What to do to send monthly, tablets and folk remedies

The delay in menstruation is an important signal. This suggests that a woman has any abnormalities in the body. This includes gynecological diseases, inflammatory processes in the organs of the reproductive sphere, nervous breakdown and hormonal failure. Any woman in this situation is interested in the question of what to do to get the monthly. Even for such cases, there is a solution to the problem. It is enough to take pills that cause menstruation, and wait a few days.

The reasons for the delay of monthly


It is believed that a woman at home can independently shift her cycle. To do this, it is enough to eat a lot of seeds, which contains vitamin E, or take a daily hot bath. But do not go to extremes. First of all, it is necessary to determine the reason for the delay, so as not to make yourself worse.

For the main reasons it is customary to include:

  1. Desire to shift the day of the onset of the menstrual cycle. Making sure that it is absolutely healthy, a woman can cause menstruation when she needs it.
  2. Disappearance of menstruation. Often, delay occurs when a nervous breakdown or hormonal failure occurs. This can be caused by divorce, moving or other reasons. When the conditions change, menstruation can go on their own.
  3. Pregnancy. One of the most popular causes of delay is menstruation. In this situation, menstruation can not be induced, even if the condition is undesirable.
  4. The onset of inflammation in the pelvic organs. Gynecological diseases can be characterized not only by the loss of menstruation, but also by other symptoms in the form of abdominal pain, fever, pain during urination. The menstrual cycle can only be restored after treatment.
  5. Elongation of the menstrual cycle. Normally the menstrual cycle should last from 21 to 35 days.
  6. Emergency contraception. If a woman has an unprotected sexual intercourse, then to prevent pregnancy, she can cause bleeding with the help of special pills. In their composition they contain a shock dose of progesterone substitutes. These funds allow the egg to not be fertilized or not attached to the uterine walls. But such drugs are considered harmful to the body, so they can be taken only in emergency cases. But after taking the medication, full-fledged monthly ones will not come, and only the rejection of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which is necessary for the onset of pregnancy, will occur.

Drugs that cause monthly

With a delay in the menstrual cycle, women are trying to find out what to do to get the menstruation. Pharmacies sell a number of medicines that can cause menstrual bleeding. Issue them only on prescription. They include:

Progesterone. The most popular drug for calling menstruation. It is prescribed by the course for 5-10 days every day or every other day in injections. After 3-7 days after the last injection of the drug, menstruation should come. Does not interfere with the development of the fetus in the early stages, so it can also be used when a pregnancy is suspected.


Dyufaston.Suitable only for those who actually have progesterone insufficiency. To make monthly visits on time, you need to drink 1 tablet twice a day from the eleventh to the twenty-fifth day of the cycle. He is also prescribed for pregnancy in case of threat of interruption. Duphaston creates the optimal level of progesterone and allows to bear the child. But this method does not solve the main problem of delay in menstruation, but only artificially supports hormones at the level.

Pulsatilla.To provoke monthly, you can take this drug. It refers to homeopathic remedies, which includes a plant lumbago. This substance has a calming effect, so it should be taken under stressful situations. To allow the men to go faster, seven tabs are placed under the tongue once. About a day later, menstrual bleeding begins. It is also worth noting that the effectiveness of Pulsatilla lowers some products (chocolate, lemon, mint, coffee, alcohol). The main contraindications are usually the period of pregnancy and increased susceptibility to the components of the medication.

Norkolut.Another drug that can trigger the onset of menstruation. It contains norethisterone. By cons of taking this drug is usually attributed to the failure of the menstrual cycle. To know how to provoke the onset of menstruation, it is enough to read the instructions. It says that you need to take two tablets a day for five days. The action of Norkolut is based on the obstruction of ovulation and a decrease in the tone of the uterus. The main component blocks the production of hormones in the pituitary gland. After the patient stops taking the drug, menstruation begins.

But Norkolut has a number of contraindications:

  • the presence of neoplasms in the mammary glands and pelvic organs;
  • liver disease;
  • bleeding of unknown character;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • renal insufficiency.

Many women are trying to understand what tablets cause menstruation and how safe it is. But that there were no various infringements, it is necessary to address to the doctor. Only he will be able to understand how to cause the onset of menstruation with delay and how many tablets to take.

Folk methods with a delay of monthly

There are not only traditional ways of causing menstruation, but also folk methods. They were used even in ancient times by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. All plants that are used to induce menstruation have the strongest properties. Therefore, the patient should inform the gynecologist about her decision. The folk remedies include:

Elecampane.Refers to medicinal herbs. Decoction from elecampane is taken with a delay of the monthly. For its preparation you need to take two spoons of powder, pour water and boil for fifteen minutes. The broth must be infused for four hours, and then filtered. You need to drink several times a day. After taking this infusion, menstruation should come quickly enough. The main contraindications include the period of gestation and lactation, as well as diseases of the heart muscle. Stimulant occurrence of a monthly broth for prolonged use can cause severe poisoning of the body.

Tansy.Refers to medicinal herbs. Tansy is a yellow flower, which is often used to treat many diseases. To get a monthly, the woman is recommended to take a decoction of tansy. Indeed, thanks to infusion, stimulation of uterine contractions occurs. To prepare the broth you need to take four spoons of dried flowers and pour one liter of boiled water. After forty-sixty minutes, the infusion should be filtered. Take the medicine you need two spoons up to three times a day.

Bay leaf.This plant can be used not only as a spice for the preparation of soup or other dishes, but also as a decoction for causing monthly. In the laurel leaf there is a large concentration of tannins, essential oils and organic acids. The broth can be drunk if the delay in menstruation is caused by hormonal failure or stress. When used during pregnancy, infusion causes severe bleeding, provoking miscarriage. To make it, you need to take ten grams of leaves and pour two cups of boiled water. I let the broth steep for an hour. To call the monthly urgently, you need to drink at one time a mug of infusion.

Milk with iodine.Our great-grandmothers also thought about how to urgently cause menstruation. And the most popular way was to use milk with iodine. He was drunk not only to restore the cycle, but also to interrupt unwanted pregnancy. Indeed, with the reception of this remedy, the uterus begins to decrease greatly. But getting rid of this method from the fetus is strictly prohibited. A woman can hurt not only the kid, but herself. To cause monthly, in a glass of milk, you need to add five to ten drops of iodine solution and warm to a temperature of sixty degrees.This method is considered to be the most dangerous, since the caused monthly can lead to severe blood loss. There were cases with a fatal outcome.

Vitamin E.Often taken as a healing hair and skin rejuvenation. But also Vitamin E is used to delay menstruation. Preparations with its content help to cause menstruation, which did not come as a result of hormonal failure or insufficient development of the endometrium. Take vitamin E is necessary from the sixteenth day of the cycle to the day of the expected monthly for two capsules in the morning. Then the course is repeated a month later.

With the use of folk remedies without a doctor's supervision, the provoked ones can cause unfavorable consequences.

Unfortunately, no woman is immune from the delay of menstrual periods. Therefore, do not panic immediately., Because the extra stress further exacerbates the situation. It is enough to consult a doctor who will tell you what to do and what pills to take.