How to maintain the health of men aged 50 years and over


Table of contents

  • Why prepare and what to expect in the first months after the anniversary?
    • What should men be afraid after 50?
    • The truth and myths about the sexual inactivity of men over 50 years old
    • What methods and actions can the man's health preserve after 50 years?

We are all used to the fact that men, being a strong gender, are able to tolerate almost any physical difficulties, cope with any work beyond the reach of women, and all this is not usually accompanied by complaints about the intolerable works, or denials of them implementation. And it often happens that a woman who is accustomed to living with her husband can not even imagine that on one not the most beautiful day her companion will suddenly lose its former strength. Yes, and the man himself it will not be very pleasant. However, life can not escape from life, and sooner or later the human body grows old, especially noticeable it becomes closer to retirement age. The health of a man at the age of 50 seriously gives up his former position.

Therefore, in order that this stage does not become too painful from the psychological and physical points of view, it must be carefully prepared. For example, read special literature, watch scientific films, consult a doctor. To ask their older relatives how they survived such a critical moment of life. Perhaps you are waiting for something similar, because these features and characteristics of the body are inherited.


Why prepare and what to expect in the first months after the anniversary?

According to statistics, most health problems occur in the body of representatives of the strong half of humanity with the onset of about fifty years. That is, someone begins to give up their positions only 60 years, and someone already at the age of 45 can not compete with young men. And this should not surprise anyone, because the limit of opportunities is everything. Experts also determined the age - 50 years, with the onset of which in men the following symptoms are observed:

  • decreased immunity;
  • falls physical and sexual activity.

Many factors can become the reason for this turn of events.


And most of them are determined by the fact that in a certain period of their life the body of a man lacks attention to his own health.

This usually occurs during the youth of a man, when he experiences a flourishing of strength, but pay attention to their health, most of the male representatives begins only with the onset of their male menopause. And this negatively affects many factors. For example, the life expectancy of men in post-Soviet countries, in which only 62% of the male population lives to their 50th birthday.

The border in only 6 decades is crossed by only 71% of the surviving members of the stronger sex. According to the data provided by the doctors, the peak of male deaths falls on the period of just 45-60 years. And this is connected not only with negligence in relation to health in the period of youth, but also with the fact that the overwhelming majority of citizens, who have survived the golden jubilee, feeling not well enough, continues to ignore the signs of deterioration present in them state of health.

There is a saying that many really like, and it says the truth that life only begins at the age of 50 years. Young it seems that it was invented by the parents themselves, in such a way to comfort themselves. However, for a mature generation, this age is considered a kind of a border, crossing which it is necessary to change something in your life. And not because I want so much, but because the body requires it. For example, for women in this age group, the anniversary means the opportunity to change some of their hobbies, to think about how to restore the elasticity of the skin, etc. Men at the age of 50 must first check their health. After that it will be necessary to start correcting the problems identified during the thorough inspection. You will have to lead a new lifestyle, eliminating most of your harmful foods from your diet, do certain physical exercises and much more, which is focused on the preservation and restoration health.

What should men be afraid after 50?

Statistics indicate that most of the health-related 50-year-old man's problems are emotional in nature. This is indicated by the fact that the absolute majority of male deaths in this time period occur as a result of emotional and mental trauma, and not physical ones. In fact, a depressed state, a lower level of emotionality, stress and fear lead mainly to a decrease in immunity. Against this background, in turn, the door to the most vulnerable organs opens.

One of the most dangerous indicators of reducing immunity is rapid fatigue. It's really worth fighting with her, and very seriously. Since it has, for the most part, not physical, but emotional grounds, which, in turn, will lead to depression, which can only harm and spoil the health of a man after the jubilee of fifty years. Previously, the impulsive and quick temper of the young man allowed a powerful blow to the table or violent cry out all negative emotions that, due to this, did not accumulate and did not destroy organism. But this time has passed. And more important to ensure that the health of men after the half-century anniversary is preserved, there are positive emotions, calm state, smile, etc.

The truth and myths about the sexual inactivity of men over 50 years old

During the same period, the problem of the decline of men's sexual activity makes itself felt.And this is very difficult for them to understand, since up to this point they live a full life and do not suffer from a lack of desire. Experiencing on this occasion is not worth much, as a constantly depressed state, depression caused by these changes, bashfulness, etc. can only aggravate the current situation. After all, a well-known fact is that a significant proportion of the person's physical illness relies on his emotional state.


A person is arranged in such a way that sexual desire can increase or decrease, and even at a fairly young age, for example, 30 to 33, this is normal. However, in the period after 50 years, this is manifested much more often, and the inability to realize their male the potential is perceived by the person insufficiently correctly, he starts to be afraid of it and sometimes even closes in itself. But a decrease in the sexual capabilities of men does not indicate a loss of potency, because, according to doctors, more than half the cases is due to the fact that all in the aggregate the organs of the male body begin to work with some disturbances of their own functionality. Therefore, timely diagnosis and proper treatment will be able to restore, although not in the same volume, sexual health and prevent the development of any serious diseases in the future.

What methods and actions can the man's health preserve after 50 years?

The main problems and diseases that most adults face are:

  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • obesity;
  • low back pain;
  • prostatitis;
  • frequent bouts of depression.

A separate group includes men, the risk of diseases in which will be exceeded twice. These are men who suffer from alcohol, narcotic or nicotine addiction. They have these diseases, as a rule, take place in more severe forms and can lead to the development of a malignant tumor - cancer of certain organs. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor who will help determine the current situation and offer the most active treatment.

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An important factor is the belief in the bright future of the patient himself, who must understand that 50 years is not yet age in order to surrender under the blows of fate, and there are many options how to change the current situation to better. One of them is the right diet food. To him, of course, it will be difficult to get used to, but normal life activity is worth such efforts and some minor deprivations. Try not to eat too much, but as much as you need to maintain strength. Overeating is already harmful to the body, and at a time when the health of a man is weakened, it is better not to create additional loads. Gradual shift towards eating only healthy products, emotional preparation for self-preservation and constant systematic diagnosis of health are the basic whales on which a man over 50 must build his life and activity.