How to properly train a man at home?


Table of contents

  • How to organize training at home?
  • What exercises can I do at home?
  • Rules of home training
  • Complex of exercises for circular muscle training

How correctly to train at home? Currently, many people because of excessive employment and domestic chores can not find free time to visit the gym or stadium. However, each person should pay attention to their own health, and for this you need to engage in sports or physical education. Therefore, every man must find time for training at home.

How to organize training at home?

Sport activities at home will allow each person to strengthen their health, get a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day, pump up muscles, straighten their posture.

Inventory required for home classes:

  • dumbbells;
  • horizontal bar;
  • barbell;
  • chairs;
  • mat.

The exercise of physical education will help a man to reduce excess weight, to become fit slim, to strengthen a muscular corset. During home exercises, you can pump the muscles of the hands, back, neck, strengthen the press, improve your health, improve immunity. In order to perform exercises to load all muscles, it will be enough to prepare dumbbells and a horizontal bar.

If a man wants a complex of workouts at home to help him become stronger, to pump up muscles and a press, then you need to start the power exercises at home.

Developing a set of activities for men, you must comply with the following conditions:


  1. Classes should be regular. It is advisable to practice every day.
  2. They usually train at the same time, in the morning.
  3. Preliminary it is necessary to make a schedule for the days of the week. Determine which muscle groups on which days of the week you will train.

It is necessary to make a program of classes. To compile such a program, you can consult with experienced fitness and weightlifting trainers. It is necessary to engage in the method of training they offer for men.

Do it in a systematic way, not occasionally.Only regular lessons will achieve the desired result.

What exercises can I do at home?

At home, you can perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

Exercises for hands

It is useful to do push-ups from the floor. At the same time, the muscles of the arms and thorax work. At the same time, the load is also applied to other parts of the body, since during push-ups it is necessary to keep the trunk in a horizontal position with respect to the floor surface.

Exercises for the feet


Squats develop leg muscles. Additional load during the sit-ups will help to strengthen the legs and back. You can perform such an exercise: when performing squats, keep the balance, leaning on the heels and at the same time straightening your back.

In this case, you can squat not completely, but until the hip becomes parallel to the floor. If you perform squats without additional weight, then you need to increase their number. It is advisable to perform movements, crouching on one leg with a load on the shoulders.

Beforehand, before each exercise, they perform a warm-up, and then proceed to the basic movements. So, when doing sit-ups, the first two approaches are warm-up, the third approach is basic. The basic approach is fulfilled as long as there is enough strength.

Exercises to strengthen the press

If the man's press is weak, then push-ups must begin with two approaches. First time - 10 push-ups. Then rest for 2 minutes. Second time - 10 more push-ups. After that, rest 2 minutes. Then - the third approach, when you need to press until he feels fatigue. In this case, the training will be effective.

How else can the press be strengthened? First of all, you need to buy a rubber mat, on which exercises will be performed.

To start, the press must be shaken every other day. At first, after exercise, you may experience pain in the muscles. This indicates that they are working. When the pain stops after the movements, you can move on to daily activities for the press.

Better for the press to perform in the morning. If you study in the morning, it will give a cheerful charge for the whole day. You can do it in the evening, at any convenient time.

Muscles of the press are divided into upper, lower and oblique. There are kinds of movements for each of these groups. Therefore, during training, each muscle group can be strengthened separately. You can pick up exercises in which all parts of the press will work, and make them at home.

Carrying the bend of the trunk, you need to concentrate your thoughts on the exercises and on the muscles that work.

When performing flexion of the trunk, you should not try to bend the body as much as possible, since this can harm the spine. Press is perfectly strengthened when flexing the body from 15 to 70 degrees.

When planning exercises for the home, you must regularly increase the load by increasing the weight of the dumbbell or barbell. Thus muscles will grow, under condition of a correct feed.

Thanks to home training, a man will acquire a slender body and a relief press.


Rules of home training

  1. It is necessary to eat right during exercise. It is necessary to increase the amount of food containing protein in your diet, to consume more meat, fish, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese. You need to consume protein, grams per 1 kg of the person's weight.
  2. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates contained in bread, sugar, and try to consume more slow carbohydrates (pasta, oatmeal), which contribute to the creation of energy necessary for training.
  3. For dinner, you need to eat completely protein foods.

At home, you can apply a set of exercises for circular muscle training.

The circular training for men includes 7 exercises. This method can strengthen the muscles of the whole body. It is necessary to work 4 times a week.

Complex of exercises for circular muscle training

Perform pull-ups on the bar 10 times.

Perform explosive push-ups: at the moment when the trunk is lowered, it is necessary to push upwards so that the hands come off the floor. It is necessary to repeat 8 exercises in a row and proceed to the following exercises.

Do squats on one leg. The second leg should be thrown into a chair. Exercise is repeated 8 times. Then crouch 8 times on the other leg.

Perform pull-ups on the bar with a reverse grip. Repeat 12 times.

Do push-ups on your hands from the wall. You need to get your hands on your head. You have to lean your feet against the wall. Slowly bend and unbend arms, moving the elongated trunk up and down. Repeat 5 times.

Squeeze out on the chairs. It is necessary to take 2 chairs. On one chair legs are thrown, for the second chair they hold hands. Then you have to wring your hands off the chair 12 times.

Do the hanging on the bar, then raise your legs up. Movement is carried out 12 times.

On this first round of exercises for men ends. You need to rest for 5 minutes, and then perform 4 more circles of these exercises.

Training is necessary 4 times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The rest of the days you have to run. Every next week, you need to increase the number of circles by one.


Thanks to systematic training at home, which include a set of these exercises, every man can to get a sports physique, pump up muscles, press, strengthen your health, improve immunity, become vigorous, strong and hardy.