Effective treatment of erectile dysfunction with folk remedies


Table of contents

  • Causes of the disease
  • Conducting diagnostics
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Folk methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction
    • Lingonberry, rhodiola pink and squats

The problem of erectile dysfunction is that a man partially or completely lost the ability to conceive a child. At many representatives of a stronger sex achievement, support of an erection becomes inconvenient. Today, quite a large percentage of men suffer from such a violation, and the age category is quite extensive.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction with folk remedies and traditional medications should be timely. Therefore, before you use anything, you need to undergo an appropriate examination from specialists. Before treating the disease, we need to establish the causes of its occurrence.


Causes of the disease

In order to properly choose the means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you first need to determine the causes of the disease. Among these reasons, it should be noted:

  1. Disorders of the endocrine system. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by poor activity of the sex glands, i.e. necessary hormones just do not stand out or stand out in a small amount, which for normal functioning is clearly not enough.
  2. A pituitary tumor can also become one of the causes of impotence. But the treatment of erectile dysfunction requires the obligatory participation of a physician.
  3. Consequences of drug therapy. Quite often it happens that the disorders in sexual life are caused by the intake of different medications. It is necessary to consult a supervising doctor, cancel drugs or replace them with others. In some cases, treatment is required until the end, after that, already prescribe drugs to overcome dysfunction.
  4. Neurological disorders, which must be treated completely different methods. Usually only the help of a neurologist is required, folk remedies will already be ineffective.
  5. Presence of diabetes mellitus. This disease is the leader in the number of side disorders. This is due to the peculiarities of the course of the disease, the processes that occur in the body. Negative influence causes disturbances in the endocrine system, as a result, an abnormal metabolism, excess weight is observed.
  6. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is important that there are no violations of the outflow of blood, as it directly affects the erection. It is necessary to undergo a thorough examination, concerning the establishment of the presence of such diseases as aortic aneurysm, endarteritis, varicose veins.

Conducting diagnostics

To accurately make a diagnosis called erectile dysfunction, you need to undergo a medical examination. Without it, it is difficult to establish what exactly caused this disease. In addition, the examination will help to identify other diseases that can accompany erectile dysfunction. Many of them must be treated beforehand, and not delayed. To assess the general condition, ultrasound is used, which makes it possible to determine the value venous outflow, to see even the slightest signs of arteriosclerosis of the vessels, the presence of traces of scarring, calcification.

During the examination, the doctor needs to find out if the erection is at night. For a healthy person this is quite normal and even desirable.


If nocturnal erections are absent, then this already indicates the presence of certain problems and disorders.

For a fully healthy male of any age, the appearance of such an erection during sleep is up to 5-6 times. If it is absent at night, then this is already one of the signs of the disease. In some cases, bioteziometry of the penis is prescribed.

Traditional methods of treatment

The traditional treatment of erectile dysfunction is to use these methods:

  1. Inhibitors based on only natural plant components.
  2. Carrying out injections into the cavernous body of the penis or directly into the urethra.
  3. Creating optimal diet, avoiding bad habits, keeping only the right way of life, excluding stressful situations.
  4. For the penis, you can use special prostheses and vacuum devices.
  5. Courses of psychotherapy.
  6. Vascular surgery on the penis.
  7. Massage.


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Folk methods in the fight against erectile dysfunction

Folk remedies for erectile dysfunction can be quite effective. Experts advise together with the usual treatment at home to use and numerous folk recipes based on herbs, fruits, berries. Doing them at home is easy, but you should not expect a quick result. Usually a full course of treatment can take more than a week, while you need to maintain your body, observe a special diet, which includes all the most useful.

Before you begin to treat with folk remedies, you should always consult with an observing doctor who will give advice on taking.

Among the most popular means with which you can treat erectile dysfunction, such:

  1. Prunes, dried apricots, natural honey honey (only not shop), raisins, walnuts in equal parts must be ground in a blender.
  2. The resulting natural cocktail should be taken in the morning before the first meal. It should not be washed down.

Another great folk remedy is plain tea based on ginger. For its preparation it is necessary to take:

  1. Green unsweetened tea in the amount of 1 liter, it is pre-brewed in a thermos.
  2. Ground ginger in the amount of a teaspoon.
  3. Burnt red pepper in a pinch, bee natural honey - a full tablespoon.

Tea and other ingredients are thoroughly mixed, after which the resulting drink in the amount of 1 liter should be drunk throughout the day for small portions. The length of the course of treatment depends on the general condition, the testimony of the observant physician.

Lingonberry, rhodiola pink and squats

When treating folk remedies, you can use cranberries, which are excellent for problems with potency. Prepare a healing drink is not so difficult, for this you need to take 1 tablespoon. berries and leaves of cowberry, brew in, l boiling water. Insists a half-hour drink in a water bath, the container should be tightly covered with a lid. After insisting, filter the received folk remedy, take it 3 times a day for 1/3 cup.

Rhodiola rosea, namely its root, is very useful if treatment of erectile dysfunction is required. Such folk remedies for erectile dysfunction are prepared at home. The root should be crushed, add vodka in equal amounts.The resulting mixture is infused for about 10 days, after which tincture is taken for ½ tsp. before meals twice a day.

But not only folk remedies can be treated with erectile dysfunction. Effective such physical exercises as squats, running with high knees raised showed themselves. The diet should be high-grade, include all listed products. The menu must include meat, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts. Useful oats, pumpkin, garlic, sour cream, but not shop, but only home, onions. But alcohol and tobacco must necessarily be excluded, we must try to avoid stress, overwork.



Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common disease in men, which adversely affects the possibility of conception. For treatment it is possible to use not only medical preparations, but also numerous folk remedies. All of them are based only on natural ingredients, it is not difficult to prepare them with your own hands. But before you start treatment, you need to consult an observing specialist who will prescribe the treatment and give recommendations. This will allow the most effective conduct of the treatment itself, restore the lost function to the body in full.