Is it possible to pump a press for 2 weeks to a man?


Table of contents

  • It all starts with the general loads
  • Local exercises on abdominal muscles
  • Nutrition for a tight belly and a beautiful press

A beautiful inflated press is an adornment of any man. Yes, and women in men like this much more than the prominent belly forward. How is everything the case? Not every member of the stronger sex can boast of even a lack of stomach, not to mention the inflated press.

But do not get upset, because the situation can be fixed in a very short time. It would be a wish! To press a press or at least make it much more expressive can be done in such a time as two weeks. How to do it? There's an answer!

It all starts with the general loads

Any man should learn for himself that the pumping of the press is not carried out only locally.

This is a completely wrong approach, from which there will be very little result. If the task is to pump up the press in a short time (for example, for 2 weeks), then it is worth starting with general physical exercises, which not only load the majority of the muscles of the body, but also most directly affect the muscles of the notorious press. All this should be applied in a complex. You have to work hard, because the famous cubes and longitudinal lines are worth it!


The most attention should be paid to this kind of physical activity, like running. It works well not only with leg muscles, as many think, but also with the press. The muscles of the abdomen are greatly strained when jogging. Do not be harassed by training, everything should be in moderation. By the way, it is recommended to run either in the morning or before going to bed. So you can kill two birds with one stone. Running in the morning sets the mood for the whole day, the body is well aware of morning exercises, and digestion from this noticeably improves. A run before bedtime is no less useful. It normalizes the work of all systems (from cardiovascular to nervous), and the press from evening sports will be like iron.

Another helper in achieving an elastic press is swimming. When practicing in the pool, too, strains a lot of muscles. The stomach is not an exception again. A person who regularly swims in the pool will never have problems with the press, the stomach will not become large, flabby or saggy. Yes, and for a general physical tone, swimming is useful. It increases the endurance of a man, which will make it much easier to transfer local loads to the press.

It is no less useful to ride a bicycle, although it can not be said that the press is being pumped in the best way there. And yet some influence on him is. But no man will not give up beautiful and pumped legs? Therefore, bicycle rides can also be used.

Local exercises on abdominal muscles

A tightened press is obtained when the muscles are evenly pumped out not only of the whole body, but also of the abdomen.From this point of view, the excellent condition of the jagged, oblique and rectus abdominal muscles is important.And that's what local exercises will help create an amazing effect in a short time. For example, in two weeks.


Exercise, in which the legs rise in the vise, is designed to pump the lower abdomen. It quickly becomes quite firm and firm. Similar exercises have such exercises as raising the legs from the prone position with an emphasis on the elbows, lifting the legs in a prone position on the bench.

Tilting to the side with dumbbells, twisting with simultaneous turns, tilting to the side on the block - all these exercises will make inflated and tightened oblique muscles of the press. By the way, any twisting will be good and appropriate.

The press is well pumped when running on the ground with a high leg elevation. And, of course, do not forget about the accustomed to all the body rises, which also affects the abdominal muscles. If you are in a prone position with bent legs and lift the body, then the upper press is pumped up. The lower press is done in the supine position, when it is not the body that rises, but the legs. And as high as possible.

When performing all these exercises, it is important to breathe well and properly, which will make the loads more effective, and the dream of the press more real. You need to breathe like this: exhale to the load and breathe in for relaxation. Breathing should be rhythmic and loud enough, so to speak. The inhalation is made by the nose, and the exhalation is done by the mouth.

The whole number of repetitions of exercises a man needs to be divided into several approaches, one can not "attack" them, doing everything in one go. In addition, there must be progress in the class, when the severity of the load and the number of repetitions gradually increase.

This is how the basic and most effective exercises look that will help make the press in a relatively short period. The main thing is the systematic implementation, the desire for goals, the absence of laziness and, of course, the correct motivation.

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But there is another important point that must be observed if you want to find a beautiful press. You can not eat all the time harmful and at the same time try to pump up the press. Wrong food will reduce all efforts to no. And therefore it is important to tell about how and what you need to eat while working on the muscles of the press.


Nutrition for a tight belly and a beautiful press

It will be easier to pump a press for 2 weeks if you give up everything that "kills" it, making the stomach bigger and flabby. First of all, it's all pastry, confectionery and so on.

Refuse is also necessary from sugar, salt, fast food, whole smoked, roasted, fatty. It is necessary to exclude sweet fizzy drinks, any alcohol.

To replace all this must come foods rich in fiber: vegetables, fruits, cereals and so on. All this will help to establish digestion, remove toxins from the body, because of which the stomach will no longer protrude.

Also in the diet should be present low-fat meat (turkey, chicken, quail), fish, seafood. Dairy products will also come in handy, like chicken eggs.

It is also necessary to establish a drinking regime. In a day you need to drink at least 1 - 1 liter of liquid. It should be ordinary drinking water without gas, mineral water, green and herbal tea. It is better to refuse black tea and coffee.

The diet itself must also be planned. Meals should be frequent, but small. The day is 5-6 times in small portions. In the morning on an empty stomach a glass of drinking water of room temperature is drunk. The amount of food should go according to the principle of decrease. From the biggest meal for breakfast to the very minimum amount of food for dinner. Three hours before sleep, you can not eat anything.


Well, proper nutrition puts a definite point in the story about how to pump up a press in two weeks. All guys should take the proposed advice to themselves for a note, as they are really very effective. Only such an integrated approach always helps to achieve its goal, for example, to pump up the press in 2 weeks.