How to treat annoying snoring in men by folk remedies?


Table of contents

  • The causes of snoring
  • How to treat snoring correctly?
  • Treatment of snoring folk methods

Snoring is a fairly common phenomenon that occurs for various reasons. Not only men, but also women, small children are prone to hurting, it is capable to poison the existence of others very badly, because a strong and unpleasant sound simply does not allow to fall asleep nearby. But do not think that snoring is an innocuous phenomenon, it can be caused by various diseases that need to be treated. For example, a curved nasal septum is not only one of the reasons for the appearance of snoring, but also contributes to difficulty breathing.


Snoring can and should be treated, various methods are used for this, including medical measures, numerous folk remedies that are quite effective.

Snoring in men can be removed, even if the patient simply quits smoking or begins to follow their weight.

If these measures do not help, then you need to undergo a survey that identifies the causes of the disease, will allow you to prescribe the appropriate treatment.


The causes of snoring

Get rid of snoring to a man is very important, do not think that the phenomenon is harmless. Experts prove that about 1/3 divorce is due to the fact that one of the spouses snores. This phenomenon not only does not give a full rest, but it also irritates greatly, is the cause of depression, stress, strong unmotivated irritability. Because of this phenomenon, spouses often sleep in different rooms, constantly quarrel. That is why various methods must be used to treat snoring.

To begin treatment, it is necessary to determine precisely the causes of such a phenomenon:

  1. Narrowing of the walls of the nasopharynx. This phenomenon can arise due to too strong relaxation of the muscles of the tongue, the soft palate. This reason is the most common, explaining why there is a strong snoring during sleep, not only in men, but also in women, young children.
  2. There is snoring and with age, many by the age of 30 discover that they suddenly have this ailment. This is due to the fact that the organism at this age is already entering the stage of aging.
  3. A narrow nasopharynx that interferes with normal breathing can also cause night snoring, sometimes quite violent.
  4. Too narrow nasal passages, curvature of the entire part of the nasopharynx, polyps that grow in the nasal cavity, Incorrect bite and too elongated palatal tongue are also common causes of this state. To treat snoring in this case it is possible by surgical methods, often removal of polyps or correction of the curved septum completely eliminates this unpleasant phenomenon.
  5. Snoring is often observed after taking alcohol. This is due to the fact that the muscles after drinking relax, the person begins to make unpleasant loud noises during sleep.
  6. The causes of such sounds during sleep can be overweight and the associated appearance of fat deposits in the neck. Fat presses on the neck, on the respiratory tract, as a result of the breathing is disrupted, the person begins to snore during sleep.

Snoring is not harmless, if you do not start treatment, then there may be a variety of disorders. For example, among such consequences - violation of oxygen supply of tissues, and this affects the performance, memory. When the oxygen saturation of the body is violated, the heart rhythm and blood supply may fail. In difficult cases, there is a stopping of breathing in sleep, and this is very dangerous. The treatment of snoring is done by somnologists, otorhinolaryngologists.

How to treat snoring correctly?

To treat snoring can be various methods, the choice of one or another method depends on the causes of the disease. Among medical methods it is worth noting the following:

  1. Experts have developed a special set of measures that allows you to get rid of this phenomenon, if there are no serious violations. If the cause of unpleasant sounds is the slackening of the tongue during sleep, then it's enough to stop lying on your back. Sleep is recommended on your side or on your stomach. Some even sew inconvenient objects into pajamas, to fall asleep in this position was simply impossible. In addition, you need to perform special exercises designed for the muscles of the sky and language. This allows you to strengthen them, eventually come the release of snoring. These exercises are the simplest. You can stick your tongue forward so that its base tenses, then pull it back. Such an exercise is repeated several times. You can perform chaotic movements of the jaw muscles, duration - for 5-10 minutes a day.
  2. Inhalations, nasal drops. Today, doctors offer various medications that allow you to treat snoring quite effectively. These are rinsers, aerosols, various drops that envelop the tissues of the nasopharynx, facilitate breathing, reduce the vibration of soft tissues, reducing the loudness of snoring.
  3. Inserts for the mouth. On sale, you can find various special inserts that are used only during sleep. They differ according to the principle of action, many of them resemble a child's pacifier in shape. The principle of their action is similar: the object is constantly in the mouth, in contact with the language, which is in tension. This means that snoring simply does not appear, and over time, the muscles of the tongue get used to such conditions, they become stronger, so that insertions can also be called a means for strengthening the muscles. But such means can not be used if the patient has jaw pathologies.
  4. How to treat snoring yet? Recommended special nasal dilators, which improve the permeability of air during breathing. The reason for this snoring is the curvature of the nasal septums, so the expander can only solve the problem temporarily, surgical intervention is recommended. With narrow nasal passages such a remedy is the only and effective treatment.
  5. Getting rid of snoring is possible and by laser treatment, when reduce the soft palate.

Treatment of snoring folk methods

Effective and treatment of folk remedies, but it requires a preliminary consultation with specialists. Among popular recipes it is necessary to note such:

  • Starvation. Once a week, it is recommended to arrange medical starvation, you can drink only water. All this helps to quickly remove the mucus that accumulates in the nasopharynx and interferes with breathing.
  • Baked in the oven carrots, mixed with olive oil, allows you to quickly get rid of swelling, blocking the way to air. Getting rid of snoring comes gradually.
  • In the treatment of folk methods, cabbage is also effective. The cabbage juice is prepared, a full table spoon of honey is added to the glass.The course is designed for about a month, after a break.Snoring usually goes away pretty quickly, but interrupting treatment is not recommended.
  • If you decide to use folk remedies, it is recommended to pay attention to recipes with sea salt, horsetail, bark of oak, calendula. All these components have a positive effect on the nasopharynx, but with them it is necessary to constantly perform the exercises and use the drugs recommended by the doctor.


Snoring is a pretty dangerous disease that can cause various disorders. It can be treated with folk remedies, with the help of medicines, special devices that greatly facilitate the condition.


But it is necessary to determine the cause of this phenomenon, it is advisable to pass a survey with a specialist. You can not leave everything as it is, since snoring or holding your breath in a dream is possible during snoring, which is very dangerous.