Duovit for men: abstract and reviews


Table of contents

  • Indications for the use of vitamins Duovit for men
  • Instructions for use
  • Abstract and reviews for vitamin-mineral complex Duovit for men
    • How to buy a drug?
    • Reviews about the drug

Duovit for men is a combined multivitamin preparation that is designed to eliminate the lack of minerals and vitamins in the body and stimulate metabolism. The composition of the preparation includes vitamins of group B, which play an important role in homocysteine ​​metabolism and are necessary for prophylaxis in various diseases of the cardiovascular system. Vitamins-antioxidants protect the human body from aggressive environmental influences, as well as slow the aging process. Duovit for men contains a balanced combination of vitamin A and zinc, which can improve the formation of sperm, improve immunity and potency.

Indications for the use of vitamins Duovit for men

  1. Increased psychological and physical activity.
  2. Reduced intake of essential vitamins and mineral compounds in the body of a man.
  3. Compliance with diet in diabetes or obesity.
  4. Increased losses of minerals (for example, with vomiting, increased sweating and diarrhea).

Instructions for use

The scheme of taking the drug is quite simple.Duvit for men is recommended to apply 1 time a day for one tablet at mealtime.The drug is contraindicated if there is an individual intolerance to one or more of the components that make up the composition.

If rashes, nausea, vomiting, or other unpleasant symptoms occur, stop taking the medication immediately and consult a doctor. At present, there are no reported cases of overdose by this complex.


Abstract and reviews for vitamin-mineral complex Duovit for men

Manufacturer of the preparation: Krka (Slovenia). The composition includes vitamins A, D3, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, niacin, panthenolic acid, folic acid, biotin, as well as minerals - zinc, iron, copper, iodine, magnesium and manganese. The drug does not contain gluten and sugar.

Duovit for men is a combined, modern, balanced dietary supplement, containing the most important for men minerals and vitamins (6 minerals and 12 vitamins), has positive reviews.

The drug is not a drug and can be dispensed without a prescription. Keep the tablets out of the reach of children, protected from light, at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. The drug has a shelf life of 2 years.

How to buy a drug?

Duovit for men is sold to the population through specialized departments of the trading network and through the pharmacy network in as a biologically active additive - an additional source of minerals and vitamins for men. Each tablet is coated with a special protective coating. One bottle contains 30 tablets. One bottle is placed in a cardboard box.

Reviews about the drug

Catherine, 35 years old: "My husband very often began to complain about his poor state of health, since he has hard work with a non-standard working day. Constant mental and physical overloads caused that in the evening he was squeezed out like a lemon. The situation was aggravated by the fact that he had a viral infection. After the illness, lethargy, laziness and sleepiness in the daytime fell on him. He often complained of a complete breakdown. To somehow raise his tone and restore strength, I bought him a complex of vitamins Duovit, which was advised by a familiar doctor. The price of the drug is 325 r. In the sale there were vitamin complexes, which must be taken 3 times a day, but with a busy schedule her husband's work is not always convenient.


The need for different vitamins in men and women is different, so the drug, designed specifically for men, is suitable in this situation is much better. After 2-3 days of treatment, one could already see a positive effect - the general condition improved, cheerfulness appeared in the morning, in the evening the husband began to come home not so tired. Within a week the daytime drowsiness and decay of strength disappeared, on the whole he became more cheerful and more cheerful. Now I recommend this complex to all familiar men! "

Elena, 28 years old: "I decided to write a review about vitamin-mineral complex for Duovit men, because other vitamins did not cause such enthusiasm. My boyfriend works two jobs and is also intensely engaged in sports. In the last few months, he himself was not himself. I started to come home from work very tired, after playing sports I immediately went to bed. Even my son stopped paying attention. As a caring half, decided to take the situation under control, went to the pharmacy and asked to pick up the best vitamin complex (before it acquired various vitamins, but no effect observed). Advised Duovit, immediately acquired it.

Take the drug my boyfriend started right away. In the early days there was a slight nausea. Instructions for use say that vitamins should be taken with food. Most likely, the nausea arose due to the fact that the tablet was taken on an empty stomach. After he started taking Duovit for men during the day during a meal, the nausea passed. A week after taking the drug, he appeared vivacity, a healthy complexion, he began to devote enough time to the child. Energy began to beat the key! On the intimate life I keep silent, everything is super! "

Oleg, 34 years old: "Recently, he began to get sick very often. Catarrhal diseases were manifested almost every week. A couple of times a month lying around with the temperature, even had to drink antibiotics. Tasted a lot of tonic teas and herbs, regularly ate honey, fresh fruit, but there was no improvement in well-being. This situation began to be very oppressive, the surrounding people constantly reminded of a very painful look. Yes, and the staff began to look uncomfortable, it was evident that a persistent runny nose and cough were already boring them! Purely by accident, when I went to the pharmacy, I complained to the pharmacist about my problem. The girl immediately suggested Duovit for men, said that this drug has a lot of positive feedback. Reviews read, take the vitamin complex began immediately.

A couple of days after the reception, he felt more cheerful, felt a surge of energy. For two months (during which he took Duovit) was not sick at all! After a difficult period in life, it became a real miracle! I started to play sports, I revised the food. Duovit for men is taken regularly, once every six months, taking breaks for a month. "

Victoria, 55 years old: "My son is 18 years old. At the end of spring, he began to complain about morning bleeding from the nose, weakness, dizziness. He refused to go to a full examination, he began to say that there was no time for it. Coming home, he immediately went to bed or watched TV. In the beginning of the summer he fell ill with a cold, and then a whole bunch of various illnesses came out. The doctor said that he was greatly reduced immunity and lack of vitamins. I recommended the vitamin complex Duovit. After a week of reception, dizziness, blood from the nose disappeared, the son went to recovery! After a month of admission, I began to complain less often about weakness. So vitamins really helped! "

Anatoly, 25 years old: "My wife and I decided to have a baby. In the pharmacy, when she bought vitamins for women who were about to become pregnant, she noticed Duovit for men and decided to buy. To calm her down, she decided to take them regularly. A week later, he noticed very interesting changes - cheerfulness appeared, a more positive mood became, potency increased very much. Vitamins have made a tangible contribution to the process of conception of our baby. "

Eugene, 53 years old: "After 40 years began to improve very sharply, over 12 years recovered at 60 kg. I am engaged in that I write sites for various customers. The lifestyle I lead is inactive, because of the complexes about the weight rarely went out. There were various problems with health - shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. Positive emotions derived from eating, mostly ate all kinds of flour and fatty products. At some point I decided to stop and regain a normal healthy appearance. The dietician prescribed a special diet, but after 4 days of her adherence, her health deteriorated sharply - dizziness, weakness began, and her eyes doubled. Already I wanted to quit everything and go back to my former way of life. Having learned about my problems, the nutritionist said that the diet should necessarily accompany the intake of vitamins and minerals. After 2 days of taking the drug
Duovit became much better - there was cheerfulness and lightness in the body. The diet has stood firm to the end, now I watch my diet constantly. Duovit does not leave the shelf in the kitchen. As soon as the pills finish, I'm going to buy new ones. I recommend to everyone."

Igor, 28 years old: "I do not know when I began to feel like a complete wreck. Work the last six months was a burden, the relationship with his wife began to strain, in the evening did not want anything - neither sex, nor any active rest. The whole vacation lay on the couch. Even there was no desire to take the child from the kindergarten, with all the family responsibilities his wife had to manage on her own. At some point, she put the condition that if I do not change, then she will leave. Even after that, I did not react much. After her departure, the house became sad and melancholy, I did not want to cook, so I was eating ready-made salads and chips. After two weeks of such a "diet" there were pains in the abdomen, heartburn. There was a feeling that the age is now not 28, but 80 years.


The decision to change his life arose sharply. On the same day he began to pour cold water, enrolled in the pool. It was hard to play sports, the coach offered to buy a complex of vitamins and minerals for men and to balance their nutrition. The drug Duovit purchased the same day and took one pill at night. After that, it was very hard to fall asleep, muscles felt tired, but the energy poured out of the body. It was necessary to direct it in the right direction - it began to do cleaning, to repair broken things. I fell asleep only for an hour at 3 nights. Vitamins began to be taken regularly. Sleep after that became short, but charging energy. Quite enough began to sleep for 5 hours (although earlier there was not enough 9). I will never go back to a past life. I'm very keen on health now: sport, healthy food and a complex of Duovit vitamins are the three whales on which it is kept. When the well-being improved, there was a desire to live, other aspects of life were established. "



Alexey, 33 years old: "After 30 years, the malfunctioning of intimate life began, the potency decreased dramatically. My wife at first hinted that we should address the problem, tried to help. Discuss this problem did not want to, so just decided to ignore it. In the evening I came up with various excuses - I was tired, I wanted to sleep, then I would get up early tomorrow. During sex, too, was a lot of excuses - the alcohol was superfluous, then the atmosphere, then something else. In the end, the wife left alone. It seems that somehow it became easier. I thought the lack of sex suits her, too. But exclusion in the intimate life led to a suspension in other areas.

She began to sleep in a separate room, even began to lock herself. Kisses disappeared before work and at the end of the day. Once at a party he even noticed how she was flirting with a man. After that, everything boiled up, very afraid of losing it. If before he was afraid to go to the doctor, now he ran to him from all directions. In the diagnostic center, I passed all the necessary tests, was examined. The doctor recommended a couple of weeks poprinimat vitamin complex for men Duovit and appointed a special diet. In case it does not help, he will appoint more serious drugs. He recommended sex regularly, otherwise the male function will begin to fade more and more. Fortunately, the doctor did not have to return. Refusal from smoking and alcohol, a special diet and taking vitamins did their job. In an intimate life, everything was fine. Everything has become even better than it was during the last 5 years. "

Vyacheslav, 23 years old: "Since the age of 12 I have been intensively studying aikido. Three months ago I was offered to become a coach - to lead two younger groups. Therefore, in addition to basic training, three hours a day were given to beginners. A month later I felt a sharp deterioration in my health - there was a cough, my gums bleed, my teeth crumbled. In my legs I began to feel small cramps at night. Because of this, he became very nervous. I wanted to quit everything, because overwork began, and the situation with the teeth became very nervous.

When he came to the club administrator, deciding to give up coaching work because of these problems, colleagues recommended starting to take a vitamin and mineral complex. Decided to try. From the whole assortment of vitamins, Duovit got to the eyes for men. After a week of taking the medication, the well-being improved noticeably, the cough became less intense, the gums ceased to bleed.


https://www.youtube.com/watc? = EqayLRY-4M

After a month, the health was fully restored. Now he even added one more group. I think that for people who are intensely involved in sports, the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes is simply necessary. "