anesthetic or toothpaste, because in peppermint the maximum content of menthol. After all, thanks to him you can get rid of the unpleasant odor of the legs or sore throat, bouts of nausea or insomnia. No less popular is meadow meadow, in which the content of menthol is not so great, but it is very It is unpretentious and does not require special care, therefore it is often used for preparation of various medical preparations.


Peppermint has found application in cooking, because it has a strong characteristic smell and gives the dish a peculiar flavor. But there is the appearance of this plant, which differs from others, it refers to the clearing and has several names. Melissa, or mint lemon, does not contain menthol and bitter taste.

All kinds are useful for men, because they help to fight various dangerous diseases.

But there are nuances that need to be known and taken into account. It is necessary to compare useful properties and side effects when applying mint to a man.


Legend of the plant

There is a legend explaining the origin of the name and some properties of mint. Once in ancient Greece there were legends about the gods and their lives. Hades, the god of the underworld, was the beloved of the nymph Minta, who commanded river open spaces. In the places of her reign, air was striking with its freshness, and water - with transparency. Tired travelers gained strength, resting near its rivers, and the patients found healing. But Hades had Persephone's jealous wife, who, upon learning of her husband's infidelity, turned the beautiful Minta into a plant. No matter how grieved the lord of the underworld, he could not change anything. Only he gave the plant a tart and fresh aroma. So there was a mint.

Useful properties of the clearing

The most famous property of mint is a soothing effect - there are plenty of stressful situations in a man's life. To quickly calm down and do not remove evil on close people, you need to make tea with mint. You will need a regular kettle with a strainer for filtration, a few teaspoons of custard green or black tea and 5-6 leaves of peppermint, bought at any nearest supermarket. First, you need to fill the kettle with tea, then put mint and pour it with boiling water. Leave to stand for 10-15 minutes and pour yourself a cup. Already in 7-8 minutes after use menthol will act and soothe the loosened nerves.

If you mix peppermint and pomegranate juice, tannic and astringent substances will act on a person stopping sudden attacks of nausea and vomiting. This is a good way out of the situation, if you do not have any medications at hand, but there is mint and pomegranate. Still, mint is advised for poor digestion, diarrhea, or flatulence. Mint tea contributes to the active production of saliva and gastric juice, and that is why it can improve the digestion of food without unnecessary costs for expensive drugs.

It is unlikely that the female sex will attract an unpleasant odor from the mouth, which is formed due to problems with the gastrointestinal tract and spoils life. Menthol, contained in mint, can freshen breath. Also, it is not accidental that it is contained in toothpaste, because menthol not only removes the unpleasant odor, but can Help with bleeding gums, because it has anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the appearance of caries.

It has long been proven that men who drink or drink tea with mint during a cold or sore throat get better sooner. Because it affects the removal of inflammation. With excessive sweating of feet, mint can also be overcome. For this, we do not drink it, but we prepare a mint bath, relaxing legs and removing the sharp odor. The recipe is simple. It will take a handful of dried mint and l boiled water. The plant will have to be poured hot water and let it infuse for half an hour. And then pour the mixture into a specially prepared pelvis and dip your legs there. Menthol will remove an unpleasant smell due to narrowing of pores and relieve of awkwardness. If you drink tea with mint at night, it will be easier to relax and fall asleep without thinking about the past and the future.



Another type of mint - melissa - has a similar effect, but it also has its own characteristics. Melissa can be used to combat accumulated weight, because this plant removes excess water from the organism and has a diuretic effect, so relieves edema and unwanted snacks during day. Like peppermint, melissa can be used with tea or brew a special broth. For him, you need half a tablespoon of dried lemon balm and motherwort. They should be mixed, pour 200 ml of boiling water and leave to boil for 15 minutes. This will result in a decoction that positively affects a man's well-being. He relieves tension, which will leave insomnia and calm the shattered nerves. The effects of lemon mint on inflamed and tired muscles are invaluable, since it is possible to make an anesthetic bath with essential oil of lemon balm.

Harmful properties of the clearing

Mint tea is not only useful, but also partially harmful for men, because it can negatively affect the potency. This will happen with too frequent use of tea. Why might such a problem arise? The reasons for this effect of mint are that there is an outflow of blood from the penis, and the potency of the man is under threat. But do not completely abandon the tea with peppermint, because the benefits from it are much greater.


The effect of lemon mint on the male body is slightly different, because in melissa does not contain menthol, badly affecting the potency. Because of this, this plant has a different smell and bitter taste.Therefore, men who are experiencing for their potency and are in a stressful situation, can replace peppermint peppermint and get the desired effect.Also, mint is not recommended for hypotension, since it may cause a decrease in pressure, and men suffering from heartburn. The effect of mint on potency does not yet make this plant feminine - just do not need to abuse the drink, then mint will not be harmful to you.