Reviews and important information about the drug Prostatinol


Table of contents

  • Features of the composition of the drug Prostatinol
  • The effect of the drug on the male body
  • How and when is it better to take Prostatinol?
  • Is the drug effective?

Prostatitis, an inflammatory disease of the prostate, is the most common urological disease in men of any age. Various factors can contribute to the development of this disease. This sedentary lifestyle, and various infectious diseases, hypothermia and persistent fatigue, and other effects that lead to a violation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Among the main symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland are painful sensations in the suprapubic zone and the crotch, lower back, testicles, as well as the appearance of varying degrees of difficulty during urination. The nature and intensity of symptoms may vary, but in the end all this leads to a decrease in the duration of sexual contact and the deterioration of the erection.


There are many drugs for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis. One of the most popular is the drug Prostatinol. Each tablet of this medicine contains a whole range of useful substances and active components that help reduce the manifestation of symptoms of the disease and normalize the condition prostate cancer.

Features of the composition of the drug Prostatinol

This drug is useful and effective, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews. The mechanism of action of the drug is provided by the components that make up its composition. Thus, the description given by the manufacturer indicates that each tablet of Prostatinol contains the following components:

  1. Extract of palm fruit sabal. This component helps reduce the severity of prostatic hyperplasia, helps restore and strengthen the reproductive function of the male body.
  2. Pigeon extract of African. Due to this component in patients taking Prostatinol, there is a decrease in the intensity of the inflammatory process, stabilization of the secretory function of the prostate, a decrease in hyperplasia. The extract restrains the pathological growth of prostate fibroblasts, suppresses pathological cell growth.
  3. The extract of pumpkin seeds contains a lot of zinc, which is one of the fundamental factors of male health and normal metabolism in the prostate gland. This component provides immunomodulatory, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and metabolic effects of the drug. Under the influence of zinc, the division of prostate cells is normalized, potency improves, and the severity of pain and other manifestations of diseases of the prostate gland decreases. Zinc is contained not only in the form of an extract of pumpkin seeds, but also in a "pure" form. He takes an active part in the development of testosterone and the process of spermatogenesis. Against the background of zinc deficiency benign prostatic hyperplasia develops and many other diseases.
  4. Pepper extract. It is characterized by pronounced antibacterial and antioxidant properties, promotes the normalization of kidney function and cardiovascular system, improves the function of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a part of many medicines intended for the treatment of diseases of the prostate.
  5. The extracts of ginseng and eleutherococcus, which are part of Prostatin, contribute to the improvement of sexual activity and prostate function. They have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, are characterized by adaptogenic action, relieve irritability and fatigue, improve mental and physical performance, enhance the protective functions of the body, have a tonic effect on the genitourinary system of men.
  6. The composition of the drug contains a number of amino acids that take part in the processes of producing male sex hormones. Without them, the normal process of sperm production is impossible. They increase sexual desire, improve potency and restore prostate cells. Under the influence of glycine, the swelling of the prostate tissue is reduced, it is more quickly cured. And glutamine and alanine are characterized by antioxidant effects, contribute to the strengthening of the structure of prostate cells.
  7. L-arginine is also present in the formulation. It is an amino acid that has a beneficial effect on the prostate. He takes an active part in the work of the male genital organs, the processes of sperm production, the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. With a deficiency of this amino acid, male infertility can develop.
  8. The composition of Prostatinol is rich in various vitamins. So, thanks to vitamin B6 suppression of the synthesis of the hormone prolactin, due to which the prostate size increases and the reproductive function is violated. Vitamin B5 is actively involved in the production of testosterone. And vitamin E is also indispensable for the male body. It is prescribed for the prevention of prostatitis and prostate tumors, normalizes and maintains the hormonal balance.

Thanks to this composition, a complex positive effect on the male organism is provided, which is confirmed by numerous reviews and research results.

The effect of the drug on the male body

Prostatanol is a specialized food supplement. Patients' feedback and research results indicate that this drug contributes to:

  1. Reducing the severity of hyperplasia.
  2. Restoration of normal function of the prostate gland.
  3. Reduces swelling.
  4. Improvement of spermatogenesis.
  5. Improve a number of important functions of the genitourinary system.
  6. Strengthening immunity.
  7. Prevent too fast ejaculation.

Prostatinol reduces the likelihood of the appearance or development of chronic prostatitis, a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system, benign prostatic hyperplasia. The patients' comments allow us to conclude that the drug Prostatanol starts to work already from the very beginning of its administration.


How and when is it better to take Prostatinol?

It is a biologically active additive, which is not a medicinal product in the usual sense. It is used as a preventive agent and component of a comprehensive therapy for various deviations in the sexual and reproductive functions of men.

The duration of the course is determined by the doctor. If necessary, after a ten-day break, the course can be resumed.

It is taken 2 times a day with meals. The patient's feedback emphasizes that it is important to follow the dosage and intake rules prescribed by the doctor. Only if these conditions are met can we expect high treatment efficiency and a significant improvement in reproductive health.

This drug is prescribed for many men with prostate diseases for admission as a biologically active additive, since it is an excellent source of panaxosides and eleutherosides, zinc and many important for male health vitamins.



Among the contraindications to the use of this drug are:

  1. Individual intolerance of any components.
  2. Increased nervous excitability, problems with sleep.
  3. High blood pressure.
  4. Any diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Is the drug effective?

The effectiveness of this drug is regularly disputed among many practitioners. One thing is certain: the effectiveness of any tool can increase many times or, on the contrary, decrease depending on the scheme of its use and a number of "accompanying" therapeutic activities. However, this drug is unique in this respect. It can be used both as a separate agent and in combination with a variety of urological drugs used in benign prostatic hyperplasia.


This biologically active additive does not adversely affect the kidneys, liver and other organs and systems of the male body. However, even though the drug is a biologically active additive, it shows very high efficiency, but only as part of a well-designed treatment program and under constant supervision doctor. Practically all patients notice significant improvements already in the first stages of treatment with the use of this drug.

Biologically active additive shows its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. The agent has no appreciable effect on hemodynamics and peripheral blood counts, it has no pronounced hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic properties. The additive is well tolerated and has virtually no side effects. However, before you start taking it is necessary to consult with the doctor.


Clinical studies confirm that the drug shows good results as an agent for treating prostate diseases. However, it must be remembered that the probability of successful treatment is directly related to three mutually complementary factors: qualification of the attending physician, responsibility and attitude to the patient's treatment and the effectiveness of the course. Therefore, try to find more information about your future doctor, follow his instructions clearly and do not deviate from the prepared treatment program. Be healthy!