Night time and treatment for involuntary ejaculation


Table of contents

  • Night ejaculation and its causes
  • How to deal with involuntary ejaculation?
    • Useful activities before bedtime

Almost all boys in the period of adulthood faced with such a phenomenon as pollutants.Night pollutions can be perceived very negatively and, as a rule, boys are embarrassed by this phenomenon and hide it. But they embarrassed him completely in vain. A similar phenomenon is the result of the child's growing up, when the body has already been formed for the sexual life, and there are no sexual contacts yet. In addition, at this age, all sexual experiences, up to erotic dreams, are perceived especially brightly and strongly.


But the wetness is not just a teenage problem. Many men experience similar embarrassments when involuntary ejaculation occurs during a bright erotic dream or after a too strong sexual impression. Ejaculation occurs in addition to the male will and often at an inopportune time, but because many men would like to get rid of it, even if they understand that the pollutant is not a disease and that it is not treated necessary.

Night ejaculation and its causes

As already mentioned above, involuntary ejaculation often occurs in young men who have reached puberty, but who do not have the opportunity to satisfy their sexual desire. During this period, the body of boys undergoes changes, a large number of hormones greatly change its structure and behavior. A male figure is developing, the skeleton and muscle mass are changing, the hair begins to grow on the body, the metabolism is changing, the voice is breaking. All these signs signal that the body is ripe and ready for adulthood, and the organism shows its readiness for sexual relations with pollutions. The genitals enter the working regime and begin to produce spermatozoa, which periodically spontaneously spill out.

Thus, the pollute is not a disease or an anomaly, but a signal that the boy is developing quite normally.

Moreover, ejaculation does not end with all teenage nights, but, as a rule, only those when he was raised from erotic dreams or thoughts.


They begin in the male life of 14 years, and end not at any time, but when the sex life of men enters the normal course, and he meets his sexual needs. It is the saturation of sexual life that is the main factor that influences the appearance of the phenomenon under consideration. Even an adult male can have similar problems if he has to abstain from sexual intercourse for a long time. Completely formed men who chose a profession that requires a long abstinence in the absence women (sailors, geologists working in shifts in the North, etc.) can wake up with wet sheet. So there is nothing unusual about this.

There is no specific norm in the frequency of pollutions, doctors believe that if they disturb the peace of men no more than 3 times a week, then there is nothing to worry about. But if the pollutions occur almost every day, then it is necessary to consult the doctors. Treatment associated with the use of drugs or therapy will not be needed by everyone who has applied for because most often this frequency of involuntary ejaculation is associated with psychological, rather than physical reasons.

A good psychologist or sex therapist will be able to understand the root causes of this phenomenon and will be able to conduct a qualified treatment, which also sometimes has only a psychological nature.

But if ejaculation occurs during the day and without any stimulation, then you need to see a doctor, since such symptoms can be the cause of a serious illness that needs to be treated.

How to deal with involuntary ejaculation?

As it turned out, in most cases nocturnal pollutions do not need treatment, but nevertheless, many men would like to get rid of wet sheets in the morning. There are certain methods that can help in this fight, they will not give an absolute guarantee, but they can improve the situation. For this you need:

  1. Get enough sleep (sleep should be calm and prolonged).
  2. To get tired (you need to go to bed physically exhausted).
  3. Be calm (you do not have to worry, avoid any bright impressions, especially sexual ones) before going to bed.

Useful activities before bedtime

First of all, it is necessary to ventilate the room and, if possible, to reduce the temperature to 20-22 degrees, that is, the room should be slightly cool. Do not overdo it in cooling and do not catch cold.

Try not to eat before bed, it is better if the last meal will be at you for 4 or 5 hours before sleeping. Of course, also do not overeat and eat heavy and fatty foods. It is best to limit yourself to a light supper with a minimum of fluid, so that neither the overflowed stomach nor the bladder triggers a night ejaculation.


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Carefully monitor your hygiene, since even a slight inflammation or remnants of smegma under the foreskin can cause itching or irritation, which in turn will trigger a wetting.

It is best to sleep without laundry, so as not to let the head of the member rub against the fabric. And if naked you do not sleep comfortably, then wear "family" panties that will be free for you.

Active physical activity can reduce the chance of nocturnal ejaculation, but it definitely will fit already mature men, boys enough to sleep only a couple of hours to fully relax and restore strength, even after exhausting playing sports. But in any case, sports will help you to improve not only the physical parameters, but also to regulate the production of testosterone faster, which will help in later normalizing and problems with the pollination.


Try not to get excited before going to sleep. And it's not just about sexual arousal, but about the ordinary. The TV, loud music, communication with the girl and many other things can cause excitement. Therefore, prefer a quiet pastime, read a good book, listen to quiet music, etc.

We hope that these tips will help you!