Treatment of the first stage of prostatic adenoma with celandine


Table of contents

  • Contraindications to the use of celandine
  • Recipes from the prostate on the basis of celandine
    • What can I use with celandine?
  • Gymnastics in the treatment of prostate
  • The right diet

Many herbs are now taken to treat a variety of diseases. Effectively, and treatment of prostatitis in the first stage is it. A well-known celandine can help in this. Prostate adenoma is a disease associated with an increase in the prostate itself, in which a benign tumor forms on the glandular tissues. At this time, there are problems with urination, and prostate treatment is already just necessary. If the process is caught in the early stages, then it can not only be effectively controlled, but also cured. Treatment of the prostate is possible with medicinal preparations, but folk remedies, including tinctures and decoctions on the cleanliness, are also effective.


Contraindications to the use of celandine

If you are concerned about swelling on the prostate gland, then it is not always possible to take advantage of the celandine. There are a number of contraindications that must be observed. For example, in no case can such a remedy be used for those who suffer from bronchial asthma, epilepsy, angina and many neurological disorders.

It is necessary before the course of treatment to check whether there is an individual intolerance to this herb.

In addition to contraindications, there are a number of side effects. Overdose can cause nausea, vomiting and even paralysis. Non-compliance with the duration of the course of treatment leads to the emergence of intestinal dysbiosis, the dystrophy of the mucous internal organs.

Recipes from the prostate on the basis of celandine

Purity is an effective tool for treating a large list of diseases. It not only helps to get rid of them completely, but also has a preventive effect. Useful celandine and prostate adenoma, it effectively helps in the first stage of the disease, when you can still forget about this disease.


Today at home you can prepare the following recipes:

  1. To prevent benign hyperplasia, you can use natural celandine juice. Prepare a tool with your own hands is very simple. Enough in a small glass of poured boiled water in a volume of 50 ml, after adding just 1 drop of juice (this is done using a pipette). The drug is taken orally every day. Dosage is increased by 1 drop, until the norm of 40 drops of natural celandine juice is reached. This amount is taken within 2 weeks, after which they switch to a lowering scheme, removing 1 drop every day. When it reaches the zero dosage, it takes a two-week break, after which the entire course is repeated. It is compulsory during a break to visit a doctor who will note the dynamics of treatment.
  2. Treatment of prostatitis is carried out and using a special salt solution based on celandine. To wash the intestine, a solution of 2 tbsp. l. dried celandine. They are poured with boiling water, the mixture is sent to the fire for 4 minutes. When the solution has cooled, add a full tablespoon of salt, mix, add 1 liter of cool boiled water. The obtained solution for washing the intestine is used, the duration of the procedures is prescribed by the observing physician.
  3. One more simple recipe is used. Dry celandine in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. filled with a full glass of boiled water, after which it is infused for 2 hours. Before applying the infusion, it must be filtered so that there is no grass in it. Tincture is taken 3 times a day for a full 1 tbsp. l. Time of its reception - strictly for half an hour before a meal.

What can I use with celandine?

To treat an adenoma, you can use not only celandine, but also other means, combining them with each other. To increase the effectiveness of medicines, you can additionally apply:

  1. Medicinal medinitsa in the form of tincture increases the chances of completely getting rid of the adenoma at the first stage of the disease. Take this tincture is necessary together with celandine, dosage - 1 tbsp. l. up to 3 times a day.
  2. Decoction of licorice for a day is used 3-4 times, each time is drunk on a full glass.
  3. Excellent tincture, prepared on the leaves of hazel. It is drunk every day in the amount of 1/3 cup. Before using it, you must always consult an observant physician.
  4. Well and helps the broth, which is made on the basis of ordinary pine shoots. It is taken daily in the amount of 2 full table spoons up to 4-5 times a day.

Gymnastics in the treatment of prostate

How else is the prostate treated? Therapeutic gymnastics perfectly helps with many diseases, it is prescribed after a special examination. However, we must remember that physical exercises alone will not have the effect that is expected. It is necessary that the gymnastics be performed in conjunction with other measures. Often such exercises are prescribed together with a diet, they allow you to maintain the body, perform an excellent preventive effect.

Treatment of prostatitis involves the use of exercises for the abdomen and pelvis, it is aimed at strengthening them, improving blood supply. Immediately after sleep, it is recommended to massage the perineum with light movements for at least 5 minutes. Just before breakfast you need to perform a complex of simple exercises. Standing, legs are brought together, after which it is necessary to perform half-squats about a third. In this position it is necessary to pull forward one leg first, then the other. The duration of the exercise is 5 minutes.In the evening, such simple movements are repeated, although in the early days it is possible that it will be difficult to maintain the required position, but then everything will go back to normal.


Other exercises are used for the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to lift your legs up from the position of lying on your back. They are held in this position until fatigue is felt. So it is necessary to repeat several times. You can do push-ups on your hands, combining them with exercises for the abdomen. Repeat them every day, the time of training can be gradually increased. Specialists offer walking on the buttocks. The first time they will be difficult to do, but in 1-2 days there will be no more questions. It is necessary to sit on the floor, stretch your legs forward and try to move around the floor, without using your legs or hands for this, just crawl on the floor.



Experts recommend conducting more serious exercises, such as yoga. Today, there are many courses that allow you to choose the ones you need for a particular case. It is recommended that all exercises be coordinated with the observing physician, and the future loads should be properly assessed.

The right diet

Correctly composed diet is important in any disease, it allows not only to support the body on the necessary level, but also provides all the required microelements, vitamins, excluding the harmful effects of many products. When treating the prostate with celandine, the right diet plays an important role. Experts advise when preparing it to immediately exclude all meat products at the time of treatment, replace them with fish, dietary poultry meat. Fried food should be banned, it must be cooked in boiled or baked form.

The same conditions are met and in the prevention of prostate adenoma. This is important for those who are at risk. This diet is suitable for those who undergo a recovery period after surgery. In addition to eliminating fried and meat, it is desirable to abandon too fatty foods, portions should not be large. To compose an individual meal schedule, it is best to contact an observing doctor who will help you choose the right foods. The composition of the diet largely depends on the general state of health, the presence of side diseases. Treatment of prostate adenoma should not do without simple exercises. Such treatment will be complex, effective and safe for health.

When observing simple rules of nutrition, performing physical exercises, we must remember that such measures are effective only at the first stage. If the disease is neglected, then traditional medicine can not help, and the diet will simply support the body. In any case, before you start using any recipes of traditional medicine, you must first pass an appropriate examination with a doctor. You can not start independent treatment without such consultation, since it will only lead to a worsening of the condition.


Purity, like other medicinal herbs, can be very useful in a variety of diseases. It helps well and with prostate adenoma, but only at the first stage of the disease, in the future will have to use a completely different treatment. It is important not to forget that any reception of medical devices should be carried out under the full control of the attending physician.